Ballin 5


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Ballin 5

  1. 1. “BALLIN 5” G-MAC: The neighbors crowded around the McDonald home as paramedics brought out a body bag and put it in the back of an ambulance. A few minutes later, G-Mac, Jacks and a woman with a bandaged arm and broken nose emerged from the house. A policeman approached the trio, he looked at Nikki and said; you’re lucky; the bullet grazed you. Also, congratulations for taking out Kendall Taylor, one of “America’s Most Wanted,” thanks to you, he’ll never be able to harm anyone else again, great work! After the policeman left, Jacks turned to Nikki and said, girl you are too much, you barely survived that round, if you continue to fight men, stick to the overweight and out of shape ones. Nikki smiled and slowly nodded her head. G-Mac added, Nikki, that was some excellent marksmanship in the dark, you shot him right between the eyes. Nikki replied; I had to go black on his ass; he was no joke! Jacks and G-Mac insisted on taking Nikki to the hospital. She was examined, the doctor treated her nose and re-bandaged her arm; she was given painkillers and released. From there, Jacks and G-Mac took her home. CAMERON: It was a cold snowy night on the Southside of Chicago. Carl Franklin was a policeman out on disability, he spent all of his income on gambling; because of his addiction, the electricity was often turned off. Carl was in an inter-racial marriage with Lily, an attractive African-American woman. When Carl got drunk, he would go in unprovoked rages and his violence would be directed towards Lily. They had a son named Cameron, Cameron was a beautiful child with gray eyes, an olive complexion and long eyelashes; he was 5. It was so cold; Carl decided to put in an adult tape. After a few beers, he woke up Cameron, brought him downstairs and said, sit down boy and watch this movie with me, it will teach you how to be a man.
  2. 2. When Lily arrived home from work, she was appalled to see Carl passed out on the couch and Cameron wide-awake watching porn. She woke up Carl and demanded to know, why on earth do you have our son watching this trash? Carl staggered up and hit her in the face, he then threw her down and started kicking her, screaming, “shut the fuck up, I can show my son any kind of movies I want, I give the orders in this house you black bitch!” Within the year, Lily started experiencing severe headaches, when she finally went to the doctor; she was diagnosed with a brain tumor, too many blows to the head. Lily would die the following year; her death would never be investigated because Carl was a cop. Over the following years, Carl would lie and tell Cameron, your mother was nothing but a whore and a slut like most women. When Cameron turned 16, Carl took him to a rundown brothel. The prostitutes commented on how gorgeous Cameron was. He was a bit nervous because he had never been with a woman before. Carl practically pushed him down the hallway with a girl. On the ride back home, Carl said, now you are a man, always remember, women are only good for two things, sex and cooking. In high school, numerous girls were attracted to Cameron, he didn’t return their interest; he concentrated on his studies, mainly web page design. When he returned home, he would lock himself in his room and watch porn. Within the next six months, he knew the name of every black female porn star. While watching the tapes, he would mutter, ‘nasty bitches, dirty sluts.’ Carl would die of alcoholic related illnesses. At 21, Cameron moved to Las Vegas. He set up a profitable scheme, he built a black market website for crooks to purchase credit card numbers, social security numbers and date of birth’s. For $200 you received 300 credit cards without the CW2 security codes, for 50 cards with the security code, you also paid $200 dollars. He also offered a package deal, one stolen credit card number, one social security number and a date of birth for $40. After crooks purchased the stolen card number (the majority of the purchases came from Russia). The stolen goods purchased (via the internet) would be sent to an untraceable
  3. 3. mail drop in Russia. During the course of business, Cameron met a Russian named Marco; they kept in touch. Marco also dealt in forged passports, documents and birth certificates. Cameron told him; I’ll keep that in mind. Within the next year, after Marco became a part of the Russian mafia, he stopped during Internet scams. He graduated to banking fraud, security fraud, extortion, the sex trade and global weapons trafficking. Once in a while, Cameron would hire a hooker but he became so rough with the hookers, escort agencies refused to send them out. The following week, an adult convention hit town. Cameron bought a ticket and attended and mingled in the crowd. The majority of the adult stars had booths set up where they met and greeted fans, posed for photos, signed autographs and sold posters. Other girls were making side deals with rich fans, agreeing to meet them later for sex for astronomical amounts of money. Meanwhile; a male and female porn star were having sex in full view of the fans. Cameron caught a glimpse of Heather Hunter, Janet Jacme and Crystal Knight in the distance as well as several hip-hop stars, but his attention was focused on Kandy Bee. Kandy Bee was the new black porn queen; the line to her booth was snaked around the corner. Some of the fans had flown in from across the country to meet Kandy; she basked in the spotlight. Kandy also received a lot of attention from couples and females. A year earlier, she had appeared in several girl/girl films. Although Kandy didn’t consider herself bi-sexual or gay, she was classified as ‘gay for pay.’ She only appeared in these films for extra cash. Off screen, she was strictly heterosexual. Cameron stood in her line; it took him 2 hours to get to the front of the line. Kandy looked up and saw a gorgeous man with olive skin and beautiful gray eyes but she immediately got a bad vibe, she hurriedly hurriedly autographed a 8x10 photo, Cameron went into his wallet, paid for the photo and left. Kandy had met up with a Texas oil man who had propositioned her at the convention, he told her that she was his ultimate sexual fantasy and he was willing to pay $10,000 in cash to have sex with her. After the sex was over, Kandy took her briefcase of money, kissed her oil man on the cheek and left. She didn’t know she was being followed.
  4. 4. She arrived at her hotel, before the elevator doors closed, a man stepped in; he wore shades. It was something familiar about him, but Kandy couldn’t place him, she wondered, why is he wearing sunglasses at night? She got off the elevator, he got off on the same floor, he went in the opposite direction; she was relived. She put the key in the lock, as she turned the lock, she felt someone behind her, before she turned completely around, someone placed a hand over her mouth and used their other hand to open her door. For the next two hours, Kandy endured torture and rape as Cameron screamed, ‘you filthy cunt, you’re lower than scum.’ When he took off his glasses, Kandy recognized him. After he finished, he started punching her, he couldn’t stop, the beating finally ended when she stopped breathing, he had beaten her to death. He collected his things and hurriedly left. When he returned home, he felt good, he popped open a beer and put in a porn tape. DAYNA: Dayna, the HIV assassin for the government was relaxing and watching the news when the newscaster reported that adult film star Kandy Bee was found murdered in her Las Vegas hotel room. Dayna bolted up from the couch, she knew Kandy, when Dayna was a video girl, they did several videos together before Kandy branched out into the adult industry, although Dayna didn’t agree with her decision they still remained friends and kept in touch. Dayna called the airlines and booked a flight to Las Vegas. Dayna met with the cops who were working the case, although they were reluctant at first to share any information, they eventually opened up. They summed up the case as a stalker killing. The DNA left at the scene didn’t garner any hits from their database; which meant, the killer didn’t have a police record. After a month passed, the case was forgotten until another black porn star was found murdered in a similar manner. The police begin to think, maybe we have a serial killer in our midst but since the victims were black porn stars, very little effort went into solving the cases. Dayna decided to call Lear.
  5. 5. LEAR: Salvatore (Sal) Santiago was the world’s most dangerous nuclear smuggler who headed a vast network that was developing a serum to create 24-hour soldiers. After the serum was injected into the soldier, he could operate on little or no sleep for 24 straight hours in combat despite sleep deprivation. This network also engaged in nuclear trafficking and sold ‘centrifuges’ which can produce nuclear fuel or refine uranium to make nuclear bombs. This company also dealt in black market illegal liquor smuggling. The going rate in Europe was $1,000,0000 on twelve containers. The network was spread across several continents. Lear and a strike team had Sal Santiago under surveillance. Lear intercepted the sale of a nuclear warhead that Santiago had initiated by having an undercover agent install a ‘keyghost’ on Santiago’s laptop computer. The keyghost allowed Lear to track every keystroke Santiago made on the computer. The device also captured passwords, access codes, card numbers and website addresses. For additional information, Lear relied on a “covert computer wire.” This wire is a high grain antenna and decoder that allows you to read waves and decode them into a perfect replica on what someone sees on their computer screen. Via the computer, Santiago gave the prospective (warhead) buyer a priority phone number; the buyer was told to call on a certain day at a particular time. Lear had the undercover agent install a ‘dead ringer’ on the priority phone. This device prevents all incoming calls from coming in. Answering machines; fax machines and voice mails are also silenced. The calling party hears the phone ringing without being answered. The deal collapsed because Santiago assumed the buyer never called. Time to move in, Lear and the strike team dismantled the network and arrested Santiago. Lear was on a private jet back to the states when her priority cell phone rung, it was Dayna, she explained the situation, Lear listened and told her that she would contact Jacks and G-Mac and schedule a meeting for the following week. JACKS: Dayna and Lear had dinner with G-Mac and Jacks, they both asked about Nikki and were told, she was vacationing, after the ordeal of losing Sherm and killing Kendall, she was taking a leave of absence. After dinner, Dayna got right to the point, she recounted Kandy Bee’s death along with the second murdered porn star.
  6. 6. Lear said, I think we have a serial killer on our hands who is targeting black women in the adult industry, I think Dayna and Jacks should go undercover is Las Vegas to draw him out. Jacks spoke up, Lear, I’m not going undercover as a porn star, I have kids, Lear said, I’m not asking you to go undercover as a porn star but to hang around the black female porn stars at the adult conventions and parties, you and Dayna will stand out because of your looks and the killer will take notice. G-Mac said, Lear, I don’t want my wife used as bait, Lear turned to G-Mac, that’s where you come in; you can shadow their movements discreetly, like a personal bodyguard in the background. Lear continued, I know a lot of people don’t respect entertainers in the adult industry but these girls are human beings and they have families and friends who love them like everybody else. Jacks looked at G-Mac and said Lear is right, let’s solve this, G-Mac said, are you sure? Jacks said, yeah, I’m sure. Let’s do this! Dayna added, Kandy’s little sister Jessica knows a lot of her friends, those friends can give us entry into the inner-circles. Lear said, before I forget, here is the address of a safe house in Las Vegas. Lear added, although we’re paid by various agencies and we’ve done pro bono spy work (in the past) when it involves women and children, since this assignment involves the adult industry, I’ve made arrangements with Sterling Bryce, everyone will be paid. Jacks said, regardless of pay, I think we should accept this assignment, like Lear said; these women are somebody’s mothers, sisters, aunts and niece’s. Lear said, thanks Jacks but I’m still going to make sure everyone gets paid. Lear added, unfortunately, I’ve been called away on assignment; I won’t be joining you on this one. Good luck! Jacks, Dayna and G-Mac arrived in Las Vegas; it was 110 degrees of humid heat. Jacks hit a small jackpot when she put a quarter in the slot machine at the Las Vegas airport. They arrived at the safe house and unpacked. Dayna called Jessica; she invited them to dinner at the “Boulud Brasserie,” located in “Wynn Las Vegas.” Jessica brought them up to date surrounding the investigation involving her sister’s death. Because Kandy was a porn star, the police didn’t seem to be putting much effort into the investigation. Afterwards, Jessica took them to a party; every adult star in the industry was in
  7. 7. attendance. Jessica introduced them to everybody. A few producers tried to recruit Dayna and Jacks until G-Mac stepped forward and scared them off. Jacks and G-Mac got into a conversation with a working girl named Rebecca as Dayna worked the party. They talked about their children and parenthood. Rebecca asked Jacks and G-Mac, if they were in the industry? They said no, they were there with a friend. Rebecca looked at her watch and said she had to leave early, to spend time with her son. CAMERON: While taking a shower, Cameron thought, his first kill disappointed him; it wasn’t exciting as he thought it would be. He had a better idea; time to change up his motive of operation and get paid. He put on his clothes and put in some colored contacts that made his eyes brown since his eyes were his most recognizable feature. He turned on his laptop. He checked to see if his Russian friend Marco was online, he was. Cameron sent him an Instant Message detailing his idea. Marco replied, telling him the idea was brilliant and he would be happy to assist him with the venture, he could line up some overseas investors and they could put the plan in motion in Prague. Marco also told Cameron that he had a contact in Las Vegas, the contact was named Luke, he was a porn recruiter and he managed a stable of Internet strippers. Marco gave Cameron-Luke’s number; Luke could handle the passage to Prague for a fee. That’s what Cameron wanted to hear, everything was in place, he told Marco, he would contact him once he had the girl, they bid their goodbyes and both men signed off. Time to hunt. He drove up and down the strip, looking for a particular type of victim. He even went to a few strip clubs, nothing. He was headed home when he spotted her. She came out of a strip club; she was dressed like a stripper in a tight fitting dress and high heels. Cameron parked his car and followed her on foot. He increased his pace, she heard his footsteps and turned around, it was too late as he knocked her backwards. He placed a cloth over her nose; she lost consciousness. He put her in his trunk and called Luke from his cell phone. Luke arrived and Cameron followed him to the docks.
  8. 8. After they arrived, both men got out of their cars, Luke laughed and said, just another woman to destroy tonight, Cameron nodded and handed him an envelope containing money. When Rebecca awoke, she was gagged. After an hour, Cameron came in; he looked at her with pure disgust before he spoke. He told her, I will be leaving soon, this boat is set to sail to Prague; you will arrive there in a few weeks. She looked frightened as he continued, someone will pick you up in Prague, from there, they will take you to a location where you will star in your very own film. It will be a “snuff” movie, where numerous men will have sex with you before they kill you onscreen. The master print/negative for a snuff film goes for $250,000. We already have buyers lined up; they are bidding enormous amounts of money online for this film and I will get a substantial cut. Cameron stood up and said; good luck and break a leg! Rebecca tried to scream but nothing came out, she cried herself to sleep as she thought of her son. JACKS/CAMERON: Jacks and Dayna heard about the disappearance of Rebecca Newcombe. Jacks and G- Mac recognized her as the woman at the party. They remembered how she rushed home to be with her son. Something had to be done about this person who was abducting and killing these women. Rebecca’s son would grow up without a mother; Jacks and G-Mac took her disappearance personal. Meanwhile, Jessica called and asked them to be her quests at an adult convention. G-Mac would do the overview and surveillance. They arrived with Jessica; it was amusing when several directors tried to recruit Dayna and Jacks for Gonzo films. G-Mac scanned the room but didn’t see anything unusual, just horny men and over-sexed fraternity boys.
  9. 9. JACKS: G-Mac, Jacks and Dayna left the party and walked up the strip; the strip was jumping with bright lights and neon signs. High rollers were arriving at the hotels in Rolls Royces and Ferrari’s. The crew recognized some of the women accompanying the high rollers, they were high priced call girls they had met a few of the parties. They came to the intersection where Tupac got shot. G-Mac asked everyone to take a moment of silence. Everyone said a silent prayer. Afterwards, they went to a buffet at the “Bellagio.” They dined on Kobe beef, sea bass, salmon roulade, sushi, chocolate mousse and chocolate cheesecake covered with raspberry sauce. After dinner, they went to the nightclub “Light” also located in the Bellagio. From there, they arrived at “Studio 54” located at the “MGM Grand,” they finished the night at the “Ghostbar” on top of the Palms Hotel & Casino. ADRIANA: She was drop-dead gorgeous and tall with a caramel complexion, her name was Adriana and she was the most expensive black call girl in Sin City. She charged $2,000 per hour and she operated a successful in-call/out-call escort service on the Internet. Her brother was a cop, he screened all new clients and taught her about security procedures. The casinos loved Adriana because she tipped everyone from the valet to casino personnel with $100 dollar bills. People were drawn to her and they were protective of her. The concierge’s had her on speed-dial for the high rollers who occupied the hotel suites. She was one of the most requested working girls in the city. Adriana lived in a gated community not far from the strip and she drove a white Jaguar. She put on a designer dress, slipped into her Jimmy Choo’s and headed out the door; she was going to meet her best friend Sunny for dinner. SUNNY/MARLON: Sunny Warren was a very popular centerfold and exotic dancer. She was also very
  10. 10. beautiful. Her skin was cinnamon, her hair was long and she had an engaging smile, she was sexy as hell and received male attention wherever she went. Sunny had married a year too soon. She married a man she didn’t love for security purposes, in her profession; she couldn’t rely on benefits, pensions or social security. Although her husband’s job didn’t pay much, her husband’s job did offer a good benefits package. She had become accustomed to being the breadwinner. This was before she met Marlon Scott. Marlon was tall and extremely handsome. He was brown skinned with natural curly hair and pearly white teeth. Marlon’s father had been a valet, bodyguard and chauffeur for Las Vegas mobsters, he was well respected and Marlon received the same respect. Marlon left Las Vegas in his 20’s and became a very successful record executive. He made his fortune from investing millions in annuities and the stock market. He retired from the music business in his 30’s and returned to Las Vegas where he operated several successful businesses. Marlon had the uncanny ability to get along with successful businessmen and established gangsters. He was well connected in both areas. He was often attired in Italian suits, diamond cuff lings, a silk tie accompanied by a solid gold tie pin and he often wore a platinum watch and diamond rings. He was entertaining several friends at a gentlemen’s club, suddenly, he became transfixed by a dancer; she was stunning with charisma and sex appeal, her name was Sunny Warren. Marlon took her to dinner that evening. They kept in touch, whenever she performed in Vegas; she contacted Marlon. While the other dancers were picked up by a car service that catered to the adult industry-at the airport, Marlon sent a limo to pick up Sunny. After her show; they would go dancing and stay up late playing chess into the wee hours of the morning. After chess, they would have a late dinner and discuss foreign policy, world events and the stock market. Marlon was impressed with her articulation. Marlon often gave her expensive jewelry and took her shopping. Sometimes, during the course of shopping, when he was called away on business, he would leave his black AMEX credit card with her and tell her to buy whatever she wanted; they would hook up later. The limo would take Marlon to his destination and return to the store to pick up Sunny. Sunny would often accompany Marlon to the VIP baccarat parlors in the casinos; she
  11. 11. was his good luck charm. They were also regulars at the Las Vegas shows; their favorite was “O” at the “Bellagio.” After the show, they often dined at the “Renoir” restaurant in the “Mirage” hotel. He respected her marriage and never pressured her for sex; he just enjoyed her company. He had several women he slept with on a regular basis but they didn’t have the intelligence of Sunny. They shared a special connection. She was his diamond in the rough. It was known around town, Sunny has power behind her (Marlon); she was off-limits and untouchable. Since she started dating Marlon, she noticed a change in attitude from several people, including club owners, they treated her with respect and went out of their way to please her; they also referred to her as Miss Warren instead of Sunny. Sunny called her best friend Adrianna, let’s do dinner tonight, I’ll pick you up in an hour. CAMERON: Cameron answered the phone; it was Marco. Hey man, the package you sent was lovely, my investors were very impressed. After the film is shot, you will receive your cut, $50,000 within the next few weeks. Cameron let out a whistle, that’s the kind of money I’m talking about. Cameron said, listen man, I wish I could talk to you longer but I got to go, I will look for you online tonight. Thanks for calling. Cameron was driving down the strip when he spotted them leaving a restaurant; he recognized Sunny Warren, the popular centerfold, he would become an instant millionaire if he put her in a snuff film. He kept a safe distance as they got in a white Jaguar. Cameron followed them to a house. Both women got out of the car. Cameron waited a few minutes before he put in his colored contacts; he got a black bag from under the seat and exited the car. He went to the back of the house, took out a glass-cutter and cut the glass. He entered the house, walking silently. He walked towards the voices near the front of the house and he took out his gun. Sunny and Adrianna were exchanging stories about the sex industry until Sunny looked up, a man in black walked towards them from the kitchen, she screamed, it was too late, he had a hand around Adrianna’s throat as he pointed his gun towards Sunny. Sunny continued screaming, he told her, shut the fuck up before I blow your friend’s brains out!
  12. 12. Sunny shut up, Cameron removed his hand from Adrianna’s throat, Sunny asked, what do you want? We can give you money and jewels. Cameron laughed, you stupid bitch, I hate women like you. I’m here to kidnap both of you. Both women looked perplexed, they had never heard of women in the sex industry being kidnapped. Sunny thought, what is this fool talking about? Meanwhile, Adrianna’s was thinking of the security moves her brother had taught her, she slid over on the couch discreetly, to get a better angle on Cameron. Suddenly, without warning, she kicked Cameron in the ribs, Cameron was startled, he regained his composure and slapped her, she gauged at his eyes, pulling out his contacts. He hit her across the face with the gun; she went down. He thought, damn, my gun left a gash on her face, not good for snuff films. Cameron stood over her and pointed the gun at her head, he pulled the trigger but the gun jammed. Just then, he was startled by the ring of the telephone, a answering machine picked up the call, the caller said, hey Sunny, this is Nate, your next door neighbor, was that a woman’s scream I heard coming from your place, I’m calling 911 and I’m on my way over. Cameron grabbed Sunny by her arm and shouted, come on, you’re coming with me! They rushed out the back door. When they got to the car, Cameron pulled out his cell phone and called Luke, he shouted in the phone, meet me at the docks now! After transporting Sunny onto the boat, Cameron rushed home. He had to make a run for it; the other woman had saw his face and his eye color. He hurriedly threw his belongings into two duffel bags and packed a suitcase. Cameron called Marco and said, the heat is on, Marco asked, what do you mean? Cameron said, they may be on to me but in no way are you implicated, you can still use the girls. Marco breathed a sigh of relief, is there anything I can do, Cameron said yes, I need a fake passport within the hour, I have to get out of Vegas in a hurry. Marco said, not a problem, get a pen and paper. Cameron wrote down the information and left. He was in such a hurry; he accidentally left his laptop. JACKS: A contact at the police department informed Jacks that the killer had abducted another sex industry worker and left one behind, her name was Adrianna Dawson. The police were interviewing the witness at the hospital and the police discovered contact lenses at the crime scene that belonged to the killer, when they ran the DNA through the database, they didn’t get a match.
  13. 13. They arrived at the hospital, a guard was posted outside Adrianna’s room, Jacks turned to Dayna and said, work your magic. As Dayna walked towards the guard, he looked up and thought, damn, she is fine, wait a minute, is that Dayna Silva, the video girl? Dayna asked the guard, where is the cafeteria, the guard disregarded the question and asked, are you Dayna Silva? She blinked her eyelashes and said yes. He said, I’m a big fan of yours and I must say, you are even more beautiful in person. Dayna said, thank-you. I was visiting my boyfriend in the hospital, he just broke up with me, you seem like such a nice guy and I don’t want to eat alone, I really need someone to talk to, I saw a cute little Italian café around the corner that would be ideal The guard thought, damn, is it my lucky night or what? Not everyday a brotha gets asked to dinner with Dayna Silva. Unfortunately, he said, I can’t leave my post, I could lose my job. Dayna pouted and said, don’t you have someone to relieve you, he said no, I wish I did. Dayna asked him, have you been on a break yet? He said no, just then a doctor passed by, Dayna said; this guard has been standing post all night without a break or lunch break. Can we go grab a quick meal and return? The doctor opened the door and looked in on the patient, he said, I don’t see why not, the patient seems to be resting and I’ll keep a close eye on her until you return. Go on, I want tell a soul. The guard smiled, as Dayna led him out of the hospital. The doctor was called away on a ‘Code Blue,’ Jacks and G-Mac entered the room. Adrianna was awake but groggy; a bandage covered the right side of her face. G-Mac and Jacks introduced themselves, they told Adrianna, they worked for an elite unit and were trying to track down the man who assaulted her, could she supply them with any useful information. I’ll tell you what I told the detectives, he broke into Sunny’s house, we were just sitting around talking, he told us; he was going to kidnap us. I got a real good look at him. He was mulatto, what I remember the most, his eyes were a weird color, a color I have never seen before, a grayish type of color. The reason I know this was his real eye color is because I gouged out his contact lenses.
  14. 14. Suddenly, Adrianna started crying, she said, he took Sunny, please find her. Suddenly, two dignified well-dressed black men entered the room. One of the men was Marlon, the other was his security/fixer, Phelps. Marlon introduced himself to Jacks and G-Mac while Phelps interviewed Adrianna, she gave him the same information that she had given Jacks and G-Mac. G-Mac and Jacks informed Marlon, they worked in intelligence and they were tracking the suspect. Just then, Dayna returned with the security guard, the guard became upset and ushered everyone out of the room. Dayna and the guard traded phone numbers, she promised to keep in touch. Marlon and Phelps couldn’t stop staring at Dayna. In the hallway, Marlon looked at everyone and said, we need to talk; my limousine is waiting outside. G-Mac nodded. In the limo, Marlon took out his cell and called “The House Of Blues Foundation Room,” the most exclusive VIP club in Las Vegas, located on the 43 floor of the “Mandalay Bay” rd Hotel & Casino. You can only gain entry by private elevator and your name has to be on a list to be admitted. They arrived at the club and were escorted to the main lounge, surrounded by comfortable sofas and a fireplace. The club also had a media screening room and several bars and an outdoor balcony that offered breathtaking views of the strip. Marlon led everyone into a private room. Everyone was seated. Marlon looked around the table and asked, would someone mind telling me why intelligence-personnel is involved in this particular case? Dayna spoke up, the first victim was my friend Kandy Bee, everyone is during this for my benefit, and all of us are affiliated with intelligence. Jacks added, the girl who went missing before Sunny was named Rebecca, my husband and I met her at a party, a few days prior to her abduction, she seemed like a nice lady and she left the party to spend time with her son. So we all have a stake in this situation. Marlon said, I’m sorry to hear about Kandy and Rebecca. He continued, the latest abduction, Sunny Warren is a very close and dear to my heart. As soon as I heard about her abduction, I called my security guy Phelps; he has agreed to assist with her abduction. Although Sunny is married, when I called her husband, he just seemed interested in her last paycheck and if I had the correct address to mail it to him. When I asked him would he be coming to Las Vegas, he said, he had faith in the police department, before he hung
  15. 15. up, I heard another woman in the background. So, I have taken it upon myself to get to the bottom of this situation. I have the contacts and resources; maybe we can combine our resources to crack this case wide open, I am not satisfied with the police investigation. Maybe Phelps can work with you. The last thing G-Mac wanted was a civilian to get in everybody’s way. Marlon saw G- Mac’s expression and turned to Phelps, he said, Phelps, give these people your credentials. Phelps said, I have a military background; I belonged to an special unit in special forces. I was classified as a ‘3 Charley/Sweeper,’ which is defined as: One of the most dangerous and secretive covert positions in the world. We are more deadly than a top assassin, with reflexes quicker than a martial artist. We also kill silently and quickly with top-notch elimination skills. We also operate as clean-up specialists when operations go wrong. Out of the eleven sweepers that exist in the world, I am the only African-American sweeper. G-Mac had a change of heart after hearing his credentials, hell; he wanted to shake the brotha’s hand. He welcomed him aboard. For the next hour, everybody shared information and agreed to work together. First course of business, Phelps was going to contact a friend at a local television station and have her broadcast a description of the suspect, including his gray eyes. Afterwards, everybody went to the Mirage where Marlon was escorted to his baccarat parlor with his private dealer. Phelps took the opportunity to ask Dayna was she seeing anyone? She replied, she was engaged; Phelps understood and backed off. Dayna added, I might have a friend who you would be interested in, let me get back to you on that, Phelps smiled and walked towards the baccarat table. G-Mac and Phelps joined in. Everyone broke even. Afterwards, the men joined the women at the slot machines and the blackjack table. They left the casino to catch an old school concert at the “Hard Rock Café & Hotel” featuring the Isley Brothers, the O’Jays and the Temptations. The next morning, everyone was finishing up breakfast, Jacks had cooked hot links, grits, and homemade blueberry biscuits; suddenly, they heard a frantic knock on the door, G- Mac retrieved his weapon before he answered. It was Phelps, an important development had occurred.
  16. 16. Phelps said; we have a lead. My friend at the station ran a sketch of the suspect, she also reported he had gray eyes. The station received several calls from people who lived in a condominium complex, they all said, a guy who fits that description lives in their community, I have the address right here. Everybody got dressed and rushed out the door. They arrived at Cameron’s condo thirty minutes before the police. They searched and found nothing of significance but Phelps took the computer hard drive. When they heard sirens, they left out the back. Phelps said, I’m going to take this hard drive to a friend of mine who works at police headquarters, he is on vacation this week, after he retrieves the information off it, I will anonymously mail it to the police. I will meet you at the safe house later this evening. The hard drive was a treasure trove of evidence. Emails and Instant messages were retrieved. The team was able to piece everything together. Phelps also had Cameron’s phone logs, they noticed, after each abduction, he made a call to a number that belonged to a man named Luke Henderson. G-Mac and Phelps broke into Luke’s home at gunpoint. After repeated blows to the face, he finally gave them the information they desired, the women were shipped to Prague to appear in snuff films and Cameron got a fake passport to gain entry into Niagara Falls. G-Mac asked Luke to write down the Prague contact names and demanded to know, are the women still alive? Luke nodded his head and said, they are being kept in a dungeon until the film equipment arrives, they will be killed during filming, which is scheduled to take place within a week. Phelps gave Luke a piece of paper and a pencil, he wrote down one name, Marco. Phelps grabbed the paper out of his hand and said, hey G-Mac, isn’t this the same name we retrieved from the email and instant message communication, G-Mac looked at the name and said, yes it is. Luke added, he use to live in Russia but he has moved his operation to Prague. He is currently preparing for the film shoot. It’s also rumored that he’s part of the Russian mafia. G-Mac and Phelps exchanged nervous looks, regarding the last piece of information. Phelps stood over Luke, without warning, he closed his fist, brought his fist up to a certain angle and hit Luke directly in the center of the forehead; Luke slumped over, dead.
  17. 17. G-Mac looked at Phelps and said, damn, did you kill him? Phelps said yes, with a deathblow; lets get out of here. G-Mac said, brotha, you are lethal, Phelps laughed. When they got in the car, Phelps called Marlon with an update. Marlon listened and said; money is no object. Do what you have to do; I want her back! G-Mac and Phelps returned to the safe house and informed everyone, they were going to split into two groups and call in additional firepower for overseas wet work. One group would go to Prague to retrieve the women; the other group would go to Niagara Falls to find Cameron. G-Mac asked Jacks to call Nikki and get Ashley Perry’s phone number, brief her on the situation and tell her, we need her in Las Vegas tomorrow morning, it’s urgent. They arrived at the airport to pick-up Ashley; imagine their shock when Nikki stepped off the plane with Ashley. Everybody hugged. Jacks asked Nikki, are you sure you’re up to this? Nikki said yes, this is what I need instead of sitting around the house crying my eyes out, day in and day out, that’s not healthy. G-Mac added, how is your nose and arm? Nikki said, I’m fine, at least the flesh wound isn’t on my shooting arm and a doctor reset my nose. I feel great! Dayna took the opportunity to tell Phelps, remember my friend, the one I wanted to introduce you to? Phelps nodded, Dayna said, that’s her, pointing at Nikki. Take the time to know her because she just lost her fiancé. Phelps said, she sure is attractive, what does she do in intelligence? She is a ‘high level executive action specialist.’ Phelps said, no shit! Not too many black females are ‘wet work assassins?’ Phelps asked, who is the blonde? Dayna said, her name is Ashley Perry, she is a freelance assassin, from what I hear, she was recruited after winning a silver medal in the marksmanship category at the Olympics. Nikki trained her. Dayna said, come on, I’ll introduce you to both women. When they returned to the safe house, Nikki and Ashley were brought up to date on the situation. Phelps said, we are going to split into two teams. G-Mac added, Marco is a ‘Redfella’ with ties to the Russian mob; we have to tread very carefully. Russian mobsters are the most ruthless and treacherous in the world, they will retaliate if we take out one of their own by killing our families and friends. G-Mac turned to Dayna, Marco is also a notorious womanizer despite having a girlfriend, we are going to create a scenario involving you; I’ve briefed Phelps, he will explain everything to you on the plane. Lear has chartered two jets. G-Mac added, Jacks and I will go to Niagara Falls in pursuit of Cameron. Phelps, Ashley, Dayna and Nikki, all of you will go to Prague, in pursuit of Marco.
  18. 18. During the plane ride, Phelps updated Dayna on her role in the upcoming mission. Afterwards, he struck up a conversation with Nikki, they shared the same interests and Nikki was impressed with his background, they seemed to enjoy each other. Phelps thought, it was refreshing to talk to a woman who understood and participated in his line of work. They talked about guns, silencers and jazz. Nikki told him, you seem to be a nice man and I find you attractive but please understand, I just lost someone very special. Phelps said, I understand, I won’t pressure you and we can take it slow but I have to admit, I am attracted to you but I will respect your feelings. Nikki smiled and said, thank-you. By the time the Las Vegas police issued a police bulletin for Cameron Franklin with an accompanying photograph, G-Mac and Jacks had already landed in Niagara Falls. CAMERON: A day earlier, Cameron had explored the city and visited the ‘Criminals Hall Of Wax Museums,’ which featured Al Capone and Jeffrey Dahmer. Cameron wondered, maybe they’ll feature my likeness one day. From there, he went to the ‘Guiness Book Of World Records’ Museum. After an hour, he left to take a boat tour of Niagara Falls. The falls were a breathtaking sight, among the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. The falls were illuminated at night; the effect was spectacular. After the tour, Cameron waited in a casino parking lot, while he waited, he decided to change his MO, his victims no longer had to work in the sex industry, they just had to be attractive. Marco even stated in one of his emails, a few of the investors were suggesting that he start abducting white women, he could make more money, a bigger audience. Cameron was hesitant because law enforcement and the media would pay more attention if the victims were white, for now, he would stick to African-Americans. He didn’t wait long for his next victim, a beautiful black woman emerged from the casino; she walked towards the parking lot. Cameron got out of his car and fell in step behind her. G-MAC/JACKS: He followed her quietly, he hurried his pace when she pulled out her keys, suddenly he was on her, without warning, she turned around and zapped him on the neck for three seconds with a 775,000 volt (Stun Master) stun gun, the most powerful stun gun in the world, Cameron went down in a heap, withering on the ground contorted and in extreme
  19. 19. pain. Jacks took the opportunity to kick him between the legs, Cameron screamed as he heard footsteps approaching, he thought, damn, I have to gather enough strength to get up and run; his thoughts were interrupted by a swift kick to the chin, he fell backwards, defeated. G-Mac pulled him up and shouted, look at me you sorry mothafucka; Cameron adjusted his bloodshot gray eyes on G-Mac. G-Mac continued, you just tried to assault my wife, we work for the government, and we’ve been trailing you, we been staking out places here for the last day trying to draw your sick ass out in the open and it worked. You shouldn’t have come to a small town, not too many places for you to stake out victims, that’s why we found you so quickly, figured you would turn up here. My wife has been leaving that casino every hour on the hour for the last three hours, we were hoping you would make your move and you did. I fell in step behind you when you were following her but she didn’t need me because she whupped your sorry black ass. G-Mac pulled out handcuffs and handcuffed Cameron and put him in the backseat of the car, they went to the airport and flew to Las Vegas and turned him over to the cops. Afterwards, G-Mac said, I hope I didn’t make a mistake by not killing him, remember what happened with Kendall when we didn’t kill him, Jacks muttered, yeah I remember, how could I forget. Everything will be okay honey, let’s go home, I miss the kids. G- Mac said, me too. Jacks said, oops, I almost forgot, she pulled out her blackberry and sent a text message to Nikki, ‘Endgame in Niagara Falls.’ NIKKI: Nikki, Ashley, Phelps and Dayna had just arrived in the Czech Republic and were walking through the airport when Nikki received a text message from Jacks on her blackberry. She told the crew, Jacks and G-Mac took down Cameron successfully, time for us to do our thing with Marco. Lear had arranged for a car to pick them up at the airport, enroute to the safe house, they passed town-square and the Prague castle. They arrived at a house, located across from the Vltava River. They unpacked and got down to business. Nikki said, I just checked my email on my laptop. Lear emailed me Marco’s complete dossier. He owns a nightclub and restaurant in Sona. He holds court at the club on Saturday, since tonight is Saturday, we can make our move. He also owns a house in the
  20. 20. affluent neighborhood of Dejvice. And, if that isn’t enough, he also owns a condominium in Vrsovice where he entertains women; despite having a girlfriend named Hannah. Lear also included Hannah’s information in the dossier; which states that she is insanely jealous with a very bad temper, she once stabbed a man in a jealous rage. Dayna arrived at the club first; she was stunning in a low cut tight fitting Versace dress. Every man in the place leered at her. She sat down by herself. Nikki, Phelps and Ashley arrived later and took a table in the corner. Within fifteen minutes, a bearded man materialized out of nowhere, he told Dayna, madam, the owner of the club would like to meet you. Dayna blushed and said; I’m flattered, the man led her to Marco’s table. After brief conversation, Dayna left the club with Marco in a limousine. The crew followed the limousine discreetly. The limousine arrived at a condominium in Vrsovice (known as Upper V). After ten minutes, Nikki called Hannah on her cell phone and said, ‘you don’t know me but there is something you need to know, your boyfriend Marco is entertaining another woman in his condo, right now, and the woman is black.’ Nikki hung up the phone. Within fifteen minutes, a car arrived, the woman got out of the car and stormed up the stairs to the condominium, she let herself in. She took off her pumps and walked towards the bathroom. Outside, Nikki, Ashley and Phelps got out of the car and walked towards the condo. The woman opened the bedroom door and saw Marco having sex with a beautiful black woman, Hannah screamed, ‘you dirty low down motherfucker,’ Marco turned around startled, Hannah, what are you doing here? It’s not what it looks like; look, she came on to me. Hannah glared at Dayna and said in a heavy accent, you ‘coca-cola bitch.’ Hannah pulled out a gun, Marco was frightened and asked, what are you doing? Lets talk about this. The first shot hit him in the chest; Dayna dived on the side of the bed. Phelps came up behind Hannah and knocked the gun out of her hand. As Marco lay dying on the floor, Phelps came around to the side of the bed and helped Dayna up while Nikki and Ashley contained Hannah. Hannah asked, who are you people? No one answered. Phelps took out a gun and laid it across the bed where Marco was laying, he then pointed the gun at Hannah and shot her dead.
  21. 21. He wiped his fingerprints off the gun and placed it in Marco’s hand, Marco expired one minute later. Phelps looked at Dayna and said, time to go ‘coca-cola,’ everybody laughed. Dayna said; I guess that was her sad attempt at a racial slur. The crew left and headed to Marco’s house in Dejvice. The house was heavily guarded. Nikki called Lear on her Vertu cell phone (International Worldwide Access). She said Lear, we have six hostiles guarding the house; there will be casualties, we are going to have to resort to Plan B. Lear had her tech man send emails dated a week earlier to Marco’s email address. The emails were threatening and forged to look like they came from a rival syndicate. The emails stated, ‘we will come to your house and kill you and your men unless you cut us into your lucrative drug market.’ You have one week to decide or else. –OMINUS Dayna would be the lookout as Ashley, Nikki and Phelps exited the car armed with firepower and bulletproof vests. They stormed the house and opened fire. Ashley took out two men within five seconds, Phelps and Nikki took out three; one man was left alive. Phelps asked him, where are the women? He said ‘no English.’ Ashley took the butt of her gun and hit him across the face, he screamed in pain. She said, we came a long way, don’t fuck with us, where are the women, asshole? He pointed downward. Phelps took the opportunity to snap the man’s neck with one hand. The man slumped over in his chair, dead. Ashley said, damn, in all of my years of intelligence, I have never seen anything like that; you broke that man’s neck with one hand. As they walked towards the basement, Nikki whispered to Ashley, Phelps is a former ‘Sweeper/3 Charley.’ Ashley said, you have got to be kidding me, no shit? The team saw a door in the distance and cautiously approached, Phelps put his ear to the door, he heard whimpering and idle chatter, suddenly, without warning, he kicked the door in. They located Sunny and Rebecca, gagged and bounded. They untied them and undid the tape. Both women cried as Ashley, Phelps and Nikki helped them up the stairs and out the
  22. 22. front door. They got into the car and Dayna drove to the airport. Nikki sent Jacks a blackberry text message, ‘Endgame in Prague.’ A week later, Marco’s associates had a private meeting in Russia. One of the men said, poor Marco, what a terrible way to go, he never could keep his cock in his pants. Another man said, don’t you think it’s strange, Marco is murdered and on the same night his men are slaughtered, and the women he had captive, disappear into thin air, and Marco never mentioned anything about threats from ‘Ominus,’ something doesn’t seem right here, too much of a coincidence and DNA indicated another woman was in bed with Marco, strangely, this DNA is untraceable, where is this woman? The other man said, put your mind to rest, you saw the emails; we have to retaliate against ‘Ominus.’ They are behind this. The entire ‘Ominus’ crew will be taken out within the next few days; they will pay for this. Now, lets get to the next thing on the agenda for today. CAMERON: Rebecca, Sunny and Adrianna testified against Cameron. DNA left at the scene of Kandy Bee’s murder matched Cameron’s DNA. He was convicted of first degree murder and three counts of assault and two counts of kidnapping. He was sentenced to life without parole. Sunny divorced her husband; he threatened her with alimony until Phelps forcibly talked him out of it. Sunny retired from the adult industry and married Marlon in a lavish Las Vegas ceremony attended by celebrities, showgirls and politicians. Phelps served as the best man. Phelps and Nikki started off as friends but slowly progressed to boyfriend and girlfriend. Phelps relocated to Los Angeles to be near Nikki and is now a member of the team. Rebecca got out of the adult industry to spend more time with her son. She owns and operates an adult website from home. The site generates six figures per year. BALLIN 6: THE TRENT’S: Simon and Melissa Trent were an affluent white couple who lived in an exclusive Texas suburb, homes were priced at $5 million to $7 million dollars. The Trent’s told their neighbors they made their fortune by selling a company (before the
  23. 23. tech boom went bust) they founded in Silicon Valley. The Trent’s had two sons, Adam 13, and Ryan 6. Melissa was a soccer mom who shuttled her son’s to and from soccer practice and ice-skating lessons. Melissa also attended PTA meetings on a regular basis. At 13, Adam had a cell phone and numerous pre-paid American Express gift cards. His parents promised to get him a convertible BMW on his 16 birthday. That still wasn’t th enough, Adam had expensive taste and often asked his parents for money. Simon Trent spent his time coaching a little league team that consisted of boys who lived in the community. Melissa was preparing brownies and chocolate chip cookies for a church picnic. Simon was looking for his favorite tie and the boys were tying their shoes. The Trent’s arrived at church; their pastor preached a beautiful sermon. Afterwards, everyone went to a nearby park for a picnic. Everyone had a good time, eating BBQ, watermelon, potato salad, cake and baked beans. Simon and Melissa played volleyball while the boys played softball and touch football. The Trent’s returned home exhausted. After Ryan changed into his pajamas, he asked Melissa? Mom, please read me a story before I go to bed. Melissa picked him up and kissed him on the cheek. She said, okay, go brush your teeth and I will be in to read you a story in ten minutes. After Ryan fell asleep, Melissa went in the study where her husband was waiting. She sat in front of the computer and wired money into several overseas accounts. Unbeknownst to their neighbors, the Trent’s were not the people they pretended to be, Melissa was a former money manager and Simon was a former IT technician for a Fortune 500 company. They made their money through three illegal ventures, all related to pedophilia. They sold passwords to kiddie porn websites. Customers purchased passwords, priced at $50-$75 dollars annually, to enter the website. They had over 1 million customers. The Trent’s also owned and operated a website that advertised, ‘Find your biological parent or parents.’ This website targeted adopted children or children seeking out a
  24. 24. biological parent. When the child contacted the site, a hired rep would tell them not to tell their adoptive parents that they were in contact with them. After the child’s trust was gained, the rep would lie and tell the child, we have found your biological parent(s) and they want to meet you. The child would eagerly agree to the meeting. Instead of meeting the parent(s), the child would meet a pedophile or abductor and never been seen or heard from again. The Trent’s had recently launched a black market site where they planned to auction off women and children as sex slaves. Men from all over the world would have the opportunity to bid on the victims. The Trent’s grossed in excess of $10-$15 million each year, from their combined businesses. RAYMOND: Raymond Brown, a former Golden Gloves boxer, lived in Huntsville, Texas, a small community, 70 miles outside of Houston. Brown never fully recovered from his wife Daphne abandoning him and their daughter Angie, for another man. Angie was just an infant when she left. Raymond missed dancing with Daphne to Johnny Mathis love songs. He also missed her laugh. He still loved her. Angie often asked Raymond about Daphne, Raymond would change the subject, the pain still lingered. He never saw Daphne again and she never called to ask about Angie, nor did she send her Christmas or birthday cards but that didn’t stop Angie from asking numerous questions about her mother. Raymond eventually told Angie things about her mother. Angie missed having a mother and was envious of her classmates when their mother picked them up from school or when they brought in desserts their mother had made. She was desperate to have a mother figure in her life. Raymond worked for the local cable company where he installed cable TV in home in and around Huntsville. Over the years he had several girlfriends, the majority of them got jealous of the attention he gave his daughter. Raymond rushed home from work to celebrate Angie’s 14 birthday. After eating cake th and ice cream, Raymond took her to WalMart to pick out her gift.
  25. 25. They ran into their neighbor Emma Dean, Raymond referred to her as Miss Emma. He said hi, Miss Emma, after they exchanged pleasantries, he asked Miss Emma if he and Angie could fish in her pond over the weekend. Now Raymond, you know both of you are like family, you don’t have to ask permission, just show up with your fishing poles. Meanwhile, the bills were mounting and Raymond put in for overtime. Raymond had a teenage niece watch Angie while he was at work. Angie would stay in her room and surf the Internet. Out of curiosity; she brought up Google and typed in lost parent. Hundreds of website links popped up but one stood out in particular, the advertisement read: ‘Find your biological parent or parents.’ Angie clicked the link and was routed to a website. She entered the site. After reading the information on the site, she decided to save the URL in her favorites. She logged off and went to bed. On the weekend Raymond took Angie fishing behind Miss Emma’s house. They caught several catfish. Miss Emma invited them in and fried up a platter of fish and fries for them. What they didn’t eat, they took home. While Raymond was working overtime, Angie followed a routine; she did her homework and went to the site. She finally got up enough nerve to fill out a form. She included all the information she could remember about her mother. The next day, Angie received an email from the site. She was assigned a female contact person named ‘Mona.’ Over the next few weeks they interacted via email on a regular basis. She began to feel comfortable with Mona and was ecstatic when she was informed, that a second representative was also assigned to find her mother. Angie returned home from school and prepared a TV dinner, after she finished eating, she logged on the computer while her cousin talked on the phone to her boyfriend. Mona had sent a urgent email, Angie’s mother had been located and wanted to meet her but she was advised, don’t tell your father because he may prevent you from meeting her. Angie was thrilled; she couldn’t wait to meet her mother. Mona also informed her, since we consider your case unique, we will waive our fee. She responded to the email, thank-you so much, I am excited, can’t wait to meet her, don’t worry, I won’t tell my father just email me back with the time and place. You guys are awesome! Two days later, Angie received an email saying, your mother has paid for a bus ticket for you to come to Houston to meet her in two weeks, we will send the ticket to the address
  26. 26. we have in our files. You should receive it in a few days. The ticket arrived in two days; Angie put it under his mattress and counted down the days. As Angie slept, she thought, my mom has been in Houston all along, wonder why she didn’t contact me. TWO WEEKS LATER: Raymond worked half a day and got off work at lunchtime, he decided to have a few beers at a nearby bar with a couple of co-workers. After a few beers, an altercation was taking place at the end of the bar, a man was screaming loudly and pointing his finger in a woman’s face, suddenly, he slapped her. Raymond didn’t like the sight of a man hitting a woman; he went to the woman’s defense. The guy turned on him and told him to mind his own business. Raymond turned to leave; the guy hit him over the head with a beer bottle. Raymond turned around and broke his nose and ribs. The guy was in a fetal position moaning on the floor when the cops arrived. The cops arrived and arrested Raymond, the guy screamed; I’m going to press charges on your ass. Raymond was booked and led to a jail cell. He was appointed a legal aid attorney for his arraignment in the morning. He met with his lawyer before he appeared in court, his lawyer assured him, this is your first offense; you will probably get community service. Instead, Raymond was sentenced to 6 months in jail for assault. They found out later that the Judge was the victim’s first cousin. On the other side of town, Angie was boarding a bus for Houston. 90 minutes later, the bus arrived in Houston; a well-dressed white woman was holding a sign with Angie’s name on it. She walked towards the sign, the woman introduced herself and told Angie; I am your representative, ‘Mona,’ Angie felt at ease. Mona helped Angie with her luggage as they walked towards the parking lot. When they arrived at the car, Mona said, I’m going to take you to meet your mother now; Angie smiled and thanked her profusely.
  27. 27. Angie got in the passenger side, Mona turned the key in the ignition, at that precise moment, a man who had been lying on the backseat floor, raised up, Angie felt a presence in the backseat and turned around to face a man. A look of fright crossed her face, she tried to open the car door but the locks were child proof, she started screaming. The man hurriedly grabbed her arm from behind and injected her with a needle. She lost consciousness. Across town in jail, Raymond tried frantically to reach Angie, with no success. He called Miss Emma; she said she would check on Angie. When Raymond called Miss Emma back, he was informed, Angie was not there but your ‘fast’ niece is there, practically fornicating with her boyfriend on the couch. When I asked about Angie, she said she hadn’t seen her all day. Raymond thought, Angie always came straight home from school, if she was going to be late she would call, something didn’t feel right, something was wrong. He asked Miss Emma to call her cousin who was one of Angie’s teachers and ask if Angie was in school today; he would call her back in a hour. When he called Miss Emma back, he was informed, Angie wasn’t in school today and I went to the police station on your behalf, they told me I had to wait 48 hours before I can file a missing persons report. Raymond got a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach; he had to get out of jail to find his child. Raymond contacted his legal aid lawyer, the lawyer said, he would try his best to get him out but he was doubtful it could be done. He encouraged Raymond not to get into any altercations, that way his sentence could be cut in half. Raymond screamed, “Are you listening to me, my daughter is missing and I am locked up in here, I need to find my child!” The lawyer sighed and shrugged his shoulders; Mr. Brown, I’m sorry, wish I could do more. DANI: Dani Duboce attended ‘Louisiana State University’ (LSU) in Baton Rouge; she was a junior in college majoring in Police Science. She wanted to go into law enforcement like her big cousin ‘Jacks.’
  28. 28. Dani was considered the most gorgeous girl on campus, numerous guys tried to date her but she declined, she focused on her studies, she would have enough time for dating when she graduated. She got so much attention; she had a container of pepper spray in her backpack. Dani stayed in touch with Jacks despite the fact her mother Annette and Jacks had a big falling out at a family reunion a few years ago, they had never gotten along. Jacks tried to intervene and make peace with Annette at the reunion, but Annette was drunk and cursed her out in front of everybody. Telling Jacks, ‘you think you better than me cause you got long hair and you think you smart, you ain’t shit, stay the fuck away from me and go back to your perfect life in California.’ According to older relatives, Annette always had a problem with Jacks, even when they were kids; she acted jealous and resentful towards Jacks. Annette was very color conscious, despite being light skinned, Jacks was still a shade darker than Annette and Annette didn’t let her forget it. Annette loved to brag about her French roots but neglected to talk about her African-American roots. Annette also had a problem with Jacks having longer hair than her and she tried to keep her daughter Dani from associating with ‘darker’ relatives. Due to Annette’s color issues, the family distanced themselves from her. The family embraced Dani because she was the opposite of her mother. Dani once told her mother, ‘You need to really come off the color crap, African- Americans have enough racism directed towards them from other races, we don’t need racism directed at us from people within our race. You are the reason our family isn’t close knit and you are the reason that Daddy left, I don’t blame him for not staying in touch. You have issues you need to address.’ Annette looked at Dani like she was crazy. Annette wasn’t aware that Dani spoke to Jacks on a regular basis. If it weren’t for Jacks, Dani wouldn’t be attending LSU; Jacks used her contacts and got her a full 4-year scholarship unbeknownst to her mother. Annette thought Dani got in on an academic scholarship. A few years ago, Dani’s mother was in an abusive relationship. Not only was her boyfriend abusive, he made passes at Dani when Annette wasn’t around. He also got Annette hooked on drugs. Annette finally came out of her fog when she caught her boyfriend masturbating over Dani’s bed while she slept, she kicked him out and checked into a rehab center, she had been clean for a year and she worked at a homeless shelter in New Orleans. Dani was leaving Baton Rouge to go to New Orleans for the weekend; she loved the rich culture of the ‘Big Easy.’ The delicious seafood, Cajun cuisine, the Mardi Gras, jazz
  29. 29. music and the carriage rides. There was no other city like New Orleans in the world. When she arrived, she called Annette and told her, she would hook up with her that evening, she was going to meet some friends for lunch on Bourbon Street. She met her friends; they ate crawfish, fried crab and gumbo. Afterwards, they went to the French Quarter, they had had a great time as they sipped chicory coffee and ate beignets. They hit the clubs and partied until the sun came up. Dani overheard someone in the bar say; ‘a hurricane warning is going into effect.’ When they left the bar, a man stood outside in dark glasses, blowing a saxophone. Dani arrived at her mother’s house early the next morning; she let herself, went to her old bedroom and crashed. The next day, Dani and Annette spent the day indoors due to the weather. They watched soap operas, ate lunch and talked about college. The weather continued to pound the golf coast. Annette looked outdoors, she told Dani, you be careful going back to school tomorrow, it’s really bad out there and according to the weather channel, its only going to get worse. The next day, Dani was preparing to go back to LSU, she was packing a big lunch in her backpack when Hurricane Katrina hit, within the hour; the levees would break. Dani screamed, Ma, the house is sinking, lets get out of here now! Annette rushed to the front; Dani grabbed her cell phone and put it in her backpack. She took Annette’s hand and led her out the front door. When they exited the house, they were submerged in water as neighbors walked around in chaos, other neighbors watched their houses sink underwater. It was a disaster. As Dani and Annette walked in the water, their neighbor, Mattie joined them. They weren’t in the water more than a few minutes when Mattie screamed; something in the water had bit her. Dani and Annette helped her out of the water, she collapsed on the side of the rode, Dani inspected her wound, it was a snake bite. Mattie was sweating profusely and shaking. She told them, leave me, save your own lives, ever since I lost my Leonard last year, I don’t have anyone, both of you have your whole lives ahead of you; go on, I will only slow you down. Dani said, no way, she reached down to pull Mattie up, Mattie wouldn’t budge; they were forced to leave her on the side of the road. Annette told Dani, lets stay out of the water, it’s probably polluted with alligator and snakes, lets walk on dry land. Lets make it to the shelter I work at; it’s only a few miles away. Dani said, I think we should call Cousin Jacks, with her connections; she can send
  30. 30. a helicopter to get us out of here. Annette said, we don’t need to involve her in this; we can take care of ourselves! JACKS: Jacks cooked G-Mac and the kids a late breakfast of Black Forest Ham steaks, buttermilk pancakes with warm maple syrup and over easy eggs. They were finishing up breakfast when a news bulletin came on. The newscaster said, ‘Due to Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana, the levee’s broke and 80 percent of New Orleans is under water.’ Jacks looked at G-Mac and said oh my God! I have to call my cousin’s Annette and Dani. Jacks nervously dialed there number but couldn’t get through. Jack’s tried Annette’s work number, again, she couldn’t get through. G-Mac embraced her, it will be okay honey; they were probably evacuated and sent to a shelter. I’m sure they will call you and let you know everything is okay, once they get settled, Jacks said, you’re probably right. DANI: Dani and Annette made it to the shelter. It was a disorganized mess; they could barely get through the crowd. Annette led Dani to an overcrowded room where counselors were setting up cots. Annette greeted the counselors and started helping; afterwards, she and Dani sat down on two cots, side by side. Dani went into her backpack and took out the lunch she was preparing before the levees broke. She shared a sandwich, chips, a soda, bottled water and an apple with her mother. They had no idea this would be their last meal for the next four days due to the government’s slow response. JACKS: Jacks was frantic as she continued to call relatives, no one had heard from Annette and Dani. Her thoughts were interrupted by a ringing telephone. It was Dani, Jacks said, Dani, I was worried to death about you and Annette! I was about to charter a plane and come down there and look for you myself. Dani said, Jacks, it’s real bad, we lost everything and aid just got here today, Mom and I haven’t eaten in four days nor have we had a change of clothes, Jacks said, oh my God! What can I do? Dani continued, mom doesn’t know I’m calling you, she’s too proud, I wanted to call you when the hurricane first hit, she said no. I finally got a signal on my cell phone, Jacks I’m scared. Jacks said, I can have a plane rescue you in a few hours, Dani said, you know how mom is, she won’t get on the plane. Jacks said, is there a Western Union nearby, Dani said yeah, it’s located inside a corner store called Palmers across the street, let me give you the street
  31. 31. name. Jacks wrote down the street name and said, listen to me carefully, I’m going to wire $5,000 within the hour, do you have your identification, Dani said yes, Jacks said good; pick the money up in an hour. Dani said okay, thanks cousin Jacks, Jacks said, give me your cell number and stay in touch, call me if you need more money or a plane out of there and let me know when you settle in a apartment or a house. Dani said, will do; love you cousin Jacks. I love you to honey. When G-Mac came home, Jacks told him, I heard from Dani, they survived and are doing okay but I’m going to stay by the phone just in case. DANI: Dani picked up the money and stuffed it in her backpack. She decided not to tell her mother about the money, she would probably make her send it back. She arrived back at the shelter, her sleep was interrupted by a girl screaming; it was some type of disturbance nearby. Dani focused her eyes in the dark, she saw a man trying to rape an underage girl. She quickly got her pepper spray out of her backpack and went towards the altercation. She told the man to stop, he turned around and said, ‘fuck you bitch and mind your own business, after I’m done with her, your fine ass can have me next.’ Dani aimed her pepper spray in his direction and sprayed, he screamed out in pain as he rubbed his eyes, he shouted, ‘you fucking bitch, I’m going to whup your ass.’ Dani screamed, we need help over here; will somebody please come help us? A few men got out of their cots and came to the rescue; she explained the situation. They took the offender out back and gave him a beatdown, they told him not to return to the shelter. Dani thanked the men when they returned. Dani returned to her bed, her mother slept in a cot next to hers; she had slept through the incident. Dani went fast asleep clutching her backpack. The next day, a woman took photos of some of the people at the shelter to put on a website. Dani and Annette posed for a photo. THE TRENT’S: Simon Trent was reading up on Hurricane Katrina on the Internet, he wanted to make a donation. He clicked on a link and arrived at a site where you could make a donation and adopt a family. He quickly browsed through some of the photos; he stopped when he came to a photo of two Creoles, a woman and a teenage girl. The girl was gorgeous and naturally endowed. He read the caption on the photo; their names were Annette and Dani Duboce. Simon thought, these two will fit in perfectly with my new venture. He discussed his plan with Melissa, she told him to proceed.
  32. 32. Later that evening, Simon went back on the website and contacted the agency in regard to adoption proceedings. The agency got in touch with Annette and Dani. They told them that an extremely wealthy family wanted to adopt them. The family lived in an affluent Texas suburb. Annette was excited and Dani was reluctant. She told Annette, how can you be excited about strangers wanting to take us in when we could stay with Jacks, I don’t see any other family members offering to help. Annette shouted, when did you talk to Jacks, didn’t I tell you not to call her? A woman interrupted, Annette was given paperwork, Annette signed on the dotted line while Dani shook her head in the background. They arrived at Hobby airport; the Trent’s were waiting when they got off the plane, they looked like a perfect family as they introduced themselves. They were extremely nice, they helped them with their luggage and they went out to a waiting limousine. Annette was impressed; Dani was leery. Simon thought, damn, Dani looks better in person than she does on the website picture. In the limo, Annette recounted the devastation and destruction they experienced in the hurricane, the Trent’s listened sympathetically with the exception of the oldest son Adam. He was very distant and unfriendly whereas the younger boy Ryan told Dani; you sure are pretty! The limo pulled up to a magnificent mansion in a gated community. The chauffeur helped them with their luggage. A few neighbors stared at them and quickly turned away and two joggers looked at them suspiciously. Dani thought, this is just great; an adopted black family living in a Klan neighborhood, this should be fun. Melissa showed Dani to a spacious guest room while Simon took Annette to an upstairs room. After the unpacked, they went to the dining room for dinner. Dani wasn’t surprised when the Trent’s served a fried chicken dinner with watermelon for dessert. Annette grinned and thanked them for their hospitality. Dani was less than impressed. Dani returned to her room and called Jacks. She updated Jacks on the situation. Jacks was hurt that Annette hadn’t called her for help. Dani gave Jacks the Trent’s address and phone number, she thanked Jacks for the money and assured her she would pay her back. She also told Jacks, she felt a bit uncomfortable. Jacks asked why? Dani said, I don’t know, something doesn’t seem right, maybe it’s my police science training, I can’t put my finger on it. Dani heard someone coming down the hall, she told Jacks; I have to go,
  33. 33. I’ll call you again. Over the next few weeks, to show her appreciation for the Trent’s hospitality and kindness, Annette began cooking authentic Creole and Cajun meals. The Trent’s devoured her jambalaya, crab, sautéed shrimp and gumbo; they were impressed with her cooking. When Melissa Trent hosted dinner parties and fundraisers, she had Annette do the catering. Everyone loved her cooking. Before long, the Trent’s began to treat Annette like a maid; they ordered her around and belittled her in front of guests. Dani asked her mother, why are you letting them treat you like that? Annette responded, like what? We have to earn our keep and you’re overreacting. At least I’m contributing. Dani rolled her eyes and walked off. That evening, Dani realized that someone had stole the money that Jacks had sent from her backpack. Later that evening, Adam came in the house with bags and bags of new clothes. The following week, ‘Hurricane Rita’ was due to hit Houston. Dani thought, damn, are we being followed by death? This reminds me of that movie ‘Final Destination.’ Jacks called, Dani told her they were okay; and were making plans to evacuate. Although they lived outside of Houston, the Trent’s loaded everybody up in the SUV and went to Dallas. After Hurricane Rita subsided, Melissa drove everybody home. RAYMOND: After 48 hours, the police conducted a search for Angie? They found nothing and they had no leads. Due to their budget, the search was limited. They classified her as a ‘runaway,’ and stopped investigating. Miss Emma kept Raymond informed. Raymond caught a break the following day; his conviction was thrown out on a technicality.
  34. 34. Miss Emma and her nephew Richard were waiting outside the jail when he was released. When Richard pulled up to Raymond’s house. Raymond rushed out of the car. He went to Angie’s room looking for clues. He also called his niece, trying to trace Angie’s last steps; she was of no help and rushed him off the phone. After Raymond got off the phone, he sat down and put his head in his hands, he said, ‘this is my fault,’ if I would have minded my own business and not gotten in that bar fight, I would have been home with Angie instead of rotting in jail. Miss Emma said, it’s not your fault Raymond; you were protecting a woman in that bar, you’re a hero. Richard added, Raymond, you know I’m a computer tech for the security firm I work for, when we were in Angie’s room, I noticed her desktop, let me take her hard drive and see what I find, I work the graveyard shift tonight, on my lunch hour, I’ll see what clues if any, the hard drive holds. I’ll bring it back in the morning. Richard helped Raymond retrieve the hard drive before he left with Miss Emma. Later that evening, Miss Emma brought Raymond over a plate of food, he thanked her but he had no appetite. ANGIE: Angie awoke in a darkened room with a throbbing headache, her hands were tied behind her with rope and her ankles were bond together with rope. She adjusted her eyes to the darkness. She was in a basement, surrounded by expensive camera equipment. She tried to sit up on the small bed but she couldn’t. She was scared. Her body jerked as she began sobbing uncontrollably; her voice quivered as she said, I want my daddy! THE TRENT’S: The next night as Dani slept, she saw someone with a camcorder standing over her bed, or
  35. 35. was she dreaming? The next morning, Dani was taking a shower, out of the corner of her eye, through the shower door, she made out a figure staring at her, the steam on the shower door prevented her from seeing who it was. The person left, Dani hurriedly turned off the water, got a towel and wrapped it around her. Dani rushed to her room, got dressed and stormed in the kitchen. While Annette cooked breakfast for everyone, Dani demanded to know, okay, who was watching me take a shower and who the hell stole money out of my backpack! Melissa looked at her in disbelief and asked, I dare you make those type of accusations in my home? Dani said, you need to be addressing your husband or oldest son; one of them is a peeping tom. Simon said, take your allegations and get out of my house while Adam stared at her with pure hatred. Suddenly, Annette interrupted, please excuse my daughter, she probably imagined that someone was watching her, she doesn’t know what she’s saying. Let me talk to her. Dani was speechless as she stared at Annette. Annette led Dani to her room. What are you trying to do? These nice people let us in to their home, they have clothed us and fed us, you trying to ruin a good thing, are you crazy. You always did like attention, now you accusing someone of watching you and stealing from you, girl, get a grip! Dani screamed, mother, you really are pathetic, I no longer have any respect for you, you can continue to stay here, they treat you like a maid while you smile and ‘Uncle Tom’ for them but I’m packing my bags and leaving. They had no idea Simon was listening. Simon returned to Melissa, ‘we have to move quickly,’ Dani is preparing to leave. We need to get the kids out of the house, take them to your sister’s, they can stay there for the weekend, Melissa nodded.
  36. 36. RAYMOND: Richard returned the hard drive. He told Raymond, I found some interesting stuff. Apparently, Angie was in contact with an online agency that reunites kids with adoptive or biological parents. The last email was sent a few hours before she went missing, she had agreed to meet a representative at the bus station in Houston, they told her; they would take her to meet her mother and she hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Raymond and Richard took the information to the police, they said they would get around to investigating it; meanwhile, all of their manpower was being used to track down several convicts who had escaped the night before. Richard whispered to Raymond, forget this, I got a better idea. They returned to Raymond’s. Richard got on the computer, created a new email account and emailed the agency. Telling them, he was looking for his biological mother who put him up for adoption. They didn’t have to wait long for a reply. Richard gave them false information, he figured, since it was a scam, they wouldn’t bother checking to see that the person didn’t exist. He also reminded himself to type his email responses like a 13-year old. He was right, after two hours of communicating through email, the rep finally replied, your mother has been located; we will send you a ticket to come to the Houston bus terminal in few days. Richard responded, I have a paper route, I am so anxious to meet my mother, I can’t wait, I will purchase a ticket and be at the terminal tomorrow at noon. DANI: Between packing, Dani tried to call Jacks but her cell phone battery was dead. She decided to use the Trent’s phone. Jacks answered on the second ring. Dani told Jacks about her suspicions and that someone had stole the money she sent. Jacks said, I’m coming to get you and Annette. Dani told her, Annette wants to stay, Jacks said, I don’t care if I have to drag her out of that house; she’s coming with us, you’ve already given me the address. Just then, the phone went dead. Dani tried to call her back but their wasn’t a dial tone. Jacks tried to call the number on the caller ID but she couldn’t get through. Jacks then tried to call G-Mac but he was out of the country on assignment and she
  37. 37. couldn’t get through. She left a message, ‘honey, I’m going to Texas to get Dani and Annette, some strange things are going on with the adoptive family they’re staying with.’ I will leave their address and number on the kitchen counter, I should be back in a couple of days, my mother is coming to watch the kids, love you.’ THE TRENT’S: Dani had finished packing, she turned to her mother and said, if I have to hitchhike to get away from here I will. Just then, Simon and Melissa entered the room. Simon walked towards them with a needle, while Melissa restrained Annette; Simon overpowered Dani and injected her with the needle as Annette screamed in the background, he then injected Annette. After Annette lost consciousness, Simon turned to Melissa, we will transport them to the other house tomorrow, Melissa nodded. JACKS: A few hours later, Jacks landed in Houston. A limousine was waiting for her; she gave the driver the Trent’s address. Jacks arrived and rung the doorbell, Simon answered and asked; who are you? She replied, I’m a relative of Dani’s and Annette’s, I’ve come to take them home with me. Simon said; they left hours ago. Jack’s could tell he was lying and asked to come in. Simon stepped aside and let her in. She said, Mr. Trent, I received a call from Dani, she knew I was on my way, did they say where they were going? Before Simon could answer, Jacks heard something like a muffled scream coming from the basement, Simon rushed Jacks, she did a roundhouse kick and kicked him in the stomach; he went down. She was waiting for him to get up; suddenly, she was hit over the head from behind with a frying pan, she went down. Between deep breaths, Simon told Melissa, good work, when I catch my breath, we’ll transport her down to the basement with Dani and Annette but first, I’ll go get rid of the limousine driver.
  38. 38. The Trent’s dragged an unconscious Jacks down to the basement. Dani said, oh my god! What have you done, that’s my cousin Jacks; she’s a Federal Agent. Simon and Melissa looked at each other nervously, Melissa said, it’s a scare tactic; she’s lying. Simon agreed. He looked at Dani and said, time for your medicine, Dani said no and began to back up on the bed, Annette was going in and out of consciousness on the other side of the bed. Simon injected Dani first; he then injected Annette and Jacks. When they were leaving the room, Simon said, we are going to fetch a fortune for them. RAYMOND: Raymond and Richard arrived at the Houston bus terminal two hours early. They planned to do surveillance. The rep said she would be holding a sign that said ‘Richard.’ When she realized Richard didn’t show up, they planned to follow her, maybe she would lead them back to Angie. G-MAC: G-Mac read Jacks note. He had been trying to call her for the last few hours; he got no response, something was wrong. He made reservations; he was going to Texas. THE TRENT’S: The women woke up in another room, some type of basement, surrounded by camera equipment. Jacks had a slight concussion; she noticed a teenage girl huddled in the corner crying. Jacks asked Dani and Annette, are you two okay? They nodded yes; she asked the girl, honey, are you okay? The girl continued crying. Jacks said, I promise you; we will get out of here. The girl responded, my name is Angie, I was just trying to find my mother, they said they could find her; instead they abducted me and brought me here. After the Trent’s finished breakfast, Simon looked at his watch and told Melissa, you better get going, the victim should be arriving at the bus terminal shortly. Melissa said, you’re not coming? Simon said no, I have to put them on film, just bring him back here; I’ll drug him and take him down to the basement with the others. After Melissa left, Simon decided to go and check in on the victims.
  39. 39. Simon entered the room and said, how are my beauties today? You are probably wondering what’s going on? Let me explain, all of you will be sold at a sex auction today on the Internet black market. Buyers from all over the world will bid on you. You will be broadcast live via webcam. You will be sold off to the highest bidder and never be seen again. Annette, we will advertise you as a triple-threat, ‘sex slave, domestic and a great cook.’ Simon turned on the cameras. Ladies, look this way. Lights, camera, action! BALLIN 7: THE TRENT’S: Raymond and Richard watched from a distance as an elegantly dressed white woman (Melissa) held up a sign with Richard’s name on it. The woman appeared agitated and annoyed when no one approached her. When she realized all the passengers had gotten off the bus, she became even more frustrated. She stood standing for five more minutes, looking around; she then crumbled up the sign and threw it away in a nearby wastebasket. She stormed out of the bus terminal with Raymond and Richard in pursuit. They hailed a cab and had the driver follow her discreetly. G-MAC: Across town, at that precise moment, G-Mac arrived at the Trent’s house. He rung the doorbell, no answer, from outside, the house looked dark and empty. He took out his cell phone and called Lear. She answered on the second ring, he explained the situation and asked Lear to do a check on property records to see if the Trent’s owned a second home, Lear said, I’ll call back if I get a hit. Within five minutes, the phone rung, Lear gave him an address of an additional home on the outskirts of Houston. G-Mac jumped in his rental car, consulted a map, put the map back in the glove compartment and started up the engine.
  40. 40. THE TRENT’S: Raymond and Richard had the cabbie pull over and park when Melissa’s car turned in a driveway. After she entered the house. They paid the cabbie and got out. The first thing they noticed, the house was located in a very isolated area. G-MAC: As they walked towards the house, G-Mac pulled up and got out. G-Mac stared at the car in the driveway for a few seconds. Raymond and Richard pulled back when they saw him walk up the stairs. They thought, he might be involved with the Trent’s. G-Mac peeked through the windows. Just then, they saw G-Mac take out a gun and head towards the back of the house. Raymond thought, maybe he’s a cop. Raymond called out, hey! G-Mac turned around puzzled. Raymond gestured for him to come towards them. G-Mac approached them, still looking puzzled; he didn’t like civilians interfering with his work. He asked the men, what’s going on? Richard asked him if he was a cop? G-Mac asked, why? Raymond said, the house that you were looking in, I think the people who own it, have my daughter, Angie, she was abducted online, an Internet scam. Richard spoke up, I contacted them through the Internet, pretending like I was a kid looking for a parent, they said they would help me find my parent and they instructed me to meet them at the bus terminal, a white lady arrives holding a sign with my name on it, she thought I didn’t show up so we followed her here. G-Mac looked at both men long and hard before speaking. I think these bastards have my wife, she came down to retrieve her relatives who were displaced during Katrina and I haven’t heard from her since. I freelance in law enforcement but I need both of you to stay out of my way! Raymond spoke up, no way man, they got my daughter, I’m going in with you. Richard added, I’m going in to. G-Mac looked at Raymond and said, man, I can sympathize with you, I lost my daughter to a pervert on the Internet but you two will only get yourselves killed, I am trained for this, let me handle it! Raymond said, not a chance! He looked at Richard, come on. G-Mac said, hold up, okay, we can all go in together and enter the back of the house but let me take the lead. Both men nodded their heads. The men introduced themselves and shook hands, G-Mac went to his car and handed each man a loaded firearm before heading towards the back of the house. At the backdoor, they heard a woman scream. G-Mac hurriedly picked the lock; each
  41. 41. man entered quietly and went towards the back. G-Mac signaled Raymond and Richard into the kitchen, he pointed to a door that led to a basement. G-Mac slowly opened the door; they heard voices as each man crept silently down the stairs. When they reached the bottom of the stairs, G-Mac startled Simon and Melissa when he screamed, put your hands up! Just then, Angie screamed ‘Daddy! G-Mac was distracted and Simon grabbed Angie and used her as a shield. Richard was appalled at the set-up, all the women were stripped naked surrounded by camera equipment, including a webcam. Simon said, all of you put your guns down or I will break her neck, the men did as they were told. Simon continued, my wife and I are going to walk out of here with Angie, move out of our way! Simon looked back at Melissa and said, come on honey; she walked towards him and Angie. Just then, Jacks gathered all the strength she could, she stood up and ran into the back of Simon, freeing Angie from his grip. G-Mac and Raymond overpowered Simon and Richard detained Melissa. Before calling the police, the men found covers to cover up the women’s nakedness. When the police arrived, evidence was confiscated, statements were taken and the Trent’s were arrested and charged with kidnap, lewd acts on a child, child endangerment and pandering. G-MAC/JACKS: After relocating to Prince George County, Maryland-the richest enclave for African- Americans in this country. G-Mac and Jacks decided to take a special trip to celebrate their wedding anniversary. They had arrived in Dubai two days earlier. On the evening of their anniversary, they took a submarine ride from their hotel (Burj Al Arab) to the famous ‘underwater restaurant,’ ‘Al Mahara.’ They were dining on a seafood feast when Jacks two-way (untraceable) cell phone rung. They were asked to report to headquarters immediately. Jacks was also asked to contact Lear, Nikki and Phelps. They returned to their suite and packed. A helicopter met them on the private beach adjacent to the hotel and they were whisked away to the airport. DAYNA: Earlier in the evening, Dayna and her fiance Mario enjoyed a performance by the ‘Dance Theater Of Harlem,’ at Zellerback Hall on the U.C. Berkeley campus, the performance was magnificent. After the show, they walked to a rented Mercedes; parked in an underground garage on Telegraph Avenue. They decided to have dinner and take the
  42. 42. Ferry to San Francisco. The night was foggy with the horn blowers blaring in the distance. Dayna and Mario engaged in a intimate and lively discussion on a variety of topics. They took advantage of this time because they rarely saw each other due to schedule demands. The ferry traveled underneath the Golden Gate Bridge and they could make out Alcatraz in the distance. When they departed the ferry, they jumped on a cable car. The cable car dropped them off in front of “Gary Danko’s.” This establishment is one of the few five-star restaurants in the world. If you desire something other than the entrée’s listed on the menu, you would inform your waiter or waitress. They in turn, would inform the chef and you would be served the meal of your choice, made from scratch. Dayna and Mario were enjoying crab cakes and clam chowder soup in a sourdough bread bowl when Dayna’s priority cell phone rung; it was Jacks. LEAR: Lear had just finished working a complicated case; she often went to Sweden to ski; to clear her head. The night before, she stayed at the “Ice Hotel,” which was featured in the James Bond film, “Die Another Day.” The hotel was constructed each year by the world’s leading sculptures. The 15,000 reservations set aside for guests, sold out each year. Lear was skiing at high speed down a slippery slope, sporting a fashionable faux fur trimmed ski jacket and designer shades. The slope was cluttered with fresh powder but this didn’t bother Lear, she was an expert skier. Just then, her 2-way cell phone rang. Lear was informed that she would be picked up by a car and driver outside of the “Ice Hotel,” within the next two hours and be taken to the airport. She was needed back at headquarters, immediately. NIKKI: A day after attending the “America’s Cup” yacht racing event in Valencia, Spain. Nikki and Phelps were inching up a rock-climbing wall, Nikki’s blackberry went off; it was Jacks. Nikki read the message to Phelps. They climbed down the wall, got their stuff and rushed to the airport to catch a private jet to Los Angeles. JACKS: After everyone was seated in the conference room, Jacks used a laser pointer to identify the cast of characters at a boat party. This is Miquel Lopez, an international arms dealer. This is his sometime girlfriend, Lauryn Allen, she runs a successful drug-banking cartel. She launders money for literally
  43. 43. every drug cartel in the world. This is her brother, Cartier Allen, a drug lord who supplies the Hollywood elite. Brother and sister control over half of the drug market in California and they also sell potassium permanganate to drug barons. Lauryn is the kingpin and the brains behind the operation and she has their money hidden all over the world in numerous offshore banking accounts. Due to her financial wizardry, each sibling is worth in the neighborhood of $75 million dollars. Jacks added, damn, they’re so good looking, they went into the wrong field; both could have been successful models. Lauryn resembles actress Michael Michelle and Cartier looks like a young Philip Michael Thomas. Anyway, we were lucky to get images of them, they are underground, hardly ever photographed or seen in public. Jacks turned off the projector. She looked around the room at her husband G-Mac and co-workers, Lear, Dayna, Phelps and Nikki. She took a brief pause before continuing. We have been given orders to infiltrate their organization and to take them down, effective immediately! LAURYN: Lauryn Allen awoke early on a Saturday morning. She cooked a few slices of overseas gourmet bacon, priced at $120 per pound. While the bacon was frying, she boiled an egg and prepared herself a cup of ‘Ghiradelli’ ‘double chocolate’ hot chocolate with whip cream and chocolate sprinkles. She took her plate and her cup of hot chocolate into the living room where she sat down and watched the film “Cover,” on her home theater. She sipped her hot chocolate slowly as she watched the film. Afterwards, she went into her home office, surrounded by a pirranah’s in a wall-encased aquarium; a platinum Arowana fish (valued at $80,000) was housed in a separate aquarium. She logged into her computer and checked her Swiss bank account, ‘immediate annuity account’ and her virtual safety deposit box contents, to make sure everything was in order. She also checked activities at an “black market bank,” she was affiliated with that specialized in money laundering activities. Satisfied, she checked the encrypted files of outgoing ‘washed,’ currency from businesses she set up, a company that sold yachts and several upscale ‘Gentlemen clubs.’ She also laundered money through banks in Spain, Mexico, Italy and the United States. Her fee was a standard 5 percent for each seven-figure transaction. She had also set up dozens of sham accounts located in Mexico and the Cayman Islands, she then converted the money into legal bank drafts and checks that the cartel bosses could cash anywhere, no questions asked. This procedure erases the drug origin of the money. She also checked the balance sheet on an expensive boat she purchased, disguised as a
  44. 44. gambling casino. This boat laundered money through St. Maartens (known as a drug laundry haven) Portugal and Spain. Lauryn also smuggled gold and high quality counterfeit foreign currencies. In 2007, Lauryn laundered over $200 million dollars for virtually every drug syndicate in the world. She was considered a ‘cocaine banking kingpin’ among drug lords and crime bosses. Next, she answered an encrypted email from one of her overseas contacts, Santana, a former Black Ops soldier who was now a hired assassin for drug cartels, he was currently suspected of doing ‘wet work,’ in hot zones on four different continents. He inquired if Lauryn could refer him to a buyer interested in purchasing 2 severed hands (frozen) of two of his victims. The buyer could buy the hand to obtain fingerprints (to plant at crime scenes to throw off the cops). Lauryn graciously replied, no. Another email was from a contact who lived in a rural and isolated area in the Midwest, he asked Laruyn to contact him if she needed any cell calls traced in Northern America and overseas because he had the capability to trace any call regardless of professional status with his illegal satellite hookup and he couldn’t be traced because he could triangulate his location. Lauryn thanked him for the reminder. She turned off her computer and went into her home gym. She worked out on an exercise bike as she watched ‘The Food channel’ on her 103-inch flat panel plasma television (built into the wall). The screen width of the TV is comparable to the size of a double bed. After the workout, she put on two of her favorite old school artists, Howard Hewett and Stephanie Mills as she did stretches. She then sat down at her red oak coffee table and played a game of “Go,” with herself. ‘Go,’ is a board game favored by royalty and the elite. Described as a game for intellects, this game originated in China 4,000 years ago and it can take a lifetime to master. Later, Lauryn decided to go jogging. Lauryn was jogging while listening to her i-Pod. She was surprised when she saw another beautiful black woman jogging in her direction, not too many blacks lived in her gated community and the woman looked familiar. As the woman passed Lauryn, she nodded; Lauryn nodded back but discouraged conversation and continued jogging in the opposite direction. Lauryn had to be careful because of her illegal activities. She was the top money launderer (for drug cartels) in the world. CARTIER: Cartier Allen, Lauryn’s brother, a Hollywood drug lord was across town, laying up with one of his many girlfriends watching ‘Scarface.’ After the closing credits, Cartier decided to fly his girlfriend to Miami to eat and water ski. Afterwards, they went to South Beach