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Health And Diseases


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It Includes PPT about Health, Its significance , Factors affecting it, Causes and types of diseases......and so on............

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Health And Diseases

  1. 1. Health
  2. 2. •A state of ‘beingwell’ A state of beingwell enough tofunction well1. Physically2. Mentally3. Socially
  3. 3. SIGNIFICANCE OF GOOD HEALTH• Increase in Efficiency Of Work• Progress As Whole• Happy And Cheerful• Initiative For Betterment• Family• Meaningful Existence
  4. 4. • Physical Environment• Social Environment• Cleanliness (Personal Hygiene and Public Cleanliness)• Good Food• Good economic conditions• Social Equality and harmony (an example of how community issues effect individual health)• To have the opportunity to realise the unique potential in all of us
  5. 5. Conditions essential for being free of a diseaseThere should be no discomfort to the individual.There should be no specific and particular cause for adiscomfort Difference between being ‘healthy’ and ‘disease free’ Healthy Disease Free Definition Dependence Health And Disease Relation Performance
  6. 6. Health Statistics and Informatics
  7. 7. CAUSES OF DISEASES There are many causes and types of diseases such as (1) Infectious disease (2) Physical diseases (3) Water or food born (4) Sexually transmited (5) Mental diseases and alzheimer’s disease (6) Manic depressive illness (7) Deficiency disease (8) Degenerative diseases (9) Caused By pathogens
  8. 8. INFECTIOUS DISEASE• Infectious disease are those caused by infections like by spreading from one to another by pathogens• They are also called communicable disease Example: common cold , swine flu, Measles etc.
  9. 9. •It is the inner body partsdisease such as bone , lungs, etc Example
  10. 10. They Are Disease CausedBy ConteminatedWater or Food Example • Cholera- Salmonella cholerae • Typhoid
  11. 11. •Examples • Gonorrhoea • HIV• Syphilis - Treponema pallidum
  12. 12. • A disease that affects a person’s mind• Thoughts, emotions, memory and personal and social behaviour• Example of a mild condition is claustrophobia
  13. 13. • Scurvy – vitamin C• Night blindness – vitamin A• Rickets – vitamin D• Iron deficiency - anaemia RICKETS
  14. 14. Examples:Cardiovascular Examples
  15. 15. CAUSED BY PATHOGENSExamples:Chicken GuineaMalariaDengue
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