Brief general introduction to UiT


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Brief general introduction to UiT

  1. 1. Welcome to UiT A brief introduction Photo: Jo Jorem Aarseth
  2. 2. On Top of the High North Tromsø AltaHammerfest Kirkenes Our position, on top of the High North, reflects both a geographical fact and an ambition. We are the nothernmost university in the world, at 69° North. Our location on the edge of the Arctic also implies a mission, as the Arcitc is of increasing global importance. Our ambition is to be on top of all things north. Because if it affects the north, it affects the world.
  3. 3. Situated at 69°40′58″N 18°56′34″E Founded 1794 Nicknames: • “Paris of the North” • “Gateway to the Arctic” Population: • 70.000 • The 8th largest city in Norway Area 2.558 km2 • The largest urban municipality of Norway • 40 .000 m2 per person The University and the City Photo: Marius Fiskum
  4. 4. Facts & Figures • 2.750 faculty and staff • 11.800 students • 250+ study programs • 100+ doctoral dissertations annually • 1 Center of Excellence in education • 2 ongoing Centers of Excellence in research, 1 finalized • 3 Centers for Research Based Innovation • 5 Ph.D. schools with a High North focus • Appr. 25% of staff and 10% of students from abroad. Distribution of international students – top 7: Nepal (32) Denmark (33) Finland (34) France (37) Sweden (54) Germany (56) Russia (126)
  5. 5. We explore global issues from a close-up perspective UiT is a full-scale classical university which covers all major fields of study. Key research areas include: • Biomarine studies, biomedicine and biotechnology • Health and welfare studies, including telemedicine and social medicine • Indigenous studies, including questions relating to Sámi language and identity • Nothern and Arctic studies, including central fields such as technology and science, social sciences and the humanities.
  6. 6. 12.000 students from all over the world fulfill their dreams at UiT UiT offers a wide range of programs at all levels. Out of our 250 programs, around 40 are taught in English. Most of UiT’s English taught master’s degree programs reflect the specific character of the University’s location in the High North. An increasing number of our traditional Norwegian study programs offer courses of international interest in English. A one-semester study program on Arctic Norway, tailor-made for international students, is offered each autumn. The advantage of a 8:1 student-teacher ratio and a modern, technically advanced and well equipped campus guarantee close guidance and a beneficial learning environment. Photo: Marius Fiskum
  7. 7. English taught Master Programs • Human Rights Practice • Law of the Sea • English Linguistics • Indigenous Studies • Peace and Conflict Transformation • Theoretical Linguistics • Visual Cultural Studies • Business Creation and Entrepreneurship • Telemedicine and E-health • Biology (Department of biology) • Chemistry • Computer Science • Geology • Physics • Biomedicine Photo: Ola Røe
  8. 8. The Organization
  9. 9. The UiT Experience: Learning Through Sharing 9