Ugo and Sara Colombo - Haute 100 - Haute Living April/May 2013


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Sara and Ugo Colombo were recently named one of Miami's Haute 100 in the Power Couple category.

Miami is home to some of the most influential people in the world. Haute Living's annual Haute 100 list celebrates the area’s top philanthropists, entreprenuers, billionaires, power couples, athletes, artists, thinkers, designers, originators and entertainers.

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Ugo and Sara Colombo - Haute 100 - Haute Living April/May 2013

  1. 1. Leonard abess Jr.edmund ansinThe ardid FamiLymicky and madeLeine arisonadrienne arshTJason aTkinsmichaeL bayJeFF & yoLanda berkowiTzLea & roy bLackwayne boichchris & adrienne boshnorman bramanromero briTTomichaeL capponirauL casaresbrendanesTor&roberTcasTeLLanoThe cayre FamiLywayne & arLene chapLinmyLes cheFeTzshayne & FeLix cohenugo & sara coLombosean “diddy” combsrick de La croixcarLos and rosa de La cruzbreTT davidwiLLiam deanedgardo deForTunagiL & Lorena dezerdavid edeLsTeingLoria & emiLio esTeFanoscar & eLLen FeLdenkreisJames FerraroeLLa FonTanaLs-cisnerosneLson FoxphiLLip & paTricia FrosTrusseLL gaLbuTphiLip goLdFarbThe goLdman FamiLyken gorinmanueL grosskopFdave gruTmanJames hendersonh. wayne huizengaLebron JamesJiLL eber & JiLL herTzbergThomas kaToLenny kraviTzJoanna krupa & romain zagoJohn kunkeLkaroLina kurkova & archie druryeddie LamperTphiLip Levinediane & aLan Liebermanhoward Lorberdiego & giseLa LowensTeinaL and shareeF maLnikmarTin z. marguLiespedro & david marTinkeiTh meninsTuarT miLLerTracy & aLonzo mourning  Tom murphy Jr.  gary nadersam nazarianJay parkerr. donahue & kaTrina peebLesJorge perezaLicia & mike piazza piTbuLLdora puigbreTT raTnerLoren & Jr ridingerpaT & chris riLey marc roberTscraig robins & Jackie soFFersTephen rossJenniFer & Jason rubeLLromanJones,Francis&ericmiLonaLeJandro sanzsTephanie sayFie-aagaardLee brian schragermichaeL schwarTzmarco seLvaaLina & anThony shriverkarimmasri,nicoLasiervo&ronyseikaLymichaeL & nikki simkinsdon & JeFF soFFerdonaLd TrumpraJ vaTTikuTidanieL & mayi de La vegadwyane wade  norman wedderburnroberTwenneT&mariocader-FrechmaThew whiTman- LazenbypharreLL wiLLiamssean woLFingTonmichaeL & bobby yampoLskyengin yesiLroberT zarcoaLan and ruTh zeLcerHautehaute 10086
  2. 2. 100miami is home to some of the most influential people in the world.our annual haute 100 list celebrates the area’s top philanthropists,entreprenuers, billionaires, power couples, athletes, artists,thinKers, desiGners, oriGinators and entertainersby hadley henriette87haute 10087
  3. 3. Adrienne ArshtCATEGORY: PhilanthropistsCOmpAnY: Adrienne Arsht CenterInDUSTRY: Performing ArtsWhAT mAkES hER hAUTE: As former Chairmanof the board of TotalBank of Miami, Arsht grew thebank to $1.4 billion in assets before selling to BancoPopular Español in 2007 when she began dedicatingher life to philanthropy. The first woman to join theMillion Dollar Roundtable of United Way of Miami-Dade in 2004, she gifted $6 million to the University of Miami and $30 million tothe Adrienne Arsht Center. Her generosity is not limited to southern Florida, largedonations in the northeast include $10 million to New York’s Lincoln Center, $5million to the Kennedy Center and $5 million to the Atlantic Council for a newcenter on Latin America in Washington D.C.JAson AtkinsCATEGORY: EntrepreneurCOmpAnY: TUI LifestyleInDUSTRY: DesignWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Visionaryentrepreneur Jason Atkins, chairman of TUILIFESTYLE, founded his company in 2008, with thesimple goal of revolutionizing the way home furnishingsare sold. Atkins created a business solution: highstyle, fully decorated, residential furniture collectionpackages with designer furniture, decorative accessories, and turnkey lifestyleamenities to customers and developers. In only a few years, Atkins has built TUILIFESTYLE into a major design force in United States and is expanding nationallyand internationally to countries such as Canada and Panama.MichAel BAyCATEGORY: EntertainersCOmpAnY: Bay FilmsInDUSTRY: FilmWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: He is one ofHollywood’s most bankable directors, producingblockbuster action flicks with global ticket salessurpassing the $3 billion mark. “Pearl Harbour,”“Transformers” and “Pain & Gain,” which was filmedin Miami, are among his list of credits, and each filmis loaded with his acclaimed special brand of over-the-top effects. The Hollywoodpower player finds sanctuary at his home on North Bay Road in Miami Beach.Jeff & yolAndA BerkowitzCATEGORY: Power CouplesCOmpAnY: Berkowitz Development GroupInDUSTRY: Retail DevelopmentWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: The formerattorney founded Berkowitz Development Group,one of the premier retail development companiesin South Florida, lauded for constructing award-winning buildings. His wife, Yolanda, is known for hercommunity involvement as a board member for foundations including Voices forChildren, The United Way and as a sponsor for Miami Children’s Museum annualgala, which Jeff chaired in 2012.leonArd ABess Jr.CATEGORY: PhilanthropistsCOmpAnY: City National Bank of FloridaInDUSTRY: BankingWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: The worldstill recognizes Abess for his incredible gesture ofappreciation to his employees when he generouslydivvied up some $60 million of the $945 acquiredwhen he sold the majority stake of the City NationalBank of Florida. Now, as the Trustee of the Universityof Miami, he has donated millions to establish the Abess Center for EcosystemScience and Policy and acts as chair of UM’s Finance Committee. Abess is alsoa trustee of Fairchild Tropical Garden and The Nature Conservancy FloridaChapter.edMund AnsinCATEGORY: BillionairesCOmpAnY: Sunbeam BroadcastingInDUSTRY: MediaWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: He acquireda Miami television station for $3.4 million in 1962.Today, Sunbeam Broadcasting operates WSVNChannel 7 Miami and WHDH Channel 7 Boston, twoof the most prominent stations in the country. WSVNhas received a total of three Peabody Awards andover 250 significant awards of local, state and national recognition. Mr. Ansin hasserved as Director of the United Way of Dade County, the Red Cross and the AntiDefamation League. He also holds the unique honor of receiving the prestigiousUnited Way Alexis de Tocqueville Award for philanthropy in Miami, Boston andFt. Lauderdale.the Ardid fAMilyCATEGORY: EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: Key InternationalInDUSTRY: Real EstateWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: The ArdidFamily owns the real estate development firm,Key International. The family at the companyincludes Vice Presidents Diego and Inigo Ardidand CEO / President Jose Ardid. Jose Ardid, theprominent architect-turned-developer, is behindFlorida’s most luxurious properties such as South Beach Marriott, Eden Roc,Financial Federal, Sunset Plaza and Brickell Mar.Micky And MAdeleine ArisonCATEGORY: BillionairesCOmpAnY: Carnival Corporation, Miami HeatInDUSTRY: Cruise, SportsWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: Micky weighsin as Florida’s wealthiest resident with an estimatednet worth of $5.7 billion. The Carnival CorporationChairman and CEO operates 11 different cruise linesincluding luxury lines Seabourn and Holland Americaand is also managing general partner of the MiamiHeat. It’s been a successful year for the Miami Heatincluding a 2012 NBA National Championship win, honors at The White Houseand a winning season in 2013.88haute 100
  4. 4. leA & roy BlAckCATEGORY: Power CouplesCOmpAnY: Black, Srebnick, Kornspan & Stumpf, P.A.InDUSTRY: Law, PhilanthropyWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: He made a name forhimself as one of the best criminal defense lawyers in thecountry, representing superstar athletes, political pundits andHollywood celebrities. She is a powerhouse fundraiser forat-risk youth, a businesswoman with her own handbag andskin care line and a star on “The Real Housewives of Miami.”Every year, the Blacks host their very own gala to raise money for the ConsequencesProgram. Together they fight for social justice and have raised well over $12 million forthe cause.wAyne BoichCATEGORY: EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: Boich GroupInDUSTRY: MiningWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Wayne Michael Boichis Chairman and CEO of the Boich Group of Companies. Mr.Boich joined the company in 1999 and worked in all facetsof the Company before becoming CEO in 2005. Under Mr.Boich’s leadership the company has grown significantly andinto the international market with the acquisition of SignalPeak Energy in July 2008. Signal Peak is one of the largest underground coal mines in theworld. Mr. Boich graduated Cum Laude from the University of Miami in 1998.chris & Adrienne BoshCATEGORY: Athletes, Power CouplesCOmpAnY: Miami HeatInDUSTRY: BasketballWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: As one of MiamiHeat’s “Big Three”, Bosh helped lead the team to the 2012championship win. His honors include NBA All-Star nods,All-NBA Second Team Honors, All-Rookie First TeamHonors, and a 2008 Olympic Gold Medal. Bosh served as thenational ambassador for After School All-Stars, a non-profitorganization with the Hoop Heroes program before launching his own non-profit, TeamTomorrow Inc., in 2011. Chris’ wife, Adrienne Bosh is also involved in events that aid inthe betterment of the community and her husband’s eponymous charity.norMAn BrAMAnCATEGORY: BillionairesCOmpAnY: Braman EnterprisesInDUSTRY: AutomobileWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Braman Motors is wheremany of the Haute 100 listers turn to purchase their luxuryrides, such as Bentleys, Rolls-Royces, Bugattis, BMWs,Minis and Cadillacs. Braman not only owns some 23 autodealerships in Florida and Colorado, but he is also an avidart collector. His portfolio of works by Picasso, Jasper Johns,Andy Warhol and other acclaimed artists is what helped propel him in the billionairestatus in late 2008.roMero BrittoCATEGORY: ArtistCOmpAnY: Romero BrittoInDUSTRY: ArtWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Britto’s work isrecognized around the world; over twenty cities havehis sculptures as permanent installations. He was eveninvited to display his iconic works of art at the SalonNationale des Beaux-Arts exhibition at the Carrouseldu Louvre in Paris. Britto was commissioned to painta portrait of Queen Elizabeth II in honor of the 60thanniversary of her reign. An artistic activist for charitable organizations worldwide,Britto also donates to over 250 charities a year, including this year’s Brazil Foundationgala, where he was an honoree.MichAel cApponiCATEGORY: EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: Capponi Group CorporationInDUSTRY: Real Estate, NightlifeWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Michael Capponi,a brilliant entrepreneur and committed humanitarian,continues to redefine South Florida’s landscape onesuccessful project at a time. His varied business interestsinclude entertainment and nightlife promotions,high-profile commercial and residential construction,resort development and global humanitarian initiatives. Since 2010, CapponiConstruction Group, LLC, has completed multiple building types, including newconstruction, renovations and the historic rehabilitation of private residences, estates,condominiums, high-end commercial projects, shopping centers and hotels.rAul cAsAresCATEGORY: EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: RC Aluminum IndustriesInDUSTRY: ConstructionWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Casares arrivedin Miami from Cuba in the 1950s and founded RCAluminum in the early 1990s. He spent the subsequenttwo decades building RC Aluminum into a powerhouse,with more than $100 million in revenue each year. UnderCasares’ direction, RC Aluminum continues to invest inresearching the very best aluminum and glass technology so their products offer themost in safety and style. His most recent projects include the Owensboro MedicalHealth System, Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center and Aventura Optima Plaza.BrendA nestor & roBert cAstellAnoCATEGORY: Power CouplesCOmpAnY: Choice Therapeutics,Victor Posner EnterprisesInDUSTRY: Medical, Real EstateWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: Brenda is a formermodel and actress who is now chairman of Victor PosnerEnterprises, a Miami-based real estate development firm.Robert’s Choice Therapeutics develops, manufacturesand commercializes innovative medical devices such asTheraBond, an antimicrobial barrier system that helps prevent infections in hospitalsettings. Their involvement for the betterment of the community includes Fairchild’sGala in the Garden and the American Red Cross Ball.89haute 100
  5. 5. ugo & sArA coloMBoCATEGORY: Power CouplesCOmpAnY: CMC Group, NESTInDUSTRY: Fashion, Real EstateWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: Ugo has createdsome of Miami’s most recognizable structures asPresident of CMC Group and founder of Glasswall, LLC,which specializes in impact-resistant window systemsfor high-rise properties. Colombo is recognized all overthe world for his Midas’ touch, bringing exceptionalluxury properties and residential buildings to the city of Miami. His stunningwife Sara’s 2,200 square-foot interior design shop, NEST, specializes in high-styleproducts for the home presented with a coveted European flair that is reflective ofher innate sense of style.seAn “diddy” coMBsCATEGORY: EntertainersCOmpAnY: Bad Boy EntertainmentInDUSTRY: EntertainmentWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE:The Grammy Award-winning, Oscar winning, artistand producer is well known for his business ventures,especially in the music industry. The Bad BoyEntertainment Worldwide umbrella includes Bad BoyRecords, Sean John and Sean by Sean Combs clothinglines, a movie production company, Ciroc Vodka and two restaurants. He is alsolaunching his TV channel Revolt, which will feature music videos, live performances,music news and interviews.rick de lA croixCATEGORY: EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: HublotInDUSTRY: Retail, TimepiecesWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Hublot Americas’exclusive partner, Rick de la Croix, opened the HublotBoutique in Bal Harbour and six cities across the states. Histimepiece distribution company, founded in 2003 workswith Gucci, Graham, TW Steel, HYT, Zenith and TAGHeuer. De la Croix is on the board of the Mourning FamilyFoundation, involved with Best Buddies, Irie Foundaion and works with Depeche Modeto raise monies for teenage cancer and Charity Water causes. He is a director of Londonsoccer team Tottenham Hotspur F.C. and is an avid street art collector.cArlos And rosA de lA cruzCATEGORY: Power CouplesCOmpAnY: CCI CompaniesInDUSTRY: Consumer Goods, Art CollectorsWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: He is thechairman of the board of CCI Companies, Inc., whichincludes subsidiaries of the Coca-Cola Company andhas $1 billion in annual sales. She is known as one ofFlorida’s most prominent art collectors. Recognizingthe significance of their incredible collection, the pairperiodically opens their home to anyone who wishes to view their outstandingcollection; including the time during Art Basel when the couple let 3,000 V.I.P.’s intotheir Key Biscayne Home.the cAyre fAMilyCATEGORY: EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: Midtown Equities,Core Group MarketingInDUSTRY: Real EstateWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: Joe Cayrefounded Midtown Equities LLC (MEQS) in 2000 toexpand his real estate holdings. He went on to developprojects like Midtown Miami and five million squarefeet of retail and office space in Washington, D.C. Aleading philanthropist, he serves on the boards of several institutions includinghis own, “The Joe and Trina Cayre Foundation.” His sons Jack and Michaelalso currently work in the family business. Jack, currently serves as a principal,overseeing the day-to-day operations of the firm’s investment platform. Michael isresponsible for commercial acquisition and leasing activities.wAyne & Arlene chAplinCATEGORY: EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: Southern Wine & Spirits ofAmerica, YogArtInDUSTRY: Liquor & Wine DistributionWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: Wayne Chaplinserves as President and Chief Operating Officer forSouthern Wine & Spirits of America. Chaplin isactive in the social and philanthropic circuits as well,volunteering in various leadership activities at hisalma mater. He serves on the University of Miami’s Board of Trustees and theExecutive Committee. His wife, Arlene, is also involved in the development ofcommunity-bettering initiatives such YogArt, in which she presents yearly duringArt Basel. She was also just given a seat on the new Perez Art Museum’s Board ofTrustees.Myles chefetzCATEGORY: OriginatorCOmpAnY: Myles Restaurant GroupInDUSTRY: RestaurantWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE:Chefetz can be credited with helping transform SouthBeach’s South of Fifth neighborhood with the openingof successful restaurants like Prime One Twelve andPrime Italian. Miami’s elite crowd descends upon theestablishments night after night for a taste of the goodlife. In 2009 Chefetz debuted Prime Hotel & Lounge, a new boutique hotel adjacentto his restaurants. The James Beard Foundation recognized his efforts in 2009, asChefetz was a semifinalist for the prestigious Outstanding Restaurateur award.shAyne & felix cohenCATEGORY: Power CouplesCOmpAnY: Oxygene, Mini OxygeneInDUSTRY: RetailWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: This duo isbehind one of Miami’s most expertly curated retaildestinations, Oxygene and Mini Oxygene in the BalHarbour Shops. Truly a family affair, both sides of thispower couple have been instrumental to the storesthat dress Miami’s most discerning customers and hostVIP designer trunk shows. Felix was also the mastermind behind 3 Indian CreekDrive, a sprawling 30,000-square-foot residential property.90haute 100
  6. 6. Brett dAvidCATEGORY: EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: Prestige ImportsInDUSTRY: AutomobileWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: When his father Irv Davidpassed, a 19-year-old Brett was left with the responsibility ofrunning the family business, which included LamborghiniMiami, Lamborghini Palm Beach, Prestige Audi and PrestigeImports. Under his leadership, Prestige has obtained No. 1rankings in the world for both its Lamborghini Miami andPrestige Audi dealership; there is no small feat for this young entrepreneur. In honorof his late father, David teamed up with the American Heart Association to developthe Prestigious Heart Fund, a non-profit dedicated to promoting heart health andawareness. Recently, David was honored as Man of the Year at Driving Force II, an annualfundraising event for children with life-threatening diseases.williAM deAnCATEGORY: EnTREpREnEURSCOmpAnY: m.C. DEAnInDUSTRY: EnGInEERInGWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: He is the CEO ofM.C.Dean Inc., the nation’s expert electrical design-buildand systems integration company. Dean recently unveiledhis a 16-bedroom Miami Beach waterfront mansion thatspans 2.5 acres. At $47 million, the mansion’s makeover isthe most expensive single-family redo ever on the beach. He celebrated its debut with aGastby-worthy birthday party thrown by Michael Capponi, who was also in charge of theremodel.edgArdo defortunACATEGORY: EnTREpREnEURSCOmpAnY: fORTUnE InTERnATIOnAlInDUSTRY: REAl ESTATEWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Fortune InternationalPresident and Founder, Edgardo Defortuna launched thefirm in 1983. Since then, Fortune has become recognized asa leader in high-end luxury real estate in Miami, and morerecently, Latin America and Europe. Defortuna is recognized for helping shape Miami’sinternational real estate landscape into what it is today.gil & lorenA dezerCATEGORY: Originators, Power CouplesCOmpAnY: Dezer PropertiesInDUSTRY: Real EstateWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: Dezer Propertieshas developments in New York, Las Vegas and Miamiand manages over 1,000 ocean-front hotels. The companyrepresents the largest resort and residential communityever developed in Sunny Isles’ history; Trump Grande Ocean Resort and Residencesfeatures the Trump International Beach Resort, Trump Palace and Trump Royale.The accomplished businessman and humanitarian is also the youngest developer ofluxury high-rise residential and condo-hotel developments in the United States. Lorenais a fixture on the social scene and a generous supporter of charitable causes in thecommunity.dAvid edelsteinCATEGORY: OriginatorCOmpAnY: Tristar CapitalInDUSTRY: Real EstateWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: David Edelstein’sdeeply rooted relationships within the real estateand banking community are key to the success of hiscompany, Tristar Capital. Edelstein has been the drivingforce behind high-profile projects like the MiracleMile Shops in Las Vegas and the redevelopment ofthe Lincoln Road pedestrian mall in Miami Beach. Heopened his most recent venture, W South Beach Hotel & Residences, in July 2009 inconjunction with RFR Reality, and it quickly became one of the most successful hotelsin the W brand portfolio.gloriA & eMilio estefAnCATEGORY: Power Couples/OriginatorsCOmpAnY: Estefan EnterprisesInDUSTRY: EntertainmentWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: She’s the QueenOf Latin Pop, has sold more than 100 million albumsworldwide, and has won seven Grammy Awards. Inductedinto the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame, the superstarand her husband Emilio are also actively involved in theimprovement of their Miami community and that of theirhome country of Cuba. Emilio is a musician and producer credited with skyrocketingthe success of many famed music artists. The Estefans are authors of a bestseller,minority owners of the Miami Dolphins and are working on their musical productiondebut.oscAr & ellen feldenkreisCATEGORY: EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: Perry Ellis InternationalInDUSTRY: FashionWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: Oscar and EllenFeldenkreis are involved in numerous national and civiccauses including the Kosher Food Bank, United Way andthe YPO/WPO Organization. Oscar is Vice-Chairman,President and COO of Perry Ellis International and onthe Board of Directors of FIT’s Educational Foundationfor the Fashion Industries. He is also WPO Membership Chair and is an AdvisoryMember for the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business Retail.In June 2012, Oscar was awarded the Father of the Year Award benefitting Save theChildren, and has received the National Human Relations award from the AmericanJewish Committee and the 2008 Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the WhartonSchool of Business.JiM ferrAroCATEGORY: Entrepreneur, PhilanthropistsCOmpAnY: The Ferraro Law FirmInDUSTRY: LawWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: His firm now handlesnearly 50,000 asbestos cases, and are known nationwidefor their environmental toxic tort practice. Jim has alsoearned recognition in Miami’s philanthropic circuit withhis donations to charity, including the Make-a-WishFoundation, Children’s Home Society, United Way andThe Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis. He was inducted into the Hope Stout Societyin 2008 and named one of the Twelve Good Men by the Ronald McDonald HouseCharities of South Florida in 2010.91haute 100
  7. 7. philip goldfArBCATEGORY: ThinkersCOmpAnY: FontainebleauInDUSTRY: HospitalityWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: As President and CEOof Fontainebleau, Goldfarb has taken the iconic resort tothe next level with creative ideas like BleauLive, the resort’sone-of-a-kind entertainment platform. 7 Years as COO ofTurnberry Associates and 13 years as Doubletree’s GM and director of operations preparedhim to run the ultimate Miami Beach hotel property. He has won FIU’s Hospitality School“Torchbearer Award” and the prestigious FIU Medallion.the goldMAn fAMilyCATEGORY: OriginatorsCOmpAnY: Goldman PropertiesInDUSTRY: Real EstateWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: Goldman Properties,founded by visionary Tony Goldman, is responsible fortransforming Soho in New York, Miami Beach’s Art DecoDistrict and now Wynwood in Miami from depressed locationsinto the hottest real estate in the country. Following Tony’s passing in 2012, the family iscarrying on the business of innovative development. Daughter Jessica has taken the role ofCEO and partner, brother Joey is a partner and mother Janet is now Chairman and partner.ken gorinCATEGORY: EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: The CollectionInDUSTRY: AutomobileWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Gorin,co-ownerandpresidentofTheCollectioninMiami,isknownasoneofthemostrespectedluxuryautomobileexecutives.Underhisdirection,TheCollectionhasbecomeoneofthemostdistinguishedluxurydealershipsinthecountry.GorinisontheChairman’scommitteeofMake-A-WishFoundation,andthroughTheCollection,GorinsponsorstheJuniorLeagueofGreaterMiami,theMultipleSclerosisSociety,theUniversityofMiami,AmigosforKids,TheHumaneSociety,BigBrothersBigSistersandmore.MAnuel grosskopfCATEGORY: EntrepreneurCOmpAnY: Chateau GroupInDUSTRY: Real EstateWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Originally from Argentina,Manuel Grosskopf is the head of U.S operations for ChateauGroup. He has helped finance two major Miami condominiumtowers alongside Miami Terra Group - 900 Biscayne andQuantum on the Bay. In December 2012, Château Group launchedan oceanfront luxury condominium, The Chateau Beach Residences in Sunny Isles, which is thecompany’s first major solo U.S. construction project, as well as the $50 million purchase of theBest Western Hotel in Surfside, which will be redeveloped into the Chateau Ocean, a 12-story,85-unit condominium.dAve grutMAnCATEGORY: EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: Miami Marketing GroupInDUSTRY: NightlifeWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Armed with an enviableRolodex and a knack for wrangling the right crowd, he openedMiami Marketing Group (MMG) with partners Brian Gordonand Ryan Schinman. MMG deals with full-service, experientialmarketing platforms for everything from red carpet events to thehottest nightclubs around. In addition to the always-packed LIV at the Fontainebleau, MMGrecently added Story in a famed venu south of Fifth.ellA fontAnAls-cisnerosCATEGORY: ThinkersCOmpAnY: Cisneros Fontanals GroupInDUSTRY: ArtWhAT mAkES hER hAUTE: She begancollecting Latin American art in the 1970s andfounded CFAF in 2002 with the goal of fostering,understanding and appreciating contemporary artistsfrom Latin America through grants, commissions,exhibitions and bilingual publications. She is a trusteeof the Tate Americas Foundation, Cintas Foundation, the United States Artists andthe International Women’s Forum. She also dedicates her time to being an activehumanitarian and environmentalist.nelson foxCATEGORY: EntrepreneurCOmpAnY: Koniver Stern GroupInDUSTRY: Real Estate/HospitalityWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: As a commercialreal estate broker, Nelson Fox has pioneered theever-growing culinary reputation of South of Fifthon Miami Beach. Fox has been working alongsideLyle Stern of Koniver Stern Group for some 15 years,developing some of the most successful properties inthe city.phillip & pAtriciA frostCATEGORY: Power Couples, BillioniaresCOmpAnY: TevaInDUSTRY: PharmaceuticalsWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: Frost sold hispharmaceutical company for $7.6 billion to Teva in2005, where he now sits as Chairman. He also ownsa 45% stake in Opko Health. Patricia served as chairof the Smithsonian National Board. The couple is ahuge supporter of the arts, evidenced by their record-breaking $33 million donation to the University ofMiami that led to finance the Frost School of Music. The couple’s additionaldonation to Florida International University resulted in a renaming of the school’sart museum, The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum. Adding to their list ofeponymous museums is the new Miami Science Museum, which was dubbed thePatricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science, thanks to a $35 million donation bythe philanthropic couple.russell gAlButCATEGORY: OriginatorsCOmpAnY: Crescent HeightsInDUSTRY: Real EstateWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Acting asManaging Principal of Crescent Heights, a companyheralded as the leader in high-rise residentialconstruction and hotel development, Galbut has realestate in his blood. He comes from a Miami Beachfamily who, at one point, was the largest landowneron the beach. Crescent Heights is amongst the nation’s largest residentialcondominium companies with properties across Miami, Chicago, New York, LosAngeles, San Francisco and many other cities. Currently, they have over a billiondollars in ground-up construction projects, all in various stages of development.92haute 100
  8. 8. JAMes hendersonCATEGORY: ThinkerCOmpAnY: Ferretti GroupInDUSTRY: YachtingWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Henderson is thePresident & CEO of Ferretti Group America, one of theworld’s leading manufacturers of luxury yachts with brandssuch as Ferretti, Pershing, Riva and CRN. With yachts startingat $1m for the 33ft Riva Aquariva, and the Groups recentproduction of the largest luxury yacht ever built in Italy, theCRN 80M, Henderson brings an innovative luxury branding approach to the yachtingindustry and has led the Group’s expansion in the Americas with unprecedented results.h. wAyne huizengACATEGORY: BillionairesInDUSTRY: SportsWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: He is the only person everto be responsible for six companies listed on the New YorkStock Exchange and to build three Fortune 500 companies.Beyond that, he is the man responsible for bringingprofessional baseball and hockey to South Florida when hewas awarded the Florida Marlins in 1991 and the FloridaPanthers in 1992. He was a majority owner of the MiamiDolphins for 15 years, which made him the only person to have owned three professionalsports teams in the same region. He is also featured in the Fort Lauderdale HistoricalSociety’s new exhibition showcasing the city’s memorable business history over the past50 years.leBron JAMesCATEGORY: AthletesCOmpAnY: Miami HeatInDUSTRY: BasketballWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: The Miami Heat forward,dubbed “King James” has cemented himself as one of thegreatest players in NBA history. His 2012 season with theHeat brought a championship win as well as his third MVPtitle. Off the court, James and his LRMR marketing groupbecame the sole marketer of James’ global rights which gavethe NBA player minority ownership of the English soccer club Liverpool FC. James hasalso been an ambassador of luxury timepiece manufacturer Audemars Piguet since 2011.Jill eBer & Jill hertzBergCATEGORY: OriginatorsCOmpAnY: Coldwell Banker Residential Real EstateInDUSTRY: Real EstateWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: The celebrity brokerteam known as “The Jills,” of Coldwell Banker, recentlybecame the brokerage’s most successful team in history,having the highest production on record of any agent team inthe company’s 106-year history, closing over $474.7 million insales during 2012. Their top location picks include exclusiveoceanfront homes and condos on Fisher Island, Sunset Island,Golden Beach, La Gorce and Indian Creek Island. The Jills recently listed Matt Damon’s$20 million Miami Beach estate and the Kardashian mansion in South Florida for $14.5million.thoMAs kAtoCATEGORY: EntrepreneurCOmpAnY: Kato CompaniesInDUSTRY: Real EstateWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: He startedthe successful real estate development firm, Katocompanies, which develops commercial use propertiesfor retailers and many Fortune 100 companies. He isfounder and CEO of Merchant Hub, a multi nationalpayment processing company with offices throughoutthe United States, London, Milan and Brazil. He is alsoon the board of directors for the South Beach-based healthstyle brand whose missionis to help end child hunger in America.lenny krAvitzCATEGORY: Entertainment, EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: Kravitz Design Inc.InDUSTRY: Music, DesignWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: He is a worldrenowned recording artist who set a record for the mostconsecutive wins in the GRAMMY category for BestMale Rock Vocal Performance. Along with his 38 millionalbums sold worldwide, he took his artistry further byopening his boutique creative firm, Kravitz Design in2003, which specializes in interior design. His work in Miami features SLS, TheFlorida Room, and Paramount Bay. Kravitz also appeared in a supporting role in thecritically-acclaimed film “Precious,” for which he received a 2010 NAACP and wascasted in 2012’s top grossing film “The Hunger Games.”JoAnnA krupA & roMAin zAgoCATEGORY: Power CouplesCOmpAnY: Mynt LoungeInDUSTRY: NightlifeWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: Zago is the ownerof Mynt Lounge on South Beach, which has stood as achosen venue for exclusive celebrity events. Romain’smodel fiance, Joanna Krupa, has graced the covers ofcountless magazines and appeared on “Dancing with theStars,” and is a member of Bravo’s “The Real Housewivesof Miami.” The beauty is actively involved in PETA starring in their “I’d Rather GoNaked Than Wear Fur” campaign, and has her own non profit, Rescue Angels, whichis an animal rescue organization.John kunkelCATEGORY: Entrepreneur, OriginatorCOmpAnY: 50 eggsInDUSTRY: RestaurantWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: After selling his cute,causal Mexican restaurant Lime to Ruby Tuseday for$24 million in 2010, Kunkel started 50 Eggs RestaurantGroup, which has opened acclaimed eateries YardbirdSouthern Table & Bar, Khong River House and SwineSouthern Table & Bar. The 50 Eggs CEO is creating itsnew headquarters in a historic Mimo building on Biscayne that will serve as offices,a Test Kitchen and space for charity dinners for culinary non profits such as theJames Beard Foundation and Common Threads. 50 Eggs also offers advice to newbierestaurant entrepreneurs gratis.93haute 100
  9. 9. howArd lorBerCATEGORY: EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: Prudential Douglas EllimanInDUSTRY: Real EstateWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: InadditiontobeingtheChairmanandaprincipalownerofNewYorkrealestatepowerhousePrudentialDouglasElliman,heisthechairmanandCEOofNathan’sFamous.HeisalsothedirectorofUnitedCapitalCorp.,arealestateinvestmentandmanagementcompanywithaportfolioof150propertiesthroughouttheU.S.Onalocalfront,LorberispresidentandCEOoftheMiami-basedVectorGroupLtd.,apubliclyheldcompanylistedontheNewYorkStockExchangethatmakesandmarketshigh-qualitytobaccoproducts.diego & giselA lowensteinCATEGORY: OriginatorsCOmpAnY: Lionstone Developmentand The Glow SystemInDUSTRY: HospitalityWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: CEO of LionstoneDevelopment, Diego began acquiring an impressiveportfolio of properties in South Florida five decades ago.This group is behind the Ritz-Carlton South Beach, EPIC Hotel and Residences andmany international resort properties. Diego recently partnered with Sir Richard Bransonin his newest venture to bring Virgin Hotels to a global audience, beginning in citiesacross North America and London. Gisela, a hospitality guru in her own right, launcheda home improvement system aptly named The Glow System.Al And shAreef MAlnikCATEGORY: EntrepreneurCOmpAnY: The Forge Restaurant | WinebarInDUSTRY: HospitalityWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: Passion anddrive are the hallmarks of Al Malnik and Shareef Malnik,a father and son whose contributions to South Florida’sphilanthropic community are legendary. Al and wife NancyMalnik are Lifetime Benefactors of Make-A-Wish Southern Florida, with support thatincludes an unprecedented $1 million donation to the charity in 2012. Shareef, proprietorof Miami Beach culinary landmark, The Forge Restaurant | Wine Bar, is a board memberand has been Chairman of the InterContinental Miami Make-A-Wish Ball since 2005,having helped raise more than $9 million.MArtin z. MArguliesCATEGORY: ThinkersCOmpAnY: Margulies Collectionat the WarehouseInDUSTRY: ArtWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: After amassingone of the most impressive collections of contemporaryart in the world, Margulies began showcasing his pieces,which run the gamut from contemporary art and vintagephotography, to video, sculpture, and installations, to thepublic in 1999. After outgrowing its original location, The Margulies Collection movedto a 45,000-square-foot renovated warehouse in the heart of Wynwood. The MartinZ. Margulies Foundation is a non-profit that is focused on presenting exhibitions andeducational programs.kArolinA kurkovA & Archie druryCATEGORY: Entertainment, Power CouplesInDUSTRY: ModelingWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: Kurkova hasgraced the prestigious international covers of Vogue,and has had contracts with brands like Louis Vuitton,Chanel and Victoria’s Secret, for whom she walksthe runway every year. Kurkova is also an activehumanitarian; she was the face of the 2012 FashionTargets Breast Cancer campaign and consistentlyworks towards the welfare of children through organizations such as TheBeautiful Life Fund, Free Arts and Global Youth Action Network. She is also acoach on Oxygen’s model search television series “The Face.” In 2009, Kurkovamarried “Voices of Iraq” Film producer and former actor Archie Drury before shegave birth to their son Tobin.eddie lAMpertCATEGORY: BillionairesCOmpAnY: Sears Holdings Corporation,ESL InvestmentsInDUSTRY: FinanceWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: He’s the chairmanof Sears Holdings Corporation, which includes Sears,Kenmore, Lands End, and Kmart, which he helped torebuild after bankruptcy. Lampert is also the founder,chairman, and CEO of ESL Investments, a privateinvestment company that Lampert started at the ripe age of 25. In 2013 he wasranked #125 in Forbes’ list of the 400 richest Americans.philip levineCATEGORY: EntrepreneurCOmpAnY: Royal Media Partners,Baron Corp.InDUSTRY: Real EstateWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: In 2000 Levinesold On Board Media, a company he started in 1990with only $500 in capital, to LVMH. Now PhilipLevine is the President and Chief Executive Officer ofRoyal Media Partners (RMP), the exclusive onboardmedia and port shopping partner of Royal CaribbeanCruises Ltd. He is also the President and CEO of Baron Corp, a privately heldinvestment company which focuses on opportunistic investments in the tourismand real estate sector. Levine is currently involved with the Clinton GlobalInitiative, on the board of Best Buddies and making a mayoral run inMiami Beach.diAne & AlAn lieBerMAnCATEGORY: Power CouplesCOmpAnY: South Beach Investment Realty,South Beach GroupInDUSTRY: Real Estate, HospitalityWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: Together,Diane and Alan form a real estate powerhouse.Diane’s SBI Realty is behind the sales of some of thebiggest profile listings in the region. Alan runs theshow at South Beach Group, operating 10 properties, including the Catalina,SBG’s flagship property on Collins Avenue, and the new Riviera. The Liebermanshotels have been fixtures on South Beach for the past decade thanks to a businessmodel that is based on innovation, outstanding marketing tactics, and an innateunderstanding of the customer.94haute 100
  10. 10. pedro & dAvid MArtinCATEGORY: OriginatorsCOmpAnY: Terra GroupInDUSTRY: Real EstateWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: David Martin isChief Operating Officer of Terra Group, which isknown for downtown Miami development projectssuch as 900 Biscayne Bay and Quantum on the Bay.Terra’s latest project is The Grove at Grand Bay byBejarke Ingelshas, an ultra-modern condominium with unique amenitieslike a pet spa. Pedro is Chairman, CEO and Founder of Terra Group and hasbeen awarded Developer of the Year by the American Institute of Architecture.keith MeninCATEGORY: OriginatorsCOmpAnY: Menin HotelsInDUSTRY: Hospitality/DevelopmentWhAT mAkES hI hAUTE: Menin is the descendant ofthe esteemed Galbut family, who has long had roots in SouthFlorida’s hotel industry. Menin opened his first hotel when hewas just 24 years old. He is now lauded as one of the top newgeneration hoteliers with venerable projects such as the GaleSouth Beach and The Shelborne and the $50 million critically-acclaimed renovation of theMondrian South Beach in which he partnered with the Morgan’s hotel group. Menin recentlydeveloped a new brand of boutique hotels called MARKET, which will be opening in Atlanta’sOld Fourth Ward neighborhood.stuArt MillerCATEGORY: OriginatorsCOmpAnY: LennarInDUSTRY: ConstructionWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Stuart’s father Leonardfounded Lennar and Stuart took over the company in 1997.Miller created LNR Property corporation to expand servicesand handle commercial operations. In 2006 Lennar was listed asone of America’s best managed companies thanks to Miller, whoalso guided Lennar through the housing crisis, which has returned to building beautiful andaffordable homes across the country.trAcy & Alonzo MourningCATEGORY: Power CouplesCOmpAnY: Mourning Family FoundationInDUSTRY: PhilanthropyWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: Miami Heat star AlonzoMourning was the first player to have his number retired at theAmerican Airlines Arena. He founded the Alonzo MourningCharities, now called Mourning Family Foundation, over 15 yearsago, which has since raised more than $7 million to benefit children and families, includingthe Overtown Youth Center. Tracy is a mentor, designer, broadcast journalist and motivationalspeaker. Her main focus is on the Honey Shine mentoring program. Together the couple alsooperates Zo’s Fund for Life, which seeks to raise $2 million for the research and testing forFocal Glomerulosclerosis, a rare kidney disease, which Alonzo was diagnosed with in 2001.toM Murphy Jr.CATEGORY: OriginatorsCOmpAnY: Coastal Construction GroupInDUSTRY: ConstructionWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Along with his brother,Murphy founded the Coastal family of companies, whichincludes Coastal Construction, Coastal Condominiums,Coastal Interiors, and Coastal Homes. In total, the company has more than $1 billion inprojects, like the St. Regis Resort and Residences, in the works, and Murphy oversees it allas Chairman and CEO.gAry nAderCATEGORY: ThinkersCOmpAnY: Gary Nader Fine ArtInDUSTRY: ArtWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Regarded as oneof the most successful gallery owners in the UnitedStates and Latin America, Nader has played an integralrole in the formation of Miami’s growing presencein the art world. His Wynwood gallery presents anumber of solo and group exhibitions and providesextensive professional services to assist private clientele,corporations and museums with the acquisition or sale of Latin American, Modern,and Contemporary art. Nadar owns the largest fine art gallery in the world with55,000 sq. ft. of exhibition space.sAM nAzAriAnCATEGORY: OriginatorsCOmpAnY: SBEInDUSTRY: HospitalityWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: SBE’s Founder,Chairman and CEO owns LA’s hottest spots from Area toThe Abbey, and a stake in the white hot SLS hotel brand.With the opening of the SLS South Beach, the acquisitionof The Raleigh and a new partnership with Jorge Perez toopen SLS Brickell, Nazarian is heavily invested in Miami. Partnerships with PhilippeStarck, Katsuya Uechi and Jose Andres have propelled Nazarian’s SLS brand which isexpanding into Seattle and Las Vegas.JAy pArkerCATEGORY: Originators, EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: Clear Title Group LLC, Titan Capitaland Beloff Parker Jacobs PLCInDUSTRY: LawWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Jay Parker foundedClear Title Group LLC which is Miami’s leading closingagency for distinguished buyers and sellers. Recently,Parker and partner real estate attorney Jonathan Beloffpartnered with Eric Jacobs to create Beloff Jacobs ParkerPLC, Miami Beach’s most significant transactional law firm. Jay Parker is also themanaging partner of Titan Capital Florida, a direct lender with offices in New York,Connecticut and Miami. Jay advocates against animal abuse and sits on the City ofMiami Beach Community Development Board.r. donAhue & kAtrinA peeBlesCATEGORY: OriginatorsCOmpAnY: The Peebles CorporationInDUSTRY: Real EstateWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: R. Donahue“Don” Peebles is the CEO and chairman of the New YorkCity-based Peebles Corporation, one of the largest realestate development companies in the country. His wife,Katrina, serves on the board of directors of the PeeblesCorporation and brings more than twenty years ofexperience in real estate. Mr. Peebles is also on the National Finance Committee ofPresident Barack Obama.95haute 100
  11. 11. Brett rAtnerCATEGORY: ThinkersCOmpAnY: HSI ProductionsInDUSTRY: FilmWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE:Thebillion-dollardirectoristheforcebehindaslewofaction-packedblockbustersincludingtheRushHourtrilogy,X-Men:TheLastStand,andMovie43.HewillalsodirectDwayneJohnsonintheupcomingHercules:TheThracianWars.Ratnerwasalsothisyear’srecipientofGLAAD’SAllyAward.loren & Jr ridingerCATEGORY: Power CouplesCOmpAnY: Market AmericaInDUSTRY: Internet ShoppingWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: In the 90’s,the Ridinger’s birthed a marketing concept that wouldrevolutionize the world of online shopping. MarketAmerica is now one of the world’s top internet sites. Theacquisition of SHOP.COM in 2010 facilitated the company’s 2012 expansion into the UK.Next on the agenda is Mexico, Motives for La La, in collaboration with La La Anthonywhich provides products for women of every shade; and, a social videostreaming concept where subscribers can interact via live-video with A-list celebritiesand public figures through multi-platform integration. The Ridinger’s recently flew toPuerto Rico for their daughter Amber’s $5 million wedding extravaganza.pAt & chris rileyCATEGORY: Power Couples, ThinkersCOmpAnY: Miami HeatInDUSTRY: BasketballWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE:Riley led the Miami Heat to its first NBA championshipin 2006 as the team’s head coach. Now as its president,he was the force responsible for bringing some of thebiggest names in the NBA to Miami, including Shaquille O’Neal, Alonzo Mourning,Chris Bosh and LeBron James. Riley’s NBA career spans 44 years, producing sevenNBA championships. The third most winningest coach and an impressive list ofaccomplishments earned Riley a spot in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.Pat’s wife, Chris Riley serves as a part of the Jackson Memorial Foundation Board for theMiami Heat Charitable Fund.MArc roBertsCATEGORY: EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: Worldwide Entertainment andSports CorporationInDUSTRY: Real Estate, SportsWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: At 19, Marc Robertswas the youngest person to promote a professional boxingmatch. By the age of 21 he had his first world champion. Inthe midst of his success with his Worldwide Entertainmentand Sports Corporation, Marc developed a special interest for real estate and up to datehas completed over $1 billion in investment projects around the country. In Alabama,June 5th is “Marc Roberts Day” thanks to his sustained contribution to the EasterSeals Camp, ASCCA, the world’s largest year-round barrier-free camp for people withdisabilities.Jorge perezCATEGORY: OriginatorsCOmpAnY: Related GroupInDUSTRY: Real EstateWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Perez’s company,The Related Group, has been at the forefront ofSouth Florida’s urban evolution for the past 30 yearswith a portfolio of projects worth in excess of $10billion. He donated the Jorge M. Perez ArchitectureCenter at the University of Miami and in 2011 hedonated $35 million to the Miami Art Museum for its new park location inMiami’s Bicentennial park, which will become the Jorge M. Perez Art Museumof Miami Dade when it opens. Jorge Perez has been named one of the top 25 mostinfluential Hispanics in the United States by TIME magazine.AliciA & Mike piAzzACATEGORY: Power CouplesCOmpAnY: Retired from the New York MetsInDUSTRY: BaseballWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: Former Metsstar and the best-hitting catcher of all time and hiswife Alicia are integral parts of the Miami socialscene. Having the most home runs as a catcher inMLB history, Piazza’s records include Rookie of TheYear, All-Star Game MVP Honors and first recipientof the annual Yogi Berra Award. Alicia, a former actress and model, is now HauteLiving’s Travel Ambassador.pitBullCATEGORY: EntertainmentCOmpAnY: Imaginate Charity FoundationInDUSTRY: MusicWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: He has beennominated for over 50 international music awards andhas won 3 Billboard awards, 2 American Latino MediaArts Awards and was named 2011 and 2012 Premio LoNuestro’s Favorite Hip-Hop Artist. Pitbull recentlypartnered with Miami Subs to relaunch the famousMiami brand and has Latin American expansion rights. He also founded theImaginate Charity Foundation in his hometown of Miami, which provides supportto the children of low income migrant families through art, business and socialteachings.dorA puigCATEGORY: OriginatorsCOmpAnY: PuigWernerInDUSTRY: Real EstateWhAT mAkES hER hAUTE: Dora Puig knowsluxury well. She has been selling high-end real estatein Miami since 1995, and before that, in a little towncalled Beverly Hills. To date, she has sold over $1billion in luxury real estate, and established her ownboutique brokerage firm, PuigWerner Real Estate. In addition to selling, shesometimes consults on development projects, where her opinion is highly valued.96haute 100
  12. 12. crAig roBins & JAckie sofferCATEGORY: Power CouplesCOmpAnY: Dacra DevelopmentInDUSTRY: Real EstateWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: He is a real-estatedeveloper who is currently investing $312 million tobring in the biggest names in high-end luxury fashionto the Design District, from Louis Vuitton, to Hermesto Celine. She is chairman and CEO of TurnberryAssociates and oversees the company’s retail, hospitality, and office divisions,including Aventura Mall, South Florida’s largest super-regional shopping mall.stephen rossCATEGORY: BillionairesCOmpAnY: Related, Miami DolphinsIndustry Real Estate,InDUSTRY: Real Estate, SportsWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Ross’ Related Companieshas been a force in the industry since its inception with trophydevelopments across the nation. In 2009, Ross became 95percent owner of the Miami Dolphins and is currently workingon a $390 million renovation deal in hopes of attracting a Super Bowl in 2015. Ross’ mobiletechnology company FanVision makes handheld devices that streams live stadium feeds forsports fans at games, and has inked a 5-year deal with NASCAR.the ruBell fAMilyCATEGORY: ThinkersCOmpAnY: Rubell Family Collection Industry ArtInDUSTRY: ArtWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: In 1964 in New YorkDon Rubell and his wife Mera began amassing their personalart collection. The idea to share that collection with the worldled these pioneers of the art scene to Miami in the early 90’s,where they opened the Rubell Family Collection in its current45,000-square-foot warehouse/museum in Wynwood. Don and Mera’s children, Jennifer andJason, have honored the family’s legacy while leading Miami’s art scene and operating thenon-profit Contemporary Arts Foundation.roMAn Jones, frAncis & eric MilonCATEGORY: EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: Opium GroupInDUSTRY: NightlifeWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: One of the country’smost successful nightlife conglomerates, The Opium Group hasbeen at the forefront of Miami clubs and is the driving forcebehind South Beach’s ongoing cultural renaissance. The threemanaging partners create a tour de force of hospitality, design, and ambiance that attractsthe glitterati of South Florida to all of their luxurious clubs. The Group is responsible fornightclubs such as Mansion,Cameo Theatre, SET and Mokai. Most recently, Roman Jones hasacquired Club Space, independent of the Opium Group.AleJAndro sAnzCATEGORY: EntertainersCOmpAnY: Universal MusicInDUSTRY: EntertainmentWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Undoubtedly one of Latinmusic’s greatest singers and songwriters, Alejandro Sanz haswon a total of 15 Latin Grammy Awards and three GrammyAwards. His latest project “La musica no se toca” was the best-selling album of 2012 inLatin music with chart topping hits such as “No me compares”. Collaborations with KellyRowland, Shakira, and Alicia Keys helped him win American hearts.stephAnie sAyfie-AAgAArdCATEGORY: PhilanthropistsCOmpAnY: The Miami Project to Cure ParalysisInDUSTRY: PhilanthropyWhAT mAkES hER hAUTE: Miami-basedsocialite and author of Miami Herald Column, “Steph Sez,”Stephanie Sayfie-Aagaard keeps more than busy. Aagaarduses all of her community ties to raise funds for causesdear to her heart. Topping her list of important charitablecauses are The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis and The Buoniconti Fund, the world’slargest, most comprehensive spinal cord injury research center.lee BriAn schrAgerCATEGORY: EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: Southern Wine & SpiritsInDUSTRY: Liquor & Wine DistributionWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: An executive ofFlorida-based distribution company, Southern Wine& Spirits, Schrager is responsible for the company’smarketing. Schrager took things to the next level whenhe created the Food Network’s South Beach Wine & FoodFestival, which brings the most celebrated names from the world’s finest culinaryinstitutions and revered wineries to the sands of Miami Beach for one weekend eachFebruary to benefit FIU’s School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. Schragerlaunched a similar festival in New York which benefits food banks in the city.MichAel schwArtzCATEGORY: OriginatorsCOmpAnY: The Genuine Hospitality GroupInDUSTRY: HospitalityWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Chef MichaelSchwartz’s first restaurant, Michael’s Genuine haswon every accolade there is and spawned The GenuineHospitality Group, under which more restaurants havebeen opened including The Cypress Room, and 150Central Park aboard 2 Royal Caribbean ships. After inkinga deal with SBE, he’s opening Restaurant Michael Schwartz at The Raleigh thismonth and an eatery at the planned SLS Brickell.MArco selvACATEGORY: ThinkersCOmpAnY: St. Regis Bal Harbour ResortInDUSTRY: HospitalityWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Marco Selva is St.Regis Bal Harbour Resort’s General Manager. With morethan 20 years of experience in domestic and internationalluxury hospitality and his wealth of knowledge in thebusiness, he is quite an asset to St. Regis Bal Harbour, oneof the world’s most exclusive and distinguished resortdestinations. In previous years, Marco Selva achieved the AAA’s coveted five diamondstar rating under his management for the Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne as well as theRitz-Carlton Coconut Grove.97haute 100
  13. 13. donAld truMpCATEGORY: OriginatorsCOmpAnY: The Trump OrganizationInDUSTRY: Real EstateWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Trump purchased PalmBeach’s magnificent Mar-A-Lago estate in 1985 and used it ashis home before turning it into one of the most exclusive privateclubs. It is the last remaining Palm Beach estate that is almostidentical to the day it was built, albeit with modern comforts and upgrades, which led it to beplaced on the National Register of Historic Places. In addition to his various properties in SouthFlorida, including one in Hollywood, two in Sunny Isles and the Trump International Golf Clubin Palm Beach, Trump also recently purchased the Doral Golf Resort and Spa for $150 million.rAJ vAttikutiCATEGORY: EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: Vattikuti FoundationInDUSTRY: PhilanthrophyWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: Vattikuti sold hisCovansys, a global technology and consulting firm whichspecializes in outsourcing, to Computer Sciences in 2007 for $1.3billion. Raj and his wife Padma now give support to numerouscauses. The two have funded the Vattikuti Urology Institute and the Vattikuti Digital BreastDiagnostic Center in Michigan and the Vattikuti Foundation Robotic Surgery Institute and ThePoverty Alleviation initiative in India.dAniel & MAyi de lA vegACATEGORY: EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: ONE Sotheby’s International RealtyInDUSTRY: Real EstateWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: Thismother-sonpowerduohasbeenquicklytakingovertheMiamiRealEstateranks.In2012,ONESotheby’stotaledsalesofmorethan$1.3billionandwasnamedamongthetop10firmsinthenation.But,whatmakesMayiandDanielevenmorepowerfularetheircontactsaroundtheworld.TheyhavesuccessfullycreatedpartnershipsinseveralothercountriesincludingArgentina,Peru,BrazilandPanama.ONESotheby’snowhasover12,000salesassociatesthroughout650officesincountriesallovertheglobe.Together,theyhaveturnedtheSouthFloridamarketintotheuniversalcapitalitistoday.dwyAne wAdeCATEGORY: AthletesCOmpAnY: Miami HeatInDUSTRY: BasketballWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: TheChicagonativecametoMiamiin2003whenhewasselectedfifthoverallintheNBAdraft.HewentontoleadtheteamtoitsfirstNBAWorldChampionshipin2006andgotcrownedMVP, thenledTeamUSAtoagoldmedalintheOlympics.AfterbeingjoinedbyteammatesLeBronJamesandChrisBosh,WadehelpedleadtheteamtowintheNBAFinalsChampionshipin2012andtoafabulousregularseasonin2013thatalmostbrokearecordforconsecutivewins.Equallyimpressiveoffthecourt,hehasearnedrespectforhisstrongcommunityinvolvementhelpingat-riskyouthsthroughhisWade’sWorldFoundation.norMAn wedderBurnCATEGORY: PhilanthropistsCOmpAnY: Make-A-Wish Foundation ofSouthern FloridaInDUSTRY: PhilanthropyWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Aphilanthropicleaderinhighsociety,Wedderburn’sannualInterContinentalMiamiMake-A-WishBallgeneratesmoredollarsandheadlineseachconsecutiveyearwithits‘who’swho’guestlistofSouthFloridaVIPs.In2012,theannualballraised$1.7milliontosupportthefoundation’smissionofgrantingwishestochildrenwithlife-threateningmedicalconditions.AlinA & Anthony shriverCATEGORY: Power CouplesCOmpAnY: Best Buddies InternationalInDUSTRY: PhilanthropyWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: 24 years ago,Anthony Kennedy Shriver founded Best BuddiesInternational, a global nonprofit which has sincegrown to have some 1,500 chapters around the world.700,000 people are positively impacted by BestBuddies each year. Alina is the Vice President of artand merchandise for the organization. She also runs Shriver Art, an art consultingand marketing business that is responsible for the 35-foot Britto sculpture thatwas unveiled at the 5th Street entrance to Miami Beach.kAriM MAsri, nicolA siervo & rony seikAlyCATEGORY: EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: KNR Food ConceptInDUSTRY: Restaurants & Night-lifeWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: This trio arepartners in KNR Food Concept, which is behindQuattro Gastronomia Italiana and Sosta. They lenttheir know-how to Joia, Hotel Astor, Mynt andMokai. They operate the food, beverage and nightlifeestablishments at the W South Beach, The Dutch,WET and WALL. Seikaly also played for the Miami HEAT. Quadrant InvestmentGroup, of which Seikaly is CEO, has created and managed three separate fundswith $128 million in investor equity and $350 million in real estate.MichAel & nikki siMkinsCATEGORY: Power CouplesCOmpAnY: Lion Associates/Leon J. SimkinsCharitable FoundationInDUSTRY: Real Estate/PhilanthropyWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: Michael isPresident of Lion Associates, a Miami based companywhich includes Simkins Industries, WestfieldFinancial real estate and Lion Financial. Nicole’sfamily owns Charles Kaufman Enterprises, an80-year-old diamond company located in downtown Miami. Michael and Nicoleare continuing the families’ philanthropic interests with the Leon J. SimkinsCharitable Foundation, as well as with diabetes research and work with JacksonMemorial Hospital, Women of Tomorrow, Miami Beach JCC and the Love andHope Ball.don & Jeff sofferCATEGORY: OriginatorsCOmpAnY: Turnberry & AssociatesInDUSTRY: Real Estate/HospitalityWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: Don openedhis first shopping mall with his father when he wasjust 24 years old. He then came down to South Floridawhere he purchased almost 1,000 acres of marshlandin northern Dade County in 1967 and filled the area,creating what is known today as Aventura. His sonJeff followed in his footsteps into real estate and hospitality with the $500 millionmakeover of his world-renowned Fontainebleau Miami Beach.98haute 100
  14. 14. roBert wennett & MArio cAder-frechCATEGORY: OriginatorsCOmpAnY: 1111 Lincoln/MTV Latin AmericaInDUSTRY: Development/MarketingWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: Wennett has spent 25years conceiving and developing landmark structures in urbanenvironments across the country. His visionary 1111 LincolnRoad garage designed by Herzog & de Meuron has becomea design icon. He is currently in the running for the MiamiBeach Convention Center Master Plan project, for which he has tapped two additionalinternationally renowned architecture firms, Rem Koolhaas’ Office for MetropolitanArchitecture, and Snøhetta. Mario is the Vice President of Public Affairs & CorporateSocial Responsibility for MTV Networks Latin America. The two are well-known artcollectors and currently live in one of the coveted residential units located inside the 1111building.MAthew whitMAn- lAzenByCATEGORY: EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: Bal Harbour ShopsInDUSTRY: Retail DevelopmentWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Matthew Whitman-Lazenby is operating partner of the Bal Harbour Shops, which isranked no.1 worldwide in productivity based on sales per squarefoot. Matthew, a third generation Whitman family member inthe business, says he and his family plan to expand 200,000 sq.ft. of retail space. Prior to working at the Bal Harbour Shops, he worked for a New York realestate broker and Detroit-based real estate developer.phArrell williAMsCATEGORY: EntertainersCOmpAnY: The Neptunes, I am OtherInDUSTRY: MusicWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: The four-time GrammyAward-winning artist explores many mediums from art todesign including projects like his furniture collaborationwith Domeau & Peres. He also has his own record label I amOther, which has showcased local Miami music sensationCris Cab and Frank Ocean. He was also given the honor toco-curate the music for the 84th annual Academy Awards. Williams won his latest awardearlier this year for Best Urban Contemporary Album for his production of Frank Ocean’sChannel Orange.seAn wolfingtonCATEGORY: EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: The Wolfington CompaniesInDUSTRY: Technology, Real Estate, FilmWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Chairman and CEOof The Wolfington Companies, Sean Wolfington is a serialentrepreneur in various industries such as technology,marketing and film. His accomplishments include buildingand selling four digital marketing companies for a combinedenterprise value of $500 million by the age of 40, and sellinghis company VinSolutions to Autotrader. Wolfington’s Charitable Foundation aids thepoor and enables bright futures for children through sports and the arts. Wolfingtonreceived the President’s Service Award in 2008 and the Tony Bennett Exploring the Artsaward last year.MichAel & BoBBy yAMpolskyCATEGORY: EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: East Coast JewelryInDUSTRY: Jewelry/TimepiecesWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: The father-son duo is the no. 1 retailer for Audemars Piguet andHublot timepieces in America. Bobby made Palm Beachhistory by becoming the youngest store owner on WorthAvenue at age 19. Now, their 20-plus year reputationin the industry means East Coast Jewelry is the go-toestablishment for gold and exquisite, rare timepieces.This reputation was further cemented when Bobby, along with Morten Nielsen,founded SCI Innovations, the company behind the Ulysse Nardin Chairman luxuryhybrid smart phone.engin yesilCATEGORY: EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: Core Development Holdings CorpInDUSTRY: Real EstateWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: He is a diversifiedentrepreneur to his core. After making his fortune byinnovating the eyewear industry through a contactcompany now known as 1.800.CONTACTS, Turkishtycoon Yesil launched Iprepay, a pioneer company thatdelivers store value products such as prepaid wirelessairtime, calling cards, bill payment and more. He founded Core Development in 1996,and his Turkish real estate company, Yesil Insaat, is developing a grand-scale projectnear Istanbul. He has been chairman and director of SK Realty Ventures since 2007,and he also became president of Wilson Creek Mining Corporationin 2008.roBert zArcoCATEGORY: EntrepreneurCOmpAnY: Zarco Einhorn Salkowski & BritoInDUSTRY: LawWhAT mAkES hIm hAUTE: Zarco’s firm, ZarcoEinhorn Salkowski & Brito P.A. is recognized as one ofthe top franchise law firms in the United States. The firmhandles all aspects of franchise, licensing and distributionlaw, as well as complex commercial disputes. While basedin Miami as a franchise, the firm has achieved nationaland international recognition in the area of franchising by representing clientsthroughout the world including Mexico, France, Holland, Germany, Australia, NewZealand and the Caribbean. Robert has also been on the best lawyers of America listfor several years.AlAn And ruth zelcerCATEGORY: EntrepreneursCOmpAnY: Isaco InternationalInDUSTRY: ApparelWhAT mAkES ThEm hAUTE: Alan is Presidentand CEO of Isaco International Corp, a leading designer,distributor and licensee of a broad line of high qualitymen’s underwear and ties. Ruth is Vice President ofMerchandising of the company. It manufactures formajor retailers and branded labels such as Perry Ellis, inaddition to its own brands, Papi and now Rico. Alan and Ruth are extremely involvedin the community, offering support to numerous charitable foundations such as theMiami Jewish Federation, Mt. Sinai Hospital Founders, MTV Staying Alive, TheBroward House, and Style Saves.99haute 100