Why to choose waterless eco-friendly car cleaning?


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ECT Europe presents a new innovative way of washing your car yourself - when you have time, at your preferred place. No more hose and mess - just a bottle and microfiber. Eco-friendly waterless products Eco Touch - future for car wash. Also available in concentrate for car wash professionals.

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Why to choose waterless eco-friendly car cleaning?

  1. 1. Eco Touchproducts.Introduction
  2. 2. A few facts about the market: • Consumers and environmental agencies are increasingly placing pressure on producers of consumer products to provide Green alternatives. • Green household product sales is expected to grow from 4% in 2009 to 30% in 2013. (Pira International survey) • The growing public awareness of environmental issues is bringing a corresponding change in the buying decisions
  3. 3. What about car care?
  4. 4. Facts: The Automotive market has not participated in green products market intensively yet BUT… there are more and more restrictions for manufacturers, using harsh chemicals ALSO Restrictions on water consumption in some regions force to look for alternative car cleaning So why not following the general market trends and go green? Do it not only by avoiding harsh chemicals, but also by reducing water consumption and energy
  5. 5. The Problem• stagnant industry • male auto enthusiast- only market• ‘same old cleaners’ for the past 50 years • large market is currently ignored• toxins, VOC’s, synthetic fragrances• no transparency
  6. 6. The Solution• Premium performance products• Full ingredient disclosure• Tested and thriving market space• Attractive pricing strategy• New generation for car care• Environmentally friendly
  7. 7. What makes Eco Touch different?Eco Touch Comparison Cart Eco Touch Other brandsFull ingredient disclosure Yes NoReadily biodegradable surfactants Yes Often no100% recyclable packaging Yes Often no3rd part validated Yes Often noAdds surface protection Yes Often noUSA made Yes Often yesWorks on windows and mirrors Yes Often noEffective cleaning power Yes Often yesPetroleum solvents No Often yesSynthetic fragrances No Often yesStreaking residue No Often yes
  8. 8. Product Line• Waterless Car Wash • Metal Polish• Quick Wax • Tire Shine• All Purpose Cleaner • Window Clear• Carpet + Upholstery Cleaner • Interior Cleaning Kit• Dashboard Protect • Specially engineered Microfiber• Leather Care Towels
  9. 9. Eco Touch is suitable not only for cars……products are even applicable for household use!
  10. 10. Waterless Car Wash• Waterless car washing is a practical alternative to traditional methods• A plant-based formula that safely releases dirt from car’s surface• Convenient: no special place or preparation is needed, very easy to use• Economy: wash 3 cars with 1 RTU bottle• Ecological: saves water, eliminates toxic runoff. Its non-toxic, biodegradable and phosphate-free and contain no VOC’s, synthetic fragrances or dyes.• Safe for your car: it will not cause any scratches to your car paint (proven by Bureau Veritas certificate).• Result: shiny and protected car for longer time• All ingredients are listed for your safety• Get professional results - right on your driveway
  11. 11. Demographics 43% 57%Eco Touch users survey 2010
  12. 12. Our Customers Business Consumers• Entrepreneurs, looking • Urban dwellers with no for new business idea access to hose• Car wash companies • Auto enthusiasts• Taxi parks • Environmentally conscious• Companies with big car car owners fleets • Innovative individuals• Car rental companies• Retailers• Auto-services providers Let’s drive clean and be green
  13. 13. What our customers say
  14. 14. Thank you for consideringEco Touch!