How to start new business with low investments


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It is hard to find a new business idea in these times. Waterless car wash gives a great chance of starting your own business with very low investments. Especially now, when drought is here in Europe.

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How to start new business with low investments

  1. 1. New businessstart with low investments
  2. 2. Have you ever been thinkingabout starting your ownbusiness?Such wash business? Not just a simple carwash, but waterless! This business allows a youngentrepreneur to focus not only on the financialmatters, but also on helping the environment as thetechnology that is used in this business, doesn’twaste any water and is made from biodegradable,non-toxic materials. “Waterless” car washing is anemerging new method and is an extremely attractiveniche segment for new businesses.
  3. 3. Be more flexible Think of mobile services in addition to your fixed car wash garage. Go to your customers. Don’t wait for them to come to you. Using waterless car wash eliminates the need for water access and mess with buckets and hoses. All what’s needed is concentrate of waterless car wash and microfiber clothes to fit into your car bag. Providing mobile waterless car wash businesses service you bring additional value to your customers by being there for them when they need you and where they need you.
  4. 4. Save moneyWhen ordering the formula inconcentrate, the cost per wash ispennies on the dollar. You also save alot on water bills.
  5. 5. Be socially and environmentallyresponsible Eco Touch waterless eco-friendly product line is a complete opposite to the chemical products. Eco Touch is harmless to humans and environment as the products are combined of powerful plant-based surfactants. Plus waterless car wash eliminates toxic runoff and water waste.
  6. 6. Anticipate the future Regulations on water consumption are spreading to most of European countries. Increasing regulations and environmental restrictions point to future, where both – water consumption and product ingredients - must be taken into account. Be first to face the turn of the changes.
  7. 7. Instructions (1) • Study other car wash companies in your area. Find out how many of them wash cars using water and how many of them have already adapted waterless car wash, if there are any. • It is advised to try out some of those services and evaluate their quality. • Study the competitors’ price lists to make sure that yours is competitive enough to enter the market. • Think of the additional value that you might add for the customers that would make you superior in the eyes of customers against your competitors.
  8. 8. Instructions (2) • Find the main supplier. Search for a source of waterless car wash products that are organic and biodegradable so you do less harm to the environment. • See if they have any certifications. Most importantly, find out if they have a certification proving that the products do not scratch the cars - this is what bothers most of drivers.
  9. 9. Instructions (3) Contact the supplier asking to test products. For full car wash you will need waterless car wash, waxing products, products for windows cleaning, metal, tyres, upholstery and leather clea ners, non-greasy dashboard cleaner (as customers like them the most!) and eco- friendly bug-removing products. It is suggested to contact several providers and estimate the way they interact, the response time and the ability to deal with problems if there are any encountered. Bear in mind that they will become your main partners, thus the communication is highly important.
  10. 10. Instructions (4) • Market your business. Think of an attractive name for your company, carefully think of the brand and the colors. • Use the same colors for your shirt and other representative material. • Tell your friends, family, and neighbors you are starting a mobile waterless car wash business. Give them discount for your services for bringing one more customer. • Think of some local events, i.e. neighbors’ day. People in this business say, it is the “word-of-mouth” recommendation that keeps their business running.
  11. 11. Find more ideas at