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Ufone prepaid

  1. 1. Ufone Prepaid Community We welcome you to the Ufone Prepaid community…where you can be yourself, live life to the fullest and talk up a storm with the most amazing calling and SMS rates.We know you have a constant need to stay in touch with your friends and family which is why Prepaid scratchcards are available in four denominations to suit your budget; so you can charge your phone without making ithard on your pocket.To say nothing of all the mind boggling value added services it offers; they say a picture is worth a thousand wordswouldn’t you rather send an MMS when you have so much to say? There’s Voice mail for when you are unable toattend your calls, of course you need to keep in touch with friends all the time and calling isn’t always convenient,that’s where SMS’s come in; so you can put your thumbs to good use. What’s more you can download all sorts ofcool picture messages, wallpapers, ring tones, logos and what not from the Ufone website onto your cell phone.Ufone Prepaid is your brand, hip and always with you, vibrant, innovative and unique, with an identity that’sentirely its own.
  2. 2. Ufone 10 Second Package Good things come in small packagesThere’s a reason why Ufone remains your first choice when it comes to staying connected with your loved ones.We understand that the most important things are usually best said quickly. That’s why we’re here with a packagethat serves you best when it comes to satisfying your need to speak your mind, instantly.Creating history, Ufone comes up with a package never heard of before. Presenting for the first time in Pakistan,the 10 second package. With this Unique package you can make 10 second calls on any network across Pakistan,round the clock, just for 25 paisa, and that too with absolutely no daily charges.You can subscribe to this package simply by dialing *11#
  3. 3. Knock Out Offer By Ufone Now Every Minute for Rs. 1.60/minWhether it’s your first minute or last, with Ufone Uwon package talk for only Rs.1.60+tax to any Ufone numberand only Rs. 1.60/minute to any other number. Activate Ufone Uwon package today and take advantage of thelowest per minute call rates to all networks in Pakistan.To activate the package dial 444 from your Ufone.
  4. 4. Ufone introduces Lady’s PackageMothers, sisters, wives, daughters, friends… they brighten every day of our lives. But all too often their roles in ourlives and their efforts go unnoticed or under-appreciated. That’s why… we at Ufone want to thank our ladies andwould like to give something that’s tailored especially for you… Ufone Lady’s Package.Ladies, keeping your needs in mind, we have devised Ufone Lady’s Package. Now talk to your heart’s contentbecause with Lady’s Package, as our special female customer, U can avail great deals on Call & SMS rates:
  5. 5. IDD Offer Once code, many destinations. Ufone is more than just a mobile connection. It is a constant companion that never lets your loved ones go too far away from home, wherever they may travel. Ufone takes pride in being the bridge that connects your world together. This time, once again, Ufone is here to ensure that wherever your loved ones may go, U will always remain close to them. Ufone now presents the new One code! The ease and convenience of connecting to different destinations through one! So whenever U need, just dial *226# for only Rs.2.99+tax to subscribe to the offer, and stay connected to the world! Here’s a quick look at the rates for each destination: •Saudi Arabia, UAE & Iran •Rs. 2.99/20 secBahrain & Kuwait •Rs. 1.99/20 sec Qatar •Rs. 3.99/20 sec India & Bangladesh •Rs. 0.99/20 sec
  6. 6. Umrah with Ufone & hundreds of thousands of Saudi RiyalsUfone enjoys a very special bond with U, that goes beyond and transcends offers, deals and everything else.Keeping up with the tradition of bringing the best and most valuable offerings, this time Ufone brings somethingeven more special – the Umrah Offer.With this Umrah offer all of U who have always wanted to perform Umrah can now win this prestigious honor. Foryour chance to visit the house of Almighty, all U have to do is consume Rs.10 balance per day and enter a luckydraw, where 2 lucky winners will win a complete Umrah package daily! Hence more the balance of Rs. 10/dayconsumed means more entries and even greater chances of winning this prestigious prize daily. Additionally, thisconsumption of just Rs.10 will also bring a chance to win 2 bumper prizes each of one lac Saudi Riyals.So prepare yourself for the greatest journey of your life, participate in Umrah Offerand pay your visit to the holy land.
  7. 7. 30 Second Offer Best 30 Second Offer in the History of PakistanIn this market overflowing with an abundance of offers from all cellular companies, Ufone has always been at theforefront of providing U with the most affordable and unique offers along with an immaculate service unmatchedby any.Ufone has always paid close attention to what U need. Therefore, expanding on the tradition of innovative offers,Ufone proudly presents the best call rate in the history of Pakistan with its 30 Second Offer. Now U can make callsfor only 49 Paisa per 30 Seconds to any network in Pakistan without any daily charges. So it doesn’t matter if it’s aquick hello or a long goodbye – U will always be charged a best rate and that too 24 hours a day. With thisexceptional offer, Ufone has once again demonstrated its everlasting care for U.So don’t let the clutter confuse you; avail this unbelievable offer today.To subscribe to 30 Second Offer, dial *49# now
  8. 8. SUPER CALL OFFER Continuing with the tradition of bringing the best for its customers, ...... Ufone brings Super Call Offer, once more after its enormous success.With the irresistible Super Call Offer revived, now talk non-stop.Go ahead make as many calls as U want to all Ufone numbers 24 hours a day at the best rate of Rs. 3.50/hour andthat too without any daily charge.Now that’s what we call a truly super offer!To activate Super Call Offer, simply dial *45#
  9. 9. SMS Bundle Offer Ufone introduces an unbeatable SMS bundle offer which provides lowest SMS rates to any network in Pakistan.To enjoy the fantastic rates on SMS offered by Ufone Prepaid, just dial 100 to subscribe to the package of yourchoice, or select your SMS package from the details below and subscribe through SMS.
  10. 10. Get rid of all your tensions by calling with Tension Free package All calls to ANY network at only Rs.1.60+tax per minute!Stop cutting your calls short because Ufone has brought you Tension Free Package. Make calls without any tensionor stress about inter-network charges because now all your calls cost only Rs.1.60+tax per minute to Ufone or anyother network. Subscribe to the Tension Free Package and talk day or night at the lowest flat rate to any network!To activate this package dial 444 from your Ufone