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What do teachers expect from parents


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What do teachers expect from parents

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What do teachers expect from parents

  2. 2. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN Parent and Teacher • Education of the child is a team effort of the parents and the teachers. • They need to work hand in hand to create good future citizens. • Simply sending the child to school will not serve the purpose of education. • Parents need to fulfill their side of the bargain too.
  3. 3. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN Practice reading at home • Since children spend a lot of leisure time at home, parents need to take up the task of ensuring that their child reads. Begin small. Switch off the television or computer and remove the mobile phone from their tiny grasp and supplement with books.
  4. 4. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN Cater to their learning style • Each child is different and so are the learning styles. Parents should not expect their children to follow the styles that they had when they were in school. They should understand the learning style of their child and guide them accordingly.
  5. 5. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN Work as a team with the teacher • The teacher has your child’s interest in mind. Talk to her and work together. Discuss about the need for special interventions. Know your child’s strengths and weaknesses and support her accordingly.
  6. 6. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN Make school meetings proactive • Keep an open mind and attitude when you meet your child’s teachers. Make it a point to meet the teachers often. If you find anything lacking in their effort, talk to them in a pro- active manner. After all the goal is improvement and not confrontation.
  7. 7. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN Let your child be more accountable • Parents need to realise that disciplining should come before the deed is done and later on follows the consequence. Many a time parents play the role of a lawyer having heard only their child’s version. Disciplining gets affected when parents interfere in this manner.
  8. 8. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN Listen with an open mind • When we tell you something about your child, don’t go in to a defensive mode. When our teachers say something to you about your child, it is because they want to see an improvement.
  9. 9. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN Respect the teacher • When parents speak ill of their child’s teacher or show disrespect, then even the child tends to show the same attitude. This is the last thing that a parent should do. Where respect ends, even learning gets affected.
  10. 10. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN   Leave your baggage outside •  Leave all worldly  worries and wealth  outside the school gates  when you come to the  school as parents.  Inside the school  premises you are  identified with your  child.
  11. 11. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN               Teachers work hand in hand with parents to educate the child. Both have equally important roles and should treat each other with respect. The ultimate goal is the child’s education and the focus should not waver from the same. Thaltej, Ahmedabad-380 054 Phone:07926850339 Gujarat , India 99251 53153