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Media and Advertising


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Media and Advertising

  1. 1. • The manufacturer /trader/ service provider , who gives the information is called an advertiser. • The message or information is called an advertisement. • The entire promotional activity by which customers are made aware about a product and are induced into buying it , is called advertising. • The medium through which information is supplied is called the media of advertising.
  2. 2. FORMS OF ADVERTISING FORMS OF ADVERTISING Commercial Social Covert Political
  3. 3. • Promotion of a product through print and electronic media • Constant repetition • Uses celebrities to endorse products • Uses catchy slogans or jingles • Offers discounts on price or announces a sale • Targets a particular section of society
  4. 4. • Is done for non- commercial purposes • Use to educate ,inform or motivate the public • Uses national celebrities to advertise campaigns , to eradicate or create awareness
  5. 5. Political Advertising Agendas & manifestos Highlight achievements Political parties Programmes
  6. 6. Covert Advertising
  7. 7. • A particular name , sign, term,symbol or design or a combination of these is known as a Brand. • Stamping a product or giving special names to a product by the company is known as Branding . • The purpose for it is --- to differentiate the product of one company from that of its competitors or other identical products.
  8. 8. • To convince the consumers ,about their products , special values for their brands are claimed , which is known as Brand value . • Brand values are conveyed through the use of visuals and words. • Branded products are costlier as they include the costs of packaging and advertising.
  9. 9. • It is an advertising slogan attached to a brand name. • Its purpose is to create - An image for the company To associate it with the product it sells To make people remember the company’s product
  10. 10. Lasts longer ,much longer DURACELL
  11. 11. Save the world with a few coins World Wildlife Fund
  12. 12. Use only what you need DENVER WATER
  13. 13. Permanent Markers SHARPINE
  15. 15. As pure as mother’s love Easy to write and easy on your pocket Utterly, butterly delicious My pepsi ,my way Taste the thunder Khayaal aapka Wah,Taj ! It’s finger lickin’ good Dimaag ki batti jalaa de Neighbour’s envy ,owner’s pride
  16. 16. Disadvantages of Advertising
  17. 17. Manufacturers • Identifies the USP of a product & communicates it to the user. • Feels no requirement for storage facilities by the Retailers • Develops a steady market if the product has a reputation & brand label • Workers get the incentives with renewed interest Consumers • Simplifies the choice of consumers • Provides awareness of several brands available • Helps to have a comparative study of goods • Good quality products at fair prices
  18. 18. Making an Advertisement • Manufacturers decides upon a product they wish to launch • Hires an advertisement company • Finds out the target consumer & launches a campaign • Carries out a survey across the cities & launches the product in the market • The marketing department tests the product among a small section of the target consumer with the help of visuals & the ads. . • After the marketing is successful, the advertising campaign is finalized • Then it is released in the media with the launch of the product
  19. 19. Advertising and Democracy Plays a crucial role as they are free ,creative expressions , but ---- • Exhibit inequality • Products of small entrepreneurs are not welcomed by consumers • The sale of unpackaged goods in comparison to packaged ones is adversely affected
  20. 20. • Make independent choices according to your standard. • Do not get drawn by the upcoming latest advertisements. • Discourage products that highlight the inequalities in the society.
  21. 21. By – Shubha Godbole