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Classification of plants

ICT Education

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Classification of plants

  1. 1. Classification of PlantsClassification of Plants
  2. 2. Plant Kingdom Flowering Plants Non-flowering Plants
  3. 3. 3 groups FernsFernsMossesMosses GymnospermsGymnosperms Non - flowering Plants Do NOT produce flowers
  4. 4. A plant can be divided into 3 partsA plant can be divided into 3 parts
  5. 5. Examples of MossesExamples of Mosses
  6. 6. spores Spore-producing capsule
  7. 7. No true roots, No vascular tissues (no transport) Characteristics of MossesCharacteristics of Mosses Simple stems & leaves Have rhizoids for anchorage Spores from capsules (wind-dispersal) Damp terrestrial land Simplest plants
  8. 8. underground stem root A leaf (finely divided into small parts)
  9. 9. roots, feathery leaves & underground stems Characteristics of Ferns have vascular tissuesvascular tissues (transport & support) DampDamp & shadyshady places Spore-producing organSpore-producing organ on the underside of leaves (reproduction)
  10. 10. needle-shaped leaves
  11. 11. Male cones (in clusters) Female cones (scattered)
  12. 12. roots, woody stems Characteristics of GymnospermsCharacteristics of Gymnosperms needle-shaped leaves tall evergreen trees cones with reproductive structures dry places vascular tissues (transport) naked seeds in female cones
  13. 13. 2 groups2 groups MonocotyledonsMonocotyledons DicotyledonsDicotyledons Flowering Plants roots, stems, leaves vascular tissues (transport) flowers, fruits (contain seeds)
  14. 14. MonocotyledonsMonocotyledons Parallel veins
  15. 15. one seed-leaf Characteristics of MonocotyledonsCharacteristics of Monocotyledons leaves have parallel veins herbaceous plants e.g. grass, maize
  16. 16. DicotyledonsDicotyledons Veins in network
  17. 17. two seed-leaves Characteristics of DicotyledonsCharacteristics of Dicotyledons leaves have veins in network e.g. trees, sunflower, rose
  18. 18. Plant ClassificationPlant Classification Non-flowering Plants Flowering Spore- bearing Naked seeds No roots with roots Mosses Ferns Gymnosperms 1 seed- leaf 2 seed- leaves Monocots Dicots

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