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Role of pediatric nurse in child care


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Role of pediatric nurse in child care

  1. 1. ROLE OF PEDIATRIC NURSE IN CHILD CARE The role of the pediatric nurse is constantly changing. These changesare as a result of expanding medical and nursing practice, emergingchallenges in different aspects of child care, consumer demands & technologicaladvancements. The role of the pediatric nurse may vary from one institution to others, butbasic responsibilities remain the same. Roles of pediatric nurse are 1. Primary care giver 2. Coordinator and collaborator 3. Advocate 4. Health educator 5. Consultant 6. Counselor 7. Case Manager 8. Recreationist 9. Social worker and 10. Researcher 1. Primary care giver: Pediatric nurse should provide preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative care in all levels of health services. In hospital, care of sick children includes comfort, feeding, bathing, safety etc. At community set up, basic responsibilities include health assessment, immunization, primary health care & referral etc.
  2. 2. 2. Coordinator & Collaborator: The nurse plays an extremely important role with the combination of health care team members. Nurse maintains good inter personal communication with the child, family and health team members. The nurse coordinates nursing care with other services for meeting the needs of child. For ex: physician, social worker, surgeon, physiotherapist, dietician etc.3. Nurse Advocate: The pediatric nurse acts as an advocate to safeguard the child’s right, to assist & to provide best care from the health care team. Nurse acts as a representative for the child, family & other health care providers. Ex: it can range from consulting dietary department for special foods to arrange team meeting to discuss plan of care with other health team members.4. Health Health Educator: The nurse’s goal of health teaching is to provide information to the childparents and significant other about prevention of illness, promotion or health maintenance. Characteristics of nurse teacher includes 4 Cs C — Confidence C — Competence C — Communication C — Caring & empathy5. Nurse Consultant: The pediatric nurse can act as consultant to guide parents for maintenance and promotion of health. For ex: Guiding parents about feeding practices, accident prevention6. Nurse Counselor: Providing guidance to parents in health hazards of children and healththem for own decision making in different situations.
  3. 3. 7. Case Manager: The pediatric nurse should organize care, monitor and evaluate patient treatment for successful outcome. She/he acts as a manager of pediatric care units in hospital clinics and community.8. .Recreationist: The pediatric nurse plays supportive role for the child to provide play facilities for recreation and diversion. It helps to decrease crisis imposed by illness or hospitalization9. Social Worker: Pediatric nurse can participate in social services or refer child & family t child welfare agencies for necessary support.10.Nurse researcher: Research is an integral part of professional nursing. Pediatric nurse should participate or perform research activities. It helps to provide basis for changes in nursing practice, improvement in the child health care and evaluate the care.
  4. 4. ROLE OF PEDIATRIC NURSE The pediatric nurses role is unique because o f d e v e l o p me n t a li m ma t u r i t y a n d vulnerability of children. The goals of nursing care ofchildren, based on primary health care are:I. Promote the healthy maturation as a physical, intellectual and emotionalbeing within the context of his family and communities (primary level).2. Provide health care for the child who requires treatment from disease(s)(secondary level).Dealing with the childs disabilities (tertiary level). Therefore,the role of the pediatric nurse includes:I. In Primary Level: Through health education to child and his parents and providing childs basic needs and immunization, she can: 1. Maintain childs health. 2. Help the child achieves his optima9 growth and development. 3. Prevent diseases and their complications.II. In Secondary Level:The nurse has to provide care to sick children and their families by: I. Assessing their needs. 2. Planning for care. 3. Implementing the plan. 4. Evaluating childrens condition. 5. Providing heath teaching to children and their parentsIII. In Tertiary Level:The nurse should assist children to return to their maximal level offunctioning following illness and /or disabilities.
  5. 5. As a nurse depends on Education Experience Job structure Professional demand Preventive care Promotive care Curative care Health education Restoration health Co-ordinatione) Nursing task and skill: General nursing care: Monitoring of vital signs Administration of fluid and electrolytes and drugs Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Nursing procedures Resuscitation skills Specialized nursing and monitoring skills Vaccination Prevention of nasocomial infection Universal precaution Through the international activities of WHO (world health organization),IMCI-(Integrated Management of Child hood Illness), UNICEF (UnitedNations International Children and Emergency Fund) and other health
  6. 6. agencies are providing to develop the level of child health carethroughoutthe world.Now days the child care is very much improved it includes; Hospital environment for a sick child Advanced changes in medical and nursing care Expansion in independent role of the paediatric nurse Paediatric nurse practionnaire. Paediatric clinic nurse specialist. Paediatric nurse master clinicians.Old concepts New Concepts Disease (centered care) Child centered care Discourage the families on neglect Take care of female child with of thefemale child Immunization of tetanus Care of the women after Health education on planned becoming pregnant parenthoods and doing the maternal health Special care during the last Early identification & family trimester and the postnatal counseling based on bio chemical period to the child born with screening & chromosomal studies congenital anomalies and it helps to prevent congenital hereditary disorders. anomalies and hereditary disorders in children. Caring of child after the birth Caring the health of the child from only the day of conception.
  7. 7. Care of the sick children in the Participate in the prevention ofhospital illness and health promotion activities.Care the physical condition of Comprehensive cares of child inthe child in hospital only his home community health centers. throughNot allowed the parent to be Ensuring that the children mustwith the child in the hospital and have stay with them and participatereducing the visiting hours ward. in the care,flexible visiting hours in paediatricOne of illness oriented One of health oriented.Only cleanliness and treatment Warmth and love oriented.oriented Curative and rehabilitative Health promotion activities by care to the children in hospital ensuring environmental stimulation only. and intelligent ma n i p u l a t i o n o f t h e e n v i r o n me n t , adequate play activities service related to the fertility, sex, education & counseling Adopt the indifferent Safe guarding and protect the attitude to child neglect & childrenrights by health providing, abuse by family and society. culturalpractice & laws encouraging.