Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics with Pentaho


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This webinar gives an overview of the Pentaho technology stack and then delves deep into its features like ETL, Reporting, Dashboards, Analytics and Big Data. The webinar also facilitates a cross industry perspective and how Pentaho can be leveraged effectively for decision making. In the end, it also highlights how apart from strong technological features, low TCO is central to Pentaho’s value proposition. For BI technology enthusiasts, this webinar presents easiest ways to learn an end to end analytics tool. For those who are interested in developing a BI / Analytics toolset for their organization, this webinar presents an interesting option of leveraging low cost technology. For big data enthusiasts, this webinar presents overview of how Pentaho has come out as a leader in data integration space for Big data.

Pentaho is one of the leading niche players in Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics. It offers a comprehensive, end-to-end open source platform for Data Integration and Business Analytics. Pentaho’s leading product: Pentaho Business Analytics is a data integration, BI and analytics platform composed of ETL, OLAP, reporting, interactive dashboards, ad hoc analysis, data mining and predictive analytics.

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Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics with Pentaho

  1. 1. Welcome to the webinar on Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics with Pentaho Presented by &
  2. 2. Contents 1 An Introduction to Pentaho 2 Overview of Pentaho technology stack 3 Pentaho ETL 4 Data Exploration using Pentaho 5 Big Data with Pentaho 6 Getting started with Pentaho
  3. 3. Welcome to Open source world Open-source software is computer software with its source code made available and licensed with a license in which the copyright holder provides the rights to study, change and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose. Open-source software is very often developed in a public, collaborative manner. Reporting • • • • Analysis • • • • Actuate BIRT Jasper Reports Pentaho Open Reports ETL Tools • • • • JPivot Mondrian/ Pentaho PALO You already use it!!! • • • Jasper • Pentaho • SpagoBI Napster • Amazon reviews, • YouTube Data Mining / Statistics • Weka / Pentaho • R BI Platforms Clover ETL Enhydra Octopus Talend Kettle / Pentaho Linux Databases • • • • Derby Ingres MySQL PostgreSQL What it means for BI and analytics A report by the Standish Group states that adoption of open-source software models has resulted in savings of about $60 billion per year to consumers.
  4. 4. Welcome to Pentaho!!!! •Commercial open source alternative for business intelligence (BI) Founded in 2004 by five founders •Management - proven BI and open source veterans from Business Objects, Cognos, Hyperion, JBoss, Oracle, Red Hat, SAS • Pioneer in Commercial open source BI Large reference able customer base, wide range of BI/DW deployments ! •It offers a suite of open source Business Intelligence (BI) products called Pentaho Business Analytics providing data integration, OLAP services, reporting, dashboarding, data mining and ETL capabilities
  5. 5. Pentaho customers
  6. 6. What analysts are saying about Pentaho Pentaho is the only open source company featured in Ovum's Ovum Decision Matrix for Business Intelligence. "Pentaho is one of the few vendors that provide a direct integration into Hadoop and NoSQL databases, allowing users to analyse and visualize NoSQL data alongside traditional data sources" Forrester recognized Pentaho as the sole "Strong Performer“. "Pentaho provides an impressive Hadoop data integration tool." Pentaho was cited for its rich functionality and extensive integration with Apache Hadoop, and for providing certified integration with distributions from Cloudera, EMC Greenplum and Hortonworks. Passionned's Business Intelligence Tools Survey highlighted the completeness of the Pentaho product suite compared to other vendors, as well as Pentaho's significant cost-saving by pricing products per deployment, not per-user. Pentaho earned recommendation as a complete enterprise solution. Pentaho was included in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence Platforms. The report, published, offers the analyst firm's insights on business intelligence vendors who meet an inclusion threshold based on annual sales, capabilities, and customer survey responses.
  7. 7. Pentaho Licensing The current version of the Pentaho BI Platform will be distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). Under the GPL, if you intend to distribute GPL-licensed code to your customers as part of other software you have created, you may, depending on the software you have created, be required to GPL that code. Companies that wish to distribute the Pentaho BI Platform have the option of purchasing a commercial license from Pentaho Corporation. A commercial license would exempt you from GPL obligations. The GNU General Public License (GPL) is the most widely used free software license, which guarantees end users the freedoms to use, study, share and modify the software. Derived works can only be distributed under the same license terms.
  8. 8. Pentaho BI Enterprise Edition
  9. 9. Overview of Pentaho Stack
  10. 10. Pentaho BI Stack
  11. 11. Delivering Value in Different Deployment Models Coexistence with traditional proprietary BI •Minimize risk/exposure with consolidated vendors •Prove technology and services internally •Explore the relationship benefits of a transparent model without software lock-in Co-deployment with traditional proprietary BI •Leverage existing investments •Pragmatically “use what works” •Reduce overall TCO by incorporating commercial open source Replacement of traditional proprietary BI •Upgrade BI capabilities •Reduce TCO •Capitalize on the opportunity of a “disruption” (software upgrade, license change, etc.) in your BI environment
  12. 12. Pentaho ETL
  13. 13. Pentaho Kettle ETL •Pentaho Data Integration (PDI, also called Kettle) is the component of Pentaho responsible for the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) processes. Though ETL tools are most frequently used in data warehouses environments, PDI can also be used for other purposes: •Migrating data between applications or databases •Exporting data from databases to flat files •Loading data massively into databases •Data cleansing •Integrating applications
  14. 14. Pentaho Kettle ETL Big Data Step Output Step Input Step Transformation Step Lookup Step Join Step Dw Step Job Step Mapping Step
  15. 15. Pentaho Kettle ETL Spoon • GUI that allows you to design transformations and jobs •Transformations and Jobs can describe themselves using an XML file or can be put in a Kettle database repository. •Spoon is available as executable script and batch file to make use of tool in heterogeneous environment. Pan •A program to execute transformations designed by Spoon in XML or database repository. •Transformations are scheduled in batch mode to be run automatically at regular intervals Carte •Simple web server to execute transformations and jobs remotely. •Accept an XML that contains transformation to execute and the execution configuration. •Allows to remotely monitor, start and stop the transformations and jobs
  16. 16. Pentaho Kettle ETL
  17. 17. Pentaho Kettle ETL
  18. 18. Data Exploration using Pentaho
  19. 19. Pentaho Dashboards Many ways to design Pentaho dashboards
  20. 20. Pentaho Dashboards What is CDE ? * CDE is one of the plug-in for Pentaho BI Server, contributed and maintained by Pentaho Partner webdetails. * We create dashboards using this tool. * Community Dashboard Editor (CDE) was born to simplify the creation, edition and rendering processes of the Dashboards. * CDE is a very powerful and complete tool, combining front end with data sources and custom components in a seamless way. CDE has 3 major components They are. * Layout * Components * Data Sources.CDE has developed based on MVC-2 architecture of Advanced Java
  21. 21. Overview of Pentaho CDE
  22. 22. Exploring Big data with Pentaho
  23. 23. Main Big Data Technologies Hadoop NoSQL Databases Analytic RDBMS • • • • • Low cost, reliable scaleout architecture Distributed computing Proven success in Fortune 500 companies Exploding interest Hadoop • • Huge horizontal scaling and high availability Highly optimized for retrieval and appending Types • • • Document stores Key Value stores Graph databases NoSQL Databases • Optimized for bulk-load and fast aggregate query workloads Types • • • Column-oriented MPP In-memory Analytic Databases
  24. 24. What makes Pentaho different for big data Ingestion / Manipulation / Integration Scheduling Modeling Would you rather do this? … OR THIS?
  25. 25. Pentaho Big Data Integration Pentaho is integrated with Hadoop at many levels •Traditional ETL - Graphical designer to visually build transformations that read and write data in Hadoop from/to anywhere and transform the data on the way. No coding required •HBase Read/Write •Hive, Hive2 SQL Query and Write •Impala SQL Query and Write •Support for Avro file format and snappy compression •Data Orchestration - Graphical designer to visually build and schedule jobs that orchestrate processing, data movement and most aspects of operationalizing your data preparation. •HDFS Copy files •Map Reduce Job Execution •Pig Script Execution •Amazon EMR Job Execution •Oozie integration •Sqoop Import/Export •Pentaho MapReduce Execution
  26. 26. Pentaho Big Data Integration •Pentaho MapReduce - Graphical designer to visually build MapReduce jobs and run them in cluster. With a simple, point-and-click alternative to writing Hadoop MapReduce programs in Java or Pig, Pentaho exposes a familiar ETL-style user interface. •Traditional Reporting - All data sources supported above can be used directly or blended with other data to drive our pixel perfect reporting engine. The reports can be secured, parameterized and published to the web. The reports can be mashed up with other pentaho visualizations to create dashboards. •Web Based Interactive Reporting - Pentaho's Metadata layer leverages data stored in Hive, Hive2 and Impala for WYSIWYG, interactive, self-service reporting. •Pentaho Analyzer - Leverage your data stored Impala or Hive2 for interactive visual analysis with drill through, lasso filtering, zooming, and attribute highlighting for greater insight.
  27. 27. Getting started with Pentaho
  28. 28. Getting started with Pentaho •Download Pentaho from •Download MySQL from • Download CDE from Read installation instructions from following blogs: • • We have a Pentaho installation guide available. Please request for guide at:
  29. 29. Thank you !!! Contact us for customized Pentaho training on Or Call Sameer on +91-8793334411