Re engineering process of sri lankan national transport service


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Re-engineering process proposal presentation relate to the national transportation system in Sri Lanka.

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Re engineering process of sri lankan national transport service

  1. 1. Industrial Information TechnologyGroup 04
  2. 2. • Serves all important tourist destinations in the island. • Most commonly used for long• Most Common distance transport transport service in needs. Sri Lanka.• It is operated by both government and private sector.
  3. 3. • Transport service is an important part of helping people get to and from work, school and recreational events.• For tourism industry
  4. 4. Web based/telephone based seatGPS tracking system reservation system
  5. 5. Usage of LED displays
  6. 6. Traffic jam in bus stand Non integrated time scheduling
  7. 7. Lack of information availability Difficulty to locate a bus/train
  8. 8. Provide an effective and efficient transportservice via creating a proper information flowamong the parties of passengers,buses/trains and stations by integrating eachand every unit in the process.
  9. 9. Ministry sending annualStart transportation plan Division wide data processing Time keeping Passengers reserve seats Passengers retrieve time information End
  10. 10. Bus sends information Control the LED displaying about its current location system GPS Island wide data TimeStart processing Keeping End GPS Telephone/Web Train sends information Passengers reserve seats about its current location SMS Passengers retrieve information on time tables, time lists, current position of the bus/train, time length for arriving to a specific position
  11. 11. Cost for import foreign technical supportRe-Engineeringemployee wages The new technological tools & equipment cost
  12. 12. Administration center establishment cost Existing employee training cost
  13. 13. Direct Indirect•Time wasting in the transport system •The transport system will be more can be reduced. flexible to the user.•People easily can access to bus and •Effectiveness will be increased and it train time table details in any time. helps to develop the economy•The passenger can see extract road •Public transport service will be a place where he is travelling at that choice of foreigners as their travelling time. partner.•The passenger can reserve the bus and train at any time using the mobile phone.•Traffic inside the bus stands can be reduced.
  14. 14. Establish the main administration YesAllocate necessary resources Testing Design workflow plans to manage resources No Activate re-engineering Correct theprocess in a main transport drawbacks division Proceed the re-engineering at other divisions
  15. 15. Private sector resistanceStaff resistance Passenger resistance
  16. 16. Disruption to regular process Changes in political within testing period policies