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Nescafe Classic || Brand Management

Nescafe Brand Management PPT

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Nescafe Classic || Brand Management

  1. 1. Presented To: Abu Sohel Mahmood Presented By: Ucchash Talukder (15201017) Tabassum Yusuf (15301001) Moumita Hore (15201024) MKT 470 Brand Management
  2. 2. About Brand History: Brand Name : Nescafe Parent Brand : Nestle Country : Switzerland Introduced: 1938; 79 years ago Market: Worldwide Tagline: It all starts with a Nescafe Max Morgenthaler
  3. 3. Logotype NESCAFE – A combination of NESTLE and CAFÉ. “NES” means Miracle, “CAFÉ” means Coffee. Miracles with Coffee. NESCAFE – in capitals with a line going from the top of the N to the accent E. Another well known brand element is the mug.
  4. 4. The word ‘’NESCAFE” combines with the sense of fun and warmth of a Café. Helps reinforce the messages and the recognition of the brand. N’s stroke covers all the rest of the letters to create unity. The little stroke above E suddenly makes the word café be seen as one separate word. Letter style is strong and bold representing the strength of its quality. Also implies sophistication of its taste through the use of Serif font.
  5. 5. Nescafe logotype was always the same since its origin. The semantics of the brand basically describe the product and also the phonetics are smooth for most languages. The symbol added to convey the brand meaning was the red mug.
  6. 6. TAGLINE: A new Tagline A new Identity A new Positioning
  7. 7. NESCAFÉ® Classic is the world's and equatorial Africa’s number one pure coffee brand. Its distinctly rich taste and aroma offers physical and mental stimulation; CLASSIC
  8. 8. Nescafe classic primary Target Markets Basically are the coffee drinkers and the morning people.  They Target people who need coffee without any hassle, ready within a minute. all in the comfort of their own home.  They Target consumer who are middle class, upper middle class and upper class NESCAFÉ classic offers coffee that can be enjoyed everywhere at your convenience. CLASSIC
  9. 9. CLASSIC To bring NESCAFE to people around the globe, providing a "1 NOW 1 NESCAFE" to satisfy every aspect of needs. NESCAFÉ is dedicated to making great tasting coffees for you to enjoy every day.
  10. 10. CLASSIC Nescafe’s positioning is “ 1 coffee cup , 1 good feeling” The Red Nescafe mug is another popular symbol of the brand with the concept of “Sharing Happiness” Nescafe Classic positioned as “ 100% Pure instant coffee”
  11. 11. CLASSIC “Nescafe is a contemporary, up-beat brand of distinctive quality that offers a rewarding coffee experience every time, everywhere
  12. 12. 1 2 3 4 10 9 8 7 6 6 7 8 9 10 4 3 2 1 Quality(Low) Quality (High) Convenience (High) Convenience (Low) Nescafe Starbucks coffee Gloria Jean’s
  13. 13. CLASSIC Rational Features Quality : Good quality product .Strong quality control techniques and manage to develop a strong bond with its customers. Price: Considerably cheaper than the competitors
  14. 14. CLASSIC Emotional benefits • Increase mental alertness. • Improve physical performance. • Help to ease headaches. • Help to reduce weight
  15. 15. CLASSIC Brand personality Nescafe’s brand personality is ‘Friendship’ Brand personality can be classified into 2 types- • Emotion centered ( Friendship, Inspiration, Compatibility) • Human centered (Demographic & Geographic)
  16. 16. CLASSIC (Brand Essence) 100% Urban Youth (Benefits) Energy Relax Inspire (Attributes) Bright Packaging Bright red mug Price
  17. 17. Packaging & Labeling Packaging: • 200 gr glass jars for sustainable packaging and 100 gr bags or 5 gr sachets for easy usage • Combine with red, white and black and the classic Nescafe logo. • Innovative package design that has the benefit of being convenient and environmentally friendly. CLASSIC
  18. 18. NESCAFE Alarm Cap “The most Innovative Packaging” in Coffee.
  19. 19. Labeling Identifies : Easy recognition Grade: 100% natural coffee Describe : Nestle Products (Malaysia) CLASSIC
  20. 20. Brand Management  Market entry strategy  Market and Demand Structure  Price Adjustment Strategy