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Winfluencer Marketing: How B2B Companies are Winning Hearts & Minds with Influencer Content


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Lee Odden, CEO at TopRank Marketing, shares the ins and outs of influencer marketing and why B2B organizations should take a page out of the books of companies who have succeeded before them.

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Winfluencer Marketing: How B2B Companies are Winning Hearts & Minds with Influencer Content

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  2. 2. LEEODDEN
  3. 3. @crestodina #ufx2016 Winfluencer Marketing How  B2B  Companies  are  Winning  Hearts  &  Minds   with  Influencer  Content
  4. 4. #ufx2016 @leeodden 75%  of  professionals   consider  their  influencer   engagement  effective   for  lead  generation.  Augure The  average  media   value  from  influencer   marketing  is  $6.85  for   every  $1  spent.  You’re   cute.  Burst  Media  aka  RhythmOne` 59%  of  marketers  plan  to   increase  influencer   marketing  budgets  in   2017.  I  think  I’m  in  love.   Tomoson Compelling  Statistics  Slide
  5. 5. #ufx2016 @leeodden Hot  Topic:  Influencer  Marketing
  6. 6. #ufx2016 @leeodden So  Hot,  There  are  Cat  Influencers
  7. 7. #ufx2016 @leeodden But  What  Does  B2B  Really  Mean?
  8. 8. GordonBDesigns mikehandyart mikehandyart The  Ultimate  B2B  Influencer
  9. 9. #ufx2016 @leeodden Many  Questions:  B2B  Influencer  Marketing • Influencer  Marketing  is  only  popular  in  B2C • Influencers,  advocates  and  ambassadors  are  the  same • Page  views  and  impressions  are  ROI  for  influencer   marketing • Brands  control  the  message  with  influencer  content • You  must  have  celebrity  influencers  as  part  of  your   program • Money  is  always  effective  for  getting  influencers  to   participate • One  influencer  marketing  strategy  is  enough  for  your   business • Brands  must  work  with  influencers  on  every  platform • Influencers  are  only  effective  with  younger  audiences • Influencer  marketing  is  the  same  as  media  buying • Most  influencers  will  work  for  a  free  product • The  most  important  thing  about  influencer  marketing  is   your  brand • Influencer  Marketing  works  best  as  a  single  campaign • Influencer  Marketing  is  too  expensive • One  size  fits  all  with  influencer  marketing • Influencer  Marketing  is  not  transparent • It’s  easy  to  find  influencers • Reach  is  the  most  important  thing  about   influencers • Branding  is  the  most  important  use  for  influencer   marketing • You  must  always  pay  for  influencers • Influencer  Marketing  is  not  scalable • Influencers  only  add  value  to  existing  marketing • People  are  too  cynical  to  trust  influencers • The  more  popular  the  influencer,  the  better • Influencer  Marketing  is  only  for  large  brands • Influencer  Marketing  and  traditional  marketing   are  opposites • There  are  no  good  tools  to  manage  sophisticated   influencer  programs
  10. 10. #ufx2016 @leeodden The  Buyer  Journey  Has  Changed
  11. 11. #ufx2016 @leeodden The  Buyer  Journey  Cluster:  WTF? Image  Source:  Lori  Wizdo,  Forrester
  12. 12. #ufx2016 @leeodden Most  B2B  Content  Isn’t  Used  or  Shared Source:  Banksy via  reddit /  vancouver
  13. 13. #ufx2016 @leeodden Self  Directed  Buyers  Rely  on  Search  &  Peers
  14. 14. #ufx2016 @leeodden Influencers,  Experts  &  Pros  – Oh  My! 10X TRUST Thought Leaders Websites / BlogseMarketer Pro  Network Experts Influencers
  15. 15. #ufx2016 @leeodden Attract  -­‐ Engage  -­‐ Convert Discover Consume Action Influencer Content
  16. 16. #ufx2016 @leeodden Influencer  Marketing  +  Content Dr.  Konstanze Alex-­‐Brown, Corporate  Social  Influencer   Relations Dell “The  core  of  social   influencer  marketing   lies  in  building  a  solid   relationship  to  ensure   mutual  value  creation.”
  17. 17. “Influencer  Marketing  is  the  practice  of   developing  relationships with  connected   internal  and  industry  experts to  co-­‐create   content of  mutual  value  to  achieve   measurable  business  goals.” @TopRank Photo:  Shutterstock
  18. 18. #ufx2016 @leeodden Benefits  of  Influencer  Content Adds  an  authentic   voice.   Taps  new  subject   matter  expertise. Can  increase   content  quantity. Increases  reach Improves  content   quality. Catalyst  for  a   relationship.  
  19. 19. #ufx2016 @leeodden Lists  Suck.  Lists  Are  Awesome!
  20. 20. #ufx2016 @leeodden Short  Form  Contributions Incorporate  quotes,   tips,  insights  from   influencers   into  brand   created  content.  
  21. 21. #ufx2016 @leeodden Ingredient  Contributions:  Marketo
  22. 22. #ufx2016 @leeodden Ingredients:  Internal  &  External   LinkedIn  Employees Content  Marketing  Influencers
  23. 23. #ufx2016 @leeodden Ingredients:  Extended  Content  &  Reach
  24. 24. #ufx2016 @leeodden B2B  Influencers  +  Events The  majority  of  content   comes  from  participating   influencers  with  the   expectation  of  promotion. Results:   1,084  registrations 626  leads 257  MQLs Source:  Killer  Content  Awards,  Demand  Gen  Report
  25. 25. #ufx2016 @leeodden B2B  Influencer  Campaigns Beat  Lead  Gen Goal  by  550%
  26. 26. #ufx2016 @leeodden Campaign  Extension  – Influencer  Shares
  27. 27. #ufx2016 @leeodden B2B  Influencer  Community @IBMCommerce IBM  turned  to  a  group  of   #NewWayToEngage Futurists:   Trusted  external  thought  leaders   with  a  record  of  innovation.
  28. 28. #ufx2016 @leeodden Influencer  Content  Framework 1.Define  Goals 2.Pick  Topics,  Content 3.Identify,  Qualify  &  Recruit   4.Collect  &  Co-­‐Create  Content 5.Inspire  Promotion 6.Performance  Feedback 7.Maintain  Relationships
  29. 29. #ufx2016 @leeodden Image  source:  Traackr Celebrity Authority Connector Personal Brand Analyst Activist Expert Insider Agitator Journalist
  30. 30. #ufx2016 @leeodden Reach Relevance Resonance Qualifying  Influence
  31. 31. #ufx2016 @leeodden In  B2B  Relationships  Are  the  Key
  32. 32. #ufx2016 @leeodden Ongoing  Influencer  Engagement Source:  Konstanze Alex-­‐Brown,  Dell  via  Social  Media  Explorer
  33. 33. #ufx2016 @leeodden Influencer  Marketing  Tools Identify Qualify Recruit ManageEngage Measure Optimize
  34. 34. #ufx2016 @leeodden Influencer  Marketing  Marketplaces @intellifluence @SWAY_Marketing @fango_me @webfluenti_al @tapfluence @CollectiveBias @Crowdtap @grapevinelogic Brand/Agency Influencers Marketplace­‐marketplaces
  35. 35. #ufx2016 @leeodden Influencer  Marketing  Platforms @traackr @scribblelive @onalytica @grouphigh @getLittleBird @ShelfInc @brandwatch @Markerly­‐mktg-­‐platforms/ Brand/Agency Influencers Mutual  Goals
  36. 36. #ufx2016 @leeodden Influencer  Relationship  Management Brand Mentions, SOV Top Impacters, Engagers Influencer Relationship Funnel Image  Source:  Traackr (client)
  37. 37. #ufx2016 @leeodden Influencer  Integration:  Content,  Social,  SEO
  38. 38. If  you  want  B2B   content  to  be  great,   invite  influencers  to   participate! @leeodden Photo:  Shutterstock
  39. 39. #ufx2016 @leeodden Takeaways Why:  Decide  why  IM  makes  sense  for  your  biz Who:  Dedicate  staff,  identify  right  influencers     What:  Make  amazing  content  of  mutual  value Where:  Integrate  influencer  content  across  content  channels  
  40. 40. #ufx2016 @leeodden Thank  You! @LeeOdden 1  877  872  6628 Learn  More! Download: