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Uncovering the Mystery of High-Converting Demand Generation Experiences


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What's the secret to high-converting demand generation campaigns?

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Uncovering the Mystery of High-Converting Demand Generation Experiences

  1. 1. @uberflip Uncovering the Mystery of High-Converting Demand Experiences Christine Otsuka Senior Content Marketing Manager Uberflip
  2. 2. @uberflip | #fastfwd18 Zombies, heads up! Recording + Slides will be emailed to you.
  3. 3. @uberflip WHY do we nurture leads?
  4. 4. @uberflip They don’t know us.
  5. 5. @uberflip Hi, nice to meet you. Want to get married?
  6. 6. Nurture Experience Playbook We don’t know them.
  7. 7. @uberflip 61% of B2B marketers send all leads directly to sales, despite only 27% of those leads being qualified. Shocking Fact:
  8. 8. @uberflip Yay… MQLs...
  9. 9. @uberflip WHEN do we nurture leads?
  10. 10. @uberflip ● Post-download ● Post-webinar ● Post-event ● Email subscription ● Re-engagement campaign ● Email drip course ● Close lost Pre-Sale Post-Sale ● Customer onboarding ● Product adoption ● Renewal campaign ● Re-engagement campaign ● New feature release ● Customer education / drip course ● Customer engagement ● Customer advocacy ● Win back
  11. 11. @uberflip HOW do we build high-converting demand experiences?
  12. 12. Multi-Channel Cadence (ie. Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly) - How many emails, ads, direct mail, social messages are you leveraging, and at what cadence? Personalized Content (ie. Persona, Funnel Stage, Job Function) - What qualities trigger certain content to be delivered? Focus on Experience (ie. Content experience, nurture stream, recommended content, CTAs - What’s next? Measuring Success (ie. demo request, event registration, MQL conversion) - What would you consider success here? Keys to Building High Engagement
  13. 13. A Multi-Channel Cadence
  14. 14. @uberflip What We Often See
  15. 15. @uberflip What Should Happen (Inbox) Report Download Thank you and call out relevant material Follow-up Content [Blog Post] Follow-up Content [Video] TOFU TOFU Follow-up Content [Blog Post] Follow-up Content [Interactive] Follow-up Content [Webinar] Follow-up Content [Case Study] TOFU MOFU MOFU BOFU
  16. 16. @uberflip Outside the Inbox: Multi-Channel Demand Experience Report Download Post-download email sequence Retargeting ad campaign Dynamic website content Prompted Chatbots Content Recommendations Direct Mail Offer
  17. 17. @uberflip Report Download BOFU Outside the Inbox: Multi-Channel Demand Experience
  18. 18. @uberflip Personalized Content
  19. 19. @uberflip What We Often See
  20. 20. @uberflip What Should Happen Direct them into the most relevant sequence Enters your database PERSONA FUNNEL STAGE TECHNOGRAPHY
  22. 22. High-Converting Experience Where are we sending leads?
  23. 23. @uberflip Make the click count.
  24. 24. @uberflip The way you gate content matters. Putting a CTA overtop of your content has a 17 percent conversion rate! (That’s 7x the conversion rate of a traditional landing page) The Content Experience Report, 2018
  25. 25. @uberflip What about ungated content?
  26. 26. @uberflip Power personalized content recommendations through AI
  27. 27. @uberflip Contextualize your CTAs
  28. 28. And experiment! We’ve been doing our own experimentation...
  29. 29. @uberflip We call them nurture destinations
  30. 30. Measuring Success What does success mean?
  31. 31. @uberflip M E T R I C S Channel Engagement Metrics ● Email - Open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribe rates ● Ads - Impressions, view-throughs, click-throughs ● Social - retweets, likes, comments, click-throughs ● Chatbot - conversation length, click-throughs Revenue Metrics ● Marketing qualified leads ● Sales qualified leads ● Influenced opportunities ● Pipeline ● Closed won leads ● Closed lost leads
  32. 32. @uberflip Question: What would you want to receive after attending a webinar? A call from a salesperson. Just the recording, please. More content on the same topic. Personalized nurture stream
  34. 34.
  35. 35. @uberflip | #conex @christineotsuka @uberflip | #conex Christine Otsuka Senior Content Marketing Manager Uberflip