The 7 Deadly Sins Of Marketing Automation


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These 7 marketing automation sins are a sure way to end up in content marketing hell.

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The 7 Deadly Sins Of Marketing Automation

  2. While they’re not as wicked as the original deadly sins…
  3. While they’re not as wicked as the original deadly sins…
  4. Marketing automation mistakes can surely lead you to sales and marketing hell
  5. Here’s a list with the most common marketing automation sins
  6. Without a strategy or goal, marketing automation is bound to be the white elephant in the company. You need to chalk out your sales funnel and see how automation can help you nurture and convert prospects into loyal customers. 1) NOT HAVING A STRATEGY
  7. USING ONLY EMAIL According to a report by Focus, 75% of marketing automation users do not leverage the platform to its fulI potential. If you only want to send out email blasts of your newsletter, use an email service provider. It would likely cost less than half of what your automation software does. 2)  
  8. 3) EXCLUDING OTHER TEAMS Get your sales team involved before the marketing automation platform is implemented. They can help you figure out your sales funnel and its key stages, build an accurate lead scoring frame work, and suggest highly relevant content ideas. Better automation means less hassle for sales and more closed deals!
  9. SELLING INSTEAD OF NURTURING Your audience is exposed to thousands of messages every day. Using your content as just another avenue to make a sales pitch is a great way to have it ignored. Once you’ve nurtured leads and built relationships, then you can focus on pitching your product. 4)  
  10. 5) NOT CREATING ENOUGH CONTENT Have a team in place to consistently pump out highly targeted content focused on all stages of the sales funnel and its buyer personas. Blogs, webinars, videographics, case studies - valuable content is the cornerstone of marketing automation. It can attract subscribers, help earn their respect, establish credibility, and turn them into paying customers.
  11. TRACKING THE WRONG METRICS According to a recent report by Pepper, 57% of brands measure ROI for marketing automation using response metrics (e.g. open rates, clicks, etc). Instead, marketers should focus on KPIs that show a direct impact on their business goals (e.g. leads, sign ups, sales). 6)  
  12. Marketing automation doesn’t mean putting your content out there without a second thought. In order to ensure that your efforts are effective, your campaigns should be constantly tested, analyzed, and recalibrated. Running everything on autopilot is a surefire recipe for low engagement and failure. 7) RUNNING ON AUTOPILOT
  13. Avoid committing these mistakes and experience the warm feeling of knowing that your sales funnel is a clear road to leads and conversions.
  14. In other words, go straight to Marketing Heaven
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