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Ready, Aim, Flip! Flipping Your Funnels for Account-Based Marketing at Scale


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Account-based marketing is laser-focused B2B marketing. Once you've made the decision to flip the old lead-based sales funnel on its head with ABM and identify your best-fit accounts, your sales & marketing (or "smarketing") team will be aligned like never before.

In this ABM Hacks session with Terminus' Sangram Vajre, you will learn:

- How to identify best-fit accounts and expand your reach within an account
- How to engage contacts on their terms
- How to execute an ABM playbook
- How to accelerate sales pipeline velocity and grow new revenue

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Ready, Aim, Flip! Flipping Your Funnels for Account-Based Marketing at Scale

  1. 1. @uberflip#ABMHacks @Terminus Sangram  Vajre CMO  &  Co-­Founder,  Terminus @sangramvajre READY, AIM, FLIP! FLIPPING YOUR FUNNELS FOR ACCOUNT-BASED MARKETING AT SCALE Victoria  Hoffman Content  Marketing  Manager,  Uberflip @victoriahoffman
  2. 2. @uberflip#ABMHacks @Terminus JOIN IN ON WE WILL SEND THE RECORDING. Questions?  We’ve  got  answers!   (At  the  end  of  the  webinar  J)
  3. 3. @uberflip#ABMHacks @Terminus STICK AROUND FOR A DEMO
  4. 4. @uberflip#ABMHacks @Terminus Meet the Expert Street  Cred: • Author  of  “Account-­Based  Marketing   For  Dummies” • Founder  of  #FlipMyFunnel • Former  Head  of  Marketing  at  Pardot • Top  B2B  #MarTech  CMO  to  follow   on  Twitter  (Forbes) Sangram Vajre CMO & Co-Founder @Terminus
  5. 5. @uberflip#ABMHacks @Terminus Let’s get hacking!
  6. 6. @uberflip#ABMHacks @Terminus Knowledge is Power Less   than  1%   of  the  leads  turn   into  customers —Forrester   Research   Less   than  2%   of  the  cold  calls   result  in   appointment — LeadJob In  B2B,  on   average  7   people   are  involved  in   most  buying   decision — Gartner  
  7. 7. @uberflip#ABMHacks @Terminus #FlipMyFunnel Traditional Funnel ABM Funnel
  8. 8. @uberflip#ABMHacks @Terminus Remember  the  formula  for  velocity? Velocity  =   Distance/Time How fast  can  we  get  an  account  through  the  buyer’s  journey   to  become  a  customer? Hack #1: Pipeline Velocity
  9. 9. @uberflip#ABMHacks @Terminus Identify Find your best-fit customers
  10. 10. @uberflip#ABMHacks @Terminus Expand Focus on the right people
  11. 11. @uberflip#ABMHacks @Terminus Velocity  =   Distance/Time • High  Impact: Accounts  to   close  within  30  days • Medium  Impact: Close  this   quarter • Low  Impact: Close  next   quarter
  12. 12. @uberflip#ABMHacks @Terminus
  13. 13. @uberflip#ABMHacks @Terminus Since  we’re  talking  about  formulas… Engagement  =   Right  Content  +  Right  Channels Hack #2: Engaging Accounts On Their Terms
  14. 14. @uberflip#ABMHacks @Terminus Hack #2: Engaging Accounts On Their Terms • Right  Channels: Mobile,  Social,   Web,  Video,  Direct  Mail • Right  Time:  Based  on  stage • Right  Person: The  influencers  &   decision-­markers  in  the  account
  15. 15. Low Touch High Touch Low Tech High Tech • Sponsoring  big  events • Print  advertising • Display  advertising  on  social   (Twitter,  Facebook,  etc.) • Content  marketing • Thought  leadership  ebooks • Webinars • Email  nurturing • Personalized  videos • Customer  success  webinars • Direct  mail • Sales  calls • Doing  small,  targeted  events • Customer/industry  specific   webinars
  16. 16. @uberflip#ABMHacks @Terminus 1st chapter of Account-Based MarketingFor Dummies: Resources
  17. 17. @uberflip#ABMHacks @Terminus QUESTION TIME! Sangram  Vajre CMO  &  Co-­founder,  Terminus @sangramvajre Victoria  Hoffman Content  Marketing  Manager,  Uberflip @victoriahoffman
  18. 18. @uberflip#ABMHacks @Terminus
  19. 19. @uberflip#ABMHacks @Terminus