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Launching and Scaling an Account Based Marketing Strategy: Implementing the Right Way


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Learn how to launch and scale an Account Based Marketing Strategy.

Published in: Marketing
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Launching and Scaling an Account Based Marketing Strategy: Implementing the Right Way

  1. 1. Launching & Scaling an Account Based Marketing Strategy Implementing the Right Way
  2. 2. ABOUT THE SPEAKERS Nolin LeChasseur CMO & Partner, Brainrider Jessica Fewless VP ABM Strategy & Field Marketing, Demandbase Heidi Vandermeer Account Based Marketing Manager, Uberflip
  9. 9. THE IMPACT OF ABM ABM LIFT ON SEVERAL METRICS 3.98 4.00 4.02 4.14 4.20 4.31 4.64 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 Customer Retention Rate Initial Contract Value Close Rate Return on Sales & Mktng. Investment Upsell/Cross-sell Overall LTV Alignment Between Sales & Marketing ABM OUTPERFORMS TRADITIONAL METHODS B2B Marketers Are Realizing Greater Benefits From ABM Across Multiple Areas TOPO: ABM State of the Market ABM provides much greater benefit than traditional approach ABM and traditional are same Traditional approach benefit is much greater
  10. 10. 3.89 3.81 4.12 4.15 3.70 4.23 4.44 4.17 4.18 4.30 4.32 4.38 4.39 4.87 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 4.5 5 Customer Retention Rate Initial Contract Value Close Rate Return on Sales & Mktg. Investment Upsell/Cross-sell Overall LTV Alignment Between Sales & Marketing 1 yr+ <1yr THE IMPACT OF ABM ABM LIFT INCREASES OVER TIME TOPO: ABM State of the Market ABM provides much greater benefit than traditional approach ABM and traditional are same Traditional approach benefit is much greater ABM BENEFITS INCREASE OVER TIME The Benefits Of ABM vs. Traditional Marketing are More Pronounced as you Scale Your Efforts
  11. 11. ABM PILOT ADOPTION PATH SCALEEXPANDPILOT Partner with a group of Sales Reps Expand target account list ABM strategy to target accounts & segments Partner with one Sales Rep Small target account list ABM strategy to target accounts Sales and Marketing Partnership Comprehensive target account list Full ABM rollout across Sales and Marketing
  12. 12. ABM PILOT PLAN 3 STEPS TO A SUCCESSFUL PILOT STEP 3 Measure impact and identify improvements. • Account goals • Influenced pipeline • Campaign lift • How to expand STEP 2 Customize touch points for each account. • Digital ads • LPs, Forms, Emails • Content assets • Website content STEP 1 Engage sales partner to formulate plan. • 90 days • 1 account exec • 5-10 accounts • 2-3 key metrics
  13. 13. TIER CUSTOMIZE BY Account # of Employees Annual Revenue Vertical/Industry/SIC Geography Buying group Need/Pain/Challenge Timing Budget (Intent) Individual Buying group role Department/function Device Priority vs. other work ADOPTING ABM TARGETING & CUSTOMIZATION TIERS
  14. 14. ABM PILOT HOW TO CUSTOMIZE DIGITAL ADVERTISING • Targeting parameters • Ad creative • Offers • CTAs WEBSITE CONTENT • Headings • Navigation • Images • Conversion points LANDING PAGES, FORMS & EMAILS • Custom copy & Images • Lookalike customer logos or testimonials for social proof • Custom CTA language CONTENT ASSETS • Titles • Cover pages • Background images • Jargon TARGET ACCOUNT LIST
  16. 16. © 2017 DEMANDBASE|SLIDE 16 ARE YOU READY FOR SCALE? Do you have a successful model or pilot? YES NO Why Not? Refine & try again Scaling Check List Scaling Playbook
  17. 17. © 2017 DEMANDBASE|SLIDE 17 ABM IS A COMPREHENSIVE DEMAND GEN STRATEGY  Select your approaches to match:  Revenue Goals  Business Objectives  Strategic Initiatives  Business Model  Budget Optimization 1:1 1:Few 1:Many Each tier provides different value to the business
  18. 18. © 2017 DEMANDBASE|SLIDE 18 WHERE TO SCALE?  TAM: All companies that could buy from you  TARGET MARKET: Accounts that are suitable clients – meet your ICP  TARGET ACCOUNT LIST: Our focus of XXXX accounts – XX accounts per sales rep, and those showing buying intent  AE TOP ACCTS: Top XX% of the Target Account List that is the primary focus for Sales & Marketing  OPPORTUNITY: Any account that is engaged in a Sales Cycle – MQL+ TAM Target Market Target Accts AE Top Accts Opportunity/ Customers
  19. 19. © 2017 DEMANDBASE|SLIDE 19 ABM IS A TEAM SPORT! Marketing OperationsSales Senior leaders in… Build Your ABM Leadership Team
  20. 20. © 2017 DEMANDBASE|SLIDE 20 WHAT KIND OF ORGANIZATION WILL YOU BUILD? CentralizedDecentralized Hub and Spoke Honeycomb Additional skills and knowledge: • Customer and market intelligence • Sales collaboration • Data, insights, and analysis • Customer success
  21. 21. © 2017 DEMANDBASE|SLIDE 21 PUT THE TARGET ACCOUNT LIST TO WORK Can we sponsor just the events that attract our target accounts AND will give us a speaking slot? Fewer events; greater ROI Can we personalize our website to deliver relevant content and keep target accounts on our site longer? Optimize for the 15% TARGET ACCOUNT LIST EVENTS DIGITAL CAMPAIGNS How can we engage customers and speed the pathway to upsell and renewal? Expand customer relationships CUSTOMER MARKETING FIELD MARKETING Which regions contain the highest concentration of target accounts? Set the strategy; don’t be reactive
  22. 22. © 2017 DEMANDBASE|SLIDE 22 WHAT PLAYS DO YOU MAKE FOR YOUR ROLLOUT?  TAM: $  Tactics: National tradeshows, webinars, videos, infographics and ebooks  TARGET MARKET: $  Tactics: TAM tactics + nurture campaigns, segment personalization, Corporate Event  TARGET ACCOUNT LIST: $$  Tactics: TARGET tactics + Contact Acquisition + Advertising, Discounts to events  AE TOP ACCTS: $$$  Tactics: TARGET ACCOUNT tactics + Direct Mail, Field Activities like VIP Dinners, High Value/High Touch offers  OPPORTUNITY: $$$$  Tactics: AE TOP ACCT tactics + First priority for field programs, FREE offers for events, 1-off DM $ = Spend per account. Shown for scale, not precision TAM Target Market Target Accounts AE Top Accts Opportunity/ Customer
  23. 23. © 2017 DEMANDBASE # 23 WHERE TO GET OR OPTIMIZE BUDGET? FIELD MARKETING Hospitality Events WEBSITE CRM MAS/MAP DMPs Analytics Predictive TECHNOLOGY / INFRASTRUCTURE DEMAND GEN Sponsorships: Events Sponsorships: Content Digital Events: Webinars Advertising SEM Content Syndication/ 3rd party Networks Paid Social Direct Mail CONTENT MARKETING PRODUCT MARKETING PR/ANALYST AGENCY FEES Testing Design Paid Social SEM
  25. 25. © 2017 DEMANDBASE|SLIDE 25 Enabling Leadership Team Enabling Marketing Enabling Sales Enabling Operations SCALING ABM: PLAYBOOK
  26. 26. © 2017 DEMANDBASE|SLIDE 26 You cannot buy your way into an ABM strategy ABM + TECHNOLOGY
  27. 27. © 2017 DEMANDBASE|SLIDE 27 TECHNOLOGY CAN HELP  Infrastructure: how do you track and execute your ABM strategy?  Account Selection: how do you get the RIGHT list in place?  Engagement: how do you get a relevant message to your targets?  Sales Enablement: Marketing’s done their job, how do you make sure Sales gets it over the finish line?  Measurement: How do you know what’s working? What’s not? What’s next?
  28. 28. Launching ABM at 2. Customized touch points for accounts. 3. Measured and improved1. Engaged sales to formulate plan.
  29. 29. Launching ABM at 2. Customized touch points for accounts. 3. Measured and improved Plot twist: Hired the salesperson for ABM! 1. Engaged sales to formulate plan.
  30. 30. Personalization and relevance are key to ABM
  31. 31. Source: Marketo “The State Of Engagement” Report
  32. 32. “Leads nurtured with personalized content tend to lead to 20% more sales opportunities” - Demand Gen report
  33. 33. Optimizing Content for ABM Micro Optimize the individual piece of content for your goals Macro Optimize overall experience (where does your content live?)
  34. 34. Content Audit Audit Existing Content Two Angles: Audit Content Experience 1 2
  35. 35. Audit Existing Content1 • We had 1000s of content assets • Identified content based on industry, persona, role, account, stage, and individuals • Low-hanging fruit: Case studies, customer stories, eBooks • We launched an initial ABM campaign using existing content, and adding customization
  36. 36. • Where does your content live? • Can you organize it to be more easily found by industry, persona, role, account, stage, and individual? • Low-hanging fruit: Re-organize existing content to be more relevant & engaging to account segments 2 Audit Content Experience
  37. 37. Your Content Top of the Funnel Middle of the Funnel Bottom of the Funnel By Topic By Type By Vertical By Persona By Account
  38. 38. lead generation Optimize for targeted
  39. 39. Based on Tier • Used different account segments (& stage) to determine investment level of time, money, and resources • E.g. at Uberflip: o Tier 1: By account, individual o Tier 2: By industry, persona, tech o Tier 3: Regular inbound strategy, + industry/persona related content Account Value ($) Effortinvested Tier: 3 2 1
  40. 40. STAGE Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Cold - Direct mail offers, to 1-5 people 2x per quarter for each account - Targeted ads per account - Custom digital assets - Account plans - Regular inbound - Additional marketing targeting, ads for accounts with MAP - Regular inbound strategy only Engaged - Targeted ads per account - Direct mail plays - Limited direct mail plays (dependant on persona & situation) - Sales-lead Opportunity - Targeted ads per account - Creative direct mail if prospects are “going cold” - Custom digital assets - Targeted ads per account (only if at validation stage or higher & opp value) - Notes & cards - Limited direct mail Post-Sale - Thank you package & note - Thank you package & note - Thank you package Example: ABM Strategy Based on Tier + Stage
  41. 41. CAMPAIGN 1DCAMPAIGN 1A CAMPAIGN 1B CAMPAIGN 1C Outcome: CTR of 6-13% with target accounts!
  42. 42. Enable sales with the right content at the right time
  43. 43. A technology sales professional spends… 17h a week or 106 sales days a year developing client presentations looking for marketing collateral searching for customer information outside the organization 8h 5h 4h … wasting almost Source: EMI Industry Intelligence Report
  44. 44. Enable Sales with Content • Get in sync o Content & sales meetings o Sales contributions + ideas • Create collections of content that are easy to access + distribute for sales • Collect feedback from sales regularly on what’s working for all stages of buyer’s journey
  45. 45. Key Takeaways • Beginning a pilot • Engage sales to formulate plan • Customize touchpoints for each account • Measure impact & optimize for improvements • Scaling your ABM strategy • Identify scope, goals, metrics, & target accounts • Create marketing mix: Use tech to help • Review, iterate, and scale • Personalizing at scale • Audit existing content (micro) and its experience (macro). • Optimize demand generation with personalization • Provide sales the right content @ the right time
  46. 46. The recording will be sent out soon.