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How VersionOne Engaged with 88% of Target Accounts for ABM


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Jodi Lebow, VersionOne’s Director of Demand Generation and Marketing Operations, shares insights on engaging target accounts for ABM by creating personalized content experiences with Uberflip, and how her team won the SiriusDecisions ABM Program of the Year award.

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How VersionOne Engaged with 88% of Target Accounts for ABM

  1. 1. 1 Randy Frisch President & CMO Uberflip Jodi Lebow Director of Demand Generation and Marketing Operations
  2. 2. CMA Pipecon People increasingly expect a personalized experience. The Effect
  3. 3. CMA Pipecon Curated lists
  4. 4. CMA Pipecon Content by topic
  5. 5. CMA Pipecon Tailored to expectations
  6. 6. CMA Pipecon AI Powered Streams
  7. 7. CMA Pipecon Has more than 100 million users & 30 million songs
  8. 8. CMA Pipecon What does this mean for marketers?
  9. 9. CMA Pipecon Marketers need to align their marketing journeys with consumer expectations.
  10. 10. CMA Pipecon of B2B marketers anticipate they will create more content in 2018 vs 2017 70% — 2017 Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends—North America, 2017 Content Marketing Institute What does this mean for marketers?
  11. 11. CMA Pipecon of content churned out by B2B marketing departments today sits unused. 60–70% — 2014 SiriusDecisions What does this mean for marketers?
  12. 12. CMA Pipecon
  13. 13. CMA Pipecon We Need a Framework to Start Marketing Our Content
  14. 14. CMA Pipecon We need to align content at every stage of the buyer journey Resource Center Account-Based Marketing Campaigns & Microsites Knowledge Base Tailored Content Hub Account Management Prospecting & ABS Pipeline Acceleration
  15. 15. CMA Pipecon #conex
  16. 16. How VersionOne Engaged with 88% of Target Accounts for ABM Jodi Lebow Director of Demand Generation and Marketing Operations
  17. 17. ABM is a Journey
  18. 18. Our ABM Philosophy Not “all ‘bout MARKETING” SDR-Marketing alignment ALLBOUND strategy Multi-pronged approach Tailored and personalized messages
  19. 19. About CollabNet VersionOne
  20. 20. Our Challenges Delayed engagement “Always on” mindset No central location to distribute content Cumbersome landing pages Scaling personalization = impossible Hard to reach decision makers
  21. 21. Webinar No Central Location
  22. 22. Restrictive Event Follow Up
  23. 23. Impossible to Personalize at Scale
  24. 24. That’s when we met the team at
  25. 25. “Uberflip helps you tailor content experiences for all of your target accounts at scale, and optimize the entire experience—without depending on IT.” The Best Summary of Uberflip
  26. 26. Central Location for Marketing-Approved Content
  27. 27. Marketing Can Easily Segment Content
  28. 28. Scale Personalized Experiences for ABM
  29. 29. Sales Can Create Relevant Content Experiences for Individual Prospects
  30. 30. Create Engaging Event Destinations
  31. 31. Thought Leadership Made Easy
  32. 32. The results we’ve seen with
  33. 33. 124% increase in lead conversion
  34. 34. 88% of target accounts engaged with content - 440% over target
  35. 35. 23% of new enterprise bookings came from target accounts
  36. 36. The VersionOne Team Received ABM Program of the Year Award from SiriusDecisions
  37. 37. Bringing it all together...
  38. 38. Thought Leadership Made Easy Central Location for Content Scale Personalized Experiences Allow Sales to Share Relevant Content Allow Marketers to be Nimble Engaging Event Destinations
  39. 39. ABM is a journey. Get going, execute, make mistakes, learn, keep going, iterate.
  40. 40. Where to Start? 1. Align with Sales 2. Understand your Personas 3. Content Audit
  41. 41. @fishuw Jodi Lebow Director of Demand Generation and Marketing Operations