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How to Build a B2B Social Content Calendar


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Social media is still a powerful distribution channel for B2B content, but a number of challenges arise when trying to effectively schedule content on social. How can you ensure that your social content cuts through the noise, is aligned with your overall marketing initiatives, and actually resonates with your audience?

Leveraging a social content calendar will help improve your impact on social media, as well as increase your social marketing productivity.

In this presentation, Sprout Social shares their tactical tips for building an effective B2B social content calendar.

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How to Build a B2B Social Content Calendar

  1. 1. @uberflip#uberwebinar How to Build a B2B Social Content Calendar Hana  Abaza VP  Marketing,  Uberflip @hanaabaza Michael  Patterson Digital  Marketing,  Sprout  Social @MPatterson22
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  4. 4. #UBERWEBINAR Overview Why You Need to Share Content on Social • The Benefits of a Social Content Calendar • 5 Steps to Build Your Own Unique Workflow • Using Tools to Schedule Months of Content • Q & A &
  5. 5. To Increase Following Share content to boost your reach and increase the exposure you need to grow a bigger social following. Why You Need to Post Rich Content to Social To Boost Engagement Engagement is important to increase your loyal following, even for B2B companies. Posts facilitate interactions. To Generate Leads A good deal of B2B companies have longer marketing/sales cycles, so leads become more important than one-off sales. To Establish Leadership Posting original, thought- provoking content will set your brand apart from others in your industry. &#UBERWEBINAR
  6. 6. Saving Time Creating and scheduling multiple social posts simultaneously can help save hours of time on social. The Benefits of a Social Content Calendar Planning Campaigns Social media messages can spark conversations with fans and followers, building deeper relationships. Crafting Timely Content You can use social media to share links to gated content in order to drive new leads. Maintaining Sanity Posting original, thought- provoking content will set you apart from others in your industry. &#UBERWEBINAR
  7. 7. To Save Time That’s 2 hours a day crafting content x 10 minutes per social post 12 social posts &#UBERWEBINAR
  8. 8. Planning Campaigns &#UBERWEBINAR
  9. 9. Crafting Timely Content &#UBERWEBINAR
  10. 10. Maintaining Your Sanity &#UBERWEBINAR
  11. 11. 5 Steps to Build Your Own Unique Workflow &#UBERWEBINAR
  12. 12. 1. Establish a Posting Cadence &#uberwebinar
  13. 13. How often should you post? • Post ____ times to Facebook. • Post ____ times to Twitter. • Post ____ times to Instagram. • Post ____ times to LinkedIn. • Post ____ times to Google+. Via SumAll & Buffer #uberwebinar &
  14. 14. Post Quality If you’re sharing quality, though-provoking content you can get away with sharing more often. Cadence Considerations Your Industry If you find the days you post more frequently lead to less engagement, consider scaling back. Post Engagement Certain industries, such as tech or retail, have audiences that are more active on social media. Annoyance Level Be mindful of what and how often you share. Would you follow yourself on social media? &#UBERWEBINAR
  15. 15. 2. Figure Out Which Networks Work &#uberwebinar
  16. 16. • Presentation Title
  17. 17. &#uberwebinar
  18. 18. • Presentation Title Digging Out Your Data
  19. 19. 3. Figure Out What Content Resonates &#uberwebinar
  20. 20. Access Your Post History • Use Facebook’s Page Insights • Use Twitter’s Analytics Page • Use Sprout’s Social Media Reporting #uberwebinar
  21. 21. Study Your Past Message Performance Sprout Social Twitter Analytics &#uberwebinar
  22. 22. Links Links to articles or blog posts created by your company or an adjacent source. Figure Out What Post Types Perform Well Photos According to Twitter, photos receive an average 35% boost in Retweets. Videos The same study shows videos receive an average of 28% boost in Retweets. Text-Based Posts Your run-of-the-mill social media statuses comprised of only text. Offers Any sort of contest or giveaway offering your followers a chance to win. Gifs More networks are creating functionality to share gifs in your feed. Quotes Inspirational quotes from famous figures or those that you work with. Hashtags Whether they’re trending hashtags or hashtags you’ve created in-house. &#uberwebinar
  23. 23. Mentions & Replies Messages mentioning others or directed right to those who have messaged you. Figure Out What Content Performs Well Company Updates Updates from your company, whether that’s a new feature or press release. Blog Posts Articles that you’ve written or that you’ve found on relevant sites. eBooks & Webinars Content that invites your users to download your latest eBooks or webinars. &#uberwebinar
  24. 24. Figure Out Which Topics Perform Well &#uberwebinar
  25. 25. 4. Source Quality Content at Scale &#uberwebinar
  26. 26. Internal Sources • 1. Your company’s blog. • 2. User-Generated Content. • 3. eBooks, Webinars and other resources. • 4. Product announcements and updates. • 5. Fresh imagery from your design team. #uberwebinar
  27. 27. Use an Image Editor &#uberwebinar
  28. 28. Canva &#uberwebinar
  29. 29. Adobe Spark &#uberwebinar
  30. 30. Sprout & Adobe Integration &#uberwebinar
  31. 31. We had fun with the new integration… &#uberwebinar
  32. 32. Feedly • 1. Create topics based on each of your interests. • 2. Follow thought-leaders in each specific space. • 3. Content is automatically streamed to your Feedly page. • 4. Share content you think your following will enjoy. #uberwebinar
  33. 33. Buzzsumo • 1. Type in a topic or domain relevant to the content you’d like to share. • 2. Buzzsumo returns the most socially shared content given your selected timeframe. • 3. Start collecting links to content you’d like to share. #uberwebinar
  34. 34. 1. You know how frequently to post content. 2. You know which networks you should maintain. 3. You know what kind of content to post. 4. You know where to source content to keep up. Up to This Point… &
  35. 35. 5. Start Filling Out Your Calendar &#uberwebinar
  36. 36. 1. Calendar Tools Create recurring events in your calendar of choice to remind you when it’s time to post pre-made content. Start Filling Your Content Calendar 2. Templates Build an Excel doc or Google Sheet and use it to store your upcoming social media posts. 3. Workflow Tools Workflow tools make it easy to create and track events with detailed information. 4. Social Media Tools Social tools let you create, store and schedule your messages to automatically post to networks. &#uberwebinar
  37. 37. • Google Calendar, iCalendar • Advantages: easy to access, collaborative, new calendars for each profile, free. • Disadvantages: difficult to scale, tedious to manage, still need to manually post. 1. Calendar Tools &#uberwebinar
  38. 38. • Hubpost Social Calendar Template • Advantages: easy to master, collaborative, granular, inclusive advice, campaign info and free. • Disadvantages: not as easy to scale, still need to manually post content. 2. Social Calendar Templates &#uberwebinar
  39. 39. • Trello, Basecamp, Slack, Asana • Advantages: add much more information, tag teammates, calendar views, easy workflows, roll up into all project management and mostly free. • Disadvantages: still need to manually post content, sometimes costs. 3. Workflow Tools &#uberwebinar
  40. 40. • Facebook, Twitter. • Advantages: directly with the networks, free. • Disadvantages: not as easy to scale, not all network availability, logging in and out of networks. 4. Native Social Networks &#uberwebinar
  41. 41. • Sprout is one! • Advantages: schedule to post directly to multiple networks and profiles, optimized timing tagging, calendar views and reporting. • Disadvantages: cost, a bit more of a learning curve. 5. Social Media Management Tools &#uberwebinar
  42. 42. @uberflip#uberwebinar QUESTION TIME! Michael  Patterson Digital  Marketing  Specialist,  Sprout  Social @MPatterson22 Hana  Abaza VP  Marketing,  Uberflip @hanaabaza