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Creating Content for Sales Enablement


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You’re probably creating content with the goal of generating demand and collecting leads, but are you also creating content to arm your Sales Team?

As marketers, we can’t forget that content can also support Sales, equipping them with the support materials and selling tools that they need to succeed.

Browse through our slides to read more about creating content that your Sales Teams can use to close more deals. You'll learn about:
- Different ways to leverage content for sales enablement
- Aligning content creation with insight from Sales
- Creating content to educate prospects and manage objections

Published in: Marketing
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Creating Content for Sales Enablement

  1. 1. Content is for Closers How To Use Content For Sales Enablement Jon Henderson Business Development Hana Abaza Director of Marketing #uberwebinar
  2. 2. HOUSEKEEPING Questions? We’ll answer them at the end! @HanaAbaza @JHendy #uberwebinar We will be sending the recording. Stick around for a demo of Uberflip after the webinar. Tweet us using #uberwebinar
  3. 3. WHY BLOG? Lower acquisition cost (up to 80% drop in 5 months) Educate (existing & potential) customers Increase retention (reduce churn) Enable Sales (close deals faster) @HanaAbaza @JHendy #uberwebinar
  4. 4. @HanaAbaza @JHendy #uberwebinar Forget Coffee CONTENT IS FOR CLOSERS
  5. 5. But, 76% of Content Marketers Forget About Sales Enablement (!) @HanaAbaza @JHendy #uberwebinar
  6. 6. Align content creation with insight from sales. Creating content that manages objections. Get your sales team to actually use it! @HanaAbaza @JHendy #uberwebinar
  7. 7. @HanaAbaza @JHendy #uberwebinar But first, lay a solid foundation!
  8. 8.  Key Messaging  Buyer Personas  Create a Content Strategy @HanaAbaza @JHendy #uberwebinar >
  9. 9. @HanaAbaza @JHendy #uberwebinar Align Content With Insight From Sales
  10. 10.  Talk to your sales team!  Ask questions  Communicate regularly @HanaAbaza @JHendy #uberwebinar
  11. 11. Questions to Ask What are the top non-product related questions you get? @HanaAbaza @JHendy #uberwebinar What objections do you hear? What pain points do you hear repeatedly?
  12. 12. @HanaAbaza @JHendy #uberwebinar Create Content That Manages Objections
  13. 13.  Consistent language – no jargon!  Educational and solution oriented  Challenge the reader @HanaAbaza @JHendy #uberwebinar
  14. 14. @HanaAbaza @JHendy #uberwebinar
  15. 15. Get the sales team to actually use your content! @HanaAbaza @JHendy #uberwebinar
  16. 16. @HanaAbaza @JHendy #uberwebinar  Create a “quick list” (or Hub!)  Include links in email templates  Start a daily / weekly “marketing update”  Give a “heads up” when you’ve published a timely piece of content (gives sales a great excuse to reach out to a lead!)  Use a platform that helps you empower your sales team
  17. 17. THANK YOU! Questions? We’ve got answers! @uberflip #uberwebinar