X-Team: The Right Chemistry for Innovation


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X-Team means 'cross-functional' team, which includes business, technology and user representatives. This slides is 1st time presented in Taiwan UX Summer Meet on 25th, July, 2013. Visit http://uxdna.co for more UX related articles.

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X-Team: The Right Chemistry for Innovation

  1. 1. X-Team Arwen Hsiao | UX Researcher The Right Chemistry for Innovation!
  2. 2. ABOUT ME Arwen Hsiao | UX Researcher 4.5 years experience, including: o  Commercial & Consumer Segment o  Exploratory & Evaluative types o  UX Evangelization X-Team
  3. 3. WHY
 X-TEAM Emerging Needs With plenty of unchartered areas & uncertainties Complex Problem Requires advanced domain knowledge
  4. 4. WHY
 X-TEAM Innovation requires in-depth knowledge and agility.
  5. 5. The Golden
 Triangle Desirability Feasibility Usability
  6. 6. Business (Desirability) Technology (Feasibility) User (Usability) “X” is cross- Functional
  7. 7. Tied
 Together Research Business Technology User x Solution Team UX Designer Innovation!
  8. 8. HOW
 STEP BY STEP Establish the Goal Team Up Research Consolidate 1 2 3 4 o  Weekly sharing o  Field Study o  Persona o  Brainstorming
  9. 9. Establish the Goal Team Up Research Consolidate 1 2 3 4
  10. 10. Establish
 the Goal --- Goals Defined by Sponsor --- Goal-driven scope and schedule Identify critical customer needs Figure out key use cases Generate conceptual designs for killer features Phase I Phase II Phase III
  11. 11. Establish the Goal Team Up (Find the Heroes!) Research Consolidate 1 2 3 4 h"p://www.screenslam.com/top-­‐10-­‐best-­‐superhero-­‐costumes-­‐in-­‐film/2/  
  12. 12. FIND THE 
 HEROES Business Technology User x Product Manager Sales ... Support Internal User ... Domain Experts ...
  13. 13. INVITE AND
 INTERVIEW Small Team 2-3 representative for each dimension. Clear responsibility. Same Location Remove barriers of communication. Ensure attendance rate. Business Technology User x
  14. 14. INVITE AND
 INTERVIEW “ With great power, comes great responsibility! ”
  15. 15. INVITE AND
 INTERVIEW o  Market landscape o  Key problems o  Expectations Big Picture Available Resources Ad hoc Personas o  Literature o  Past research o  Connections o  User types o  Ecosystem o  User research focus
  16. 16. Establish the Goal Team Up Research Consolidate 1 2 3 4 o  Weekly sharing o  Field Study
  17. 17. WEEKLY
  19. 19. INTENSIVE
 USER RESEARCH Recruit Efficiently Continuous Discovery & Sharing Domain Knowledge & Terminology
  20. 20. MIND THE GAP Task Infrastructure Legal Market Language Culture Easy to Predict Hard to Predict BOOK: Global UX / 2011
  21. 21. Establish the Goal Team Up Research Activities Consolidate 1 2 3 4
  22. 22. WORKSHOP
  23. 23. PERSONA
 WORKSHOP Dump Findings Case Studies “User Task” o  Current Practice o  Pain Point o  Desire o  Philosophy Persona is a powerful communication tool, serving as containers to consolidate all kinds of user research data. Easy to share. Easy to arouse empathy.
  24. 24. PERSONA
 WORKSHOP Deep dive into the data A shared understanding for now & future From ad hoc to data-driven
  25. 25. PERSONA
 WORKSHOP Identify Problem Context Name the Groups Sort the Findings 1 2 3
  26. 26. RESULT: 
 MENTAL MODEL Turning Spot Timeline Stage 1 Stage 2 Different types of persona (Red dot) Persona tasks with pain points
 WORKSHOP Problem-driven designs & solutions Iterative brainstorming & refining Visualize ideas
  28. 28. Outcome
  29. 29. Outcomes Confident Solution Teams Rich Connections & Resources UCD Philosophy Diffusion Rapid Designs within Context
  30. 30. Limitation Time Location Sponsor 3-6 months Co-located Strong & Supportive
  31. 31. Takeaways:
 3 Dimensions Business Technology User x
  32. 32. Takeaways:
 4 Steps Establish the Goal Team Up Research Consolidate 1 2 3 4 o  Weekly sharing o  Field Study o  Persona o  Brainstorming
  33. 33. THE X SPIRIT Frequent Conversation Customer Insight Immersion The Right Chemistry for Innovation The xx / Coexist
  34. 34. THANK YOU arwen_hsiao@trend.com.tw Blog: UXDNA.co