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Tech Mother


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We come across dozens of design breakthroughs and technological innovations daily--so many that it's easy to miss important trends emerging in the chaos all around us and not connect the dots to see the BIG picture.

Here at The Institute for Customer Experience (ICE), we understand the business and design value of capturing the right trend insights at the right moment. We observe and analyzed trends in design, technology, and business, and keep our fingers on the pulse of the global zeitgeist. In this series of trendbriefs, we bring you alerts on what's trending in our world and their possible impact on our future.

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Tech Mother

  1. 1. ICE Breakers by 2 tention. Why Cry: Baby Crying Analyzer -Baby Zone courtesy of Disney Teddy - The Guardian - IMPACT ON UX • Designs will need to convey that they are safe, reliable, hygienic, helpful, etc. in order to induce trust in parents. • Should ensure a short learning curve. • ‘Motherly’ experiences - Interfaces need to be pleasing, playful, engaging, comforting, etc. for the child and they may need to emulate voice patterns, heartbeats, and other characteristics of human parents. • Adaptive UIs that change with the child’s moods and needs. Tech Mother “…perhaps robots will make parenting easier and thus more popular.” (New York Times, Aug. 2013) The Increasing Role of Technology in Baby Care Technology plays a pivotal role in many aspects of our lives. Baby care is not an exception. More and more families are embracing new technologies in the area of self quantification, health tracking and mobile apps to help them take care of their babies. Predic- tions show the rising importance and need of mobile technology in healthcare. Working parents who are unable to pay constant attention to their babies’ health are one of the most significant beneficiaries of health tracking technologies. With increasing working hours and better technologies the future of baby care will be in the hands of tech mothers. “Total number of women with dependent children in the workplace has leapt by almost a fifth since the mid 1990s.” (The Telegraph, Jan. 2014) During the first year of a baby's life, it is very difficult for new parents to understand why their baby is crying. The Why Cry baby crying analyzer interprets the various reasons for why your baby cries and displays the answer on an easy to ready LCD screen Teddy is a smart bear who has sensors built into his paw. When a child squeezes it, it collects heart rate, oxygen level, and body temperature data in about two to five seconds. It disguises what could be scary medical technology inside a soft toy.