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Scenarios for child play of the future


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Taking off our from our ICE breaker on Child's Play of the Future, here we present five futuristic scenarios of a highly intelligent and self-adapting toy and its interactions with a child.

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Scenarios for child play of the future

  1. 1. SCENARIOS FOR CHILD’S PLAY OFTHE FUTURE Author: Kalika Sharma | Visual Design: Paritosh Ursekar
  2. 2. Toy-Ro, an intelligent, self-adapting toy, is born on the day Remy 3Dprinted it as a 3-year-old so that she could make drawings on any surface. Then,Toy-Ro simply takes the shape of any surface Remy puts it on for drawing, and gets to know Remy, giving her inspiration with colors and patterns.
  3. 3. When Remy turns 5-years-old, there are a few months when her mother visits another city for work.Toy-Ro then adapts itself to be a drawing and inspiration board but also a connection for Remy with her mother whenever she wants. Toy-Ro also sends constant updates to Remy’s mother on her feed by the nanny and her location using a sensor that is placed on Remy.
  4. 4. Toy-Ro does a self-upgrade as Remy develops into a bright 7-year-old girl who always demands to be read a good bed-time story, even on nights when her parents are too busy. Toy-Ro then reads more detective stories, which Remy loves, and also includes Remy as an important character in the plot solving the mysteries in those stories.
  5. 5. At 10, Remy carries Toy-Ro around with her everywhere, even to school, and introduces Toy- Ro as her “best friend” who knows all her secrets and is a great playmate and helper. Even when playing hopscotch with her friends,Toy-Ro adapts its hop-scotch board to each friend’s height.Toy-Ro is super at adapting to any physical game indoors or outdoors.
  6. 6. As Remy grows up to be 12-years-old,Toy-Ro had also befriended her teachers of different subjects in her classroom.The teacher feeds the classroom content and Remy’s answer sheets into Toy-Ro, and then onwards Toy-Ro uses the feedback from her teachers to enhance Remy’s abilities. For example, a mathematics teacher gives the geometry test results to Toy-Ro, and Toy-Ro can now give Remy hundreds and thousands of different problems to solve and can correct all the submissions, becoming Remy’s home tutor as well. Interested in future reports and projections for your business? Check out or write to us at