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Human-Machine Relationships Insight Chart


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A summary of our Jan 2015 curated pieces on UXTrendspotting (

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Human-Machine Relationships Insight Chart

  1. 1. Interested in future reports and projections for your business? Check out or Write to us at HEALTHCARE Healthy Organs On-the-Go Open-access to organs for patients waiting for an organ transplant will be easily available with the advent of 3D bio-printing.These 3D bio-printers will help in creating custom-made organs and body parts. Example 3D bio-printers will create custom-made organs and body parts using stem cells, proteins and other synthetic substances similar to the human collagen. Source: japanese-researchers-close-3d-printing-human-body-parts/?utm_source=wysija&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=SWNewsletterApril1 CONNECTEDWORLD A Predictive World The future is where there will be extended humans around us.We will be watched over by machines and will be living in a predictive world.The promise of artificial intelligence would deliver an almost seamless and magical connection between systems and humans. Nothing will be hidden yet everything will be secure. Example A facial recognition system in a newly developed vending machine in Japan shows personalized ads after determining the gender and age of the person in front. Source: WEARABLES Task- and Job-Oriented Wearables From fitness bands to smartwatches, wearable tech aims to ease human life.This innovation will take the human-machine relationship to another level where wearable tech will not only simplify day-to-day tasks but also track the physical, emotional and mental health of the user. Example A series of machines could accelerate creative processes like drawing and playing an instrument by aiding parts of your body to go through the motions required to learn them. Source: these-machines-will-teach-you-to-draw-whether-you-like-it-or-not?utm_source=tcpfbus ENVIRONMENT Increased Environmental Awareness With growing concerns over climate change and depleting earth's natural resources, researchers and scientists are working towards ways to increase awareness about these changes and decrease the usage of machines that have harmful effects on nature. In the future, people will use ways, resources and devices that will keep them informed of the environmental impact. Example The Wristify prototype is a personal climate-controlling wearable. Source: SOCIAL High Impact on Social Relationships The growing cognitive ability of Artificial Intelligence could put the human race at great risk in the future. In the recent years,AI algorithms are putting AI-driven products front-and-center in our lives.We are yet to see the impact of these innovations on human relationships and society. Example Boston Dynamics’ "Spot" is a robot dog that can hop through office corridors,up concrete stairs or rocky hills with little trouble.These new-age robot animals exhibit the same behavior that we see in animals. Source: HUMAN&MACHINE RELATIONSHIP