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Future of transportation insight chart


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What is the future of transportation? We at the Institute of Customer Experience share our insights by analyzing the trends in technological advancements in transportation, which you can find on our Facebook page:

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Future of transportation insight chart

  1. 1. To know more about us, follow us at: FUTURE OF TRANSPORTATIONFUTURE OF TRANSPORTATION Track your Brain While You Drive The future lies in empowering the person behind the wheel. Advanced sensors in the driver's cabin will monitor driver's vitals such as heart rate, eye movements and brain activity to detect everything from sleepiness to a heart attack. Image source: Intelligent Vehicles Machines will be designed in such a way that they could understand people's behavior behind the wheel before hand. The enormous amount of data that the computer produces, will be used to analyze the user's behavior and preferences. Machines will be more aware to make smarter decisions. Image source: ivs/data1/images/image1730x392. jpg Fully Automated Navigation Systems and Vehicles In the near future, automotive companies will focus on fully automated vehicles where people can “punch in” or “speak” the place they want to go to and the vehicle will automatically take them there. This “control feature” will open up huge additional markets for automotive companies to sell to the elderly, families with kids too young to drive, and the visually, physically, and mentally impaired. Image source: Vehicles and Highway Interaction for Safer Travel The"Internet of things" will come to the highway and machines will talk to each other. As machines grow more & more computerized, they will be able to trade messages about traffic, weather and road conditions. Image source: -to-vehicle HyperLoop - The Fifth Mode Using electromagnetic pulses and pressurized tubes, Hyperloop could hit near-supersonic speeds. Though the idea is still in its nascent phase, with growing population, increasing work-pressure and diminishing global boundaries, the future lies in this kind of differentiated transport system. Image source: later-hyperloop-remains-fantasy/ Travel - The Solar Way Self-illuminated solar power roads and highways will get charged during the day time using solar energy and will glow at night to improve driving safety at night and reduce the need for streetlights. Image source: Go Electric Driverless cars and electric vehicles will be seen more on the roads. Considering that natural resources are diminishing, most of the automobile manufacturers are targeting this area and the future looks optimistic. Image source: OMNI-ENERGY TRANSPORTATION OMNI-ENERGY TRANSPORTATION VEHICLES THAT KNOW YOU VEHICLES THAT KNOW YOU