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Food future


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How will food and everything related to food will look like in future? What role will technology and innovation play in making people more conscious about what they eat?
What will be the food ecosystem of the future?

The current generation is getting health conscious and the same has been started reflecting in all the new age innovations.

In this report by the Institute of Customer Experience (ICE), we explore how the ecosystem around food will evolve and what are the key signals around this ecosystem.

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Food future

  1. 1. Interested in future reports and projections for your business? Check out or Write to us at TREND 1: CHANGING MAINSTREAM DIETS As more and more people become health conscious, the future will see an emergence of different kinds of mainstream diets.There won't be just vegetarians and non-vegetarians; there will be an increasing population that will be inclined toward vegan diets or other newer diets. Link: TREND 5: CONNECTED KITCHENS From smart refrigerators to cook tops to smart crock pots and smart tables, everything will be connected in the kitchens.The smart kitchens of the future will tell consumers about good eating habits, what can be cooked from the available ingredients in the kitchen, what the nutritional value is and how waste water and food can be used effectively. Example: On the connected kitchen side, smart scales like Prep Pad and SITU are linking nutritional data to cooking, and serving it up in real-time. Link: TREND 4: KNOW WHAT YOU EAT Apps will help people demystify nutritional facts and labels regarding what they are eating. In the future, everything will be interlinked including wellness, food habits and health, using gadgets and technology. Example: EAs consumers want more information about their foods, innovative devices like Prep Pad will soon offer this information instantaneously. Information about the food’s ingredients, chemical makeup or nutritional values will become more readily available and will be a commonplace in the supermarket and our kitchens. Link: TREND 3: CHANGING FOOD ECOSYSTEM WITHTHE HELP OF INNOVATION ANDTECHNOLOGY Technology will shape everyway we relate with food. Be it ordering food while eating on a computerized table in a restaurant, getting served by a robot or getting home delivered food by drones, the entire food ecosystem will change. Link: Example: Epicurious provides recipes on your phone or smart fridge, Harvest offers instructions for picking out quality produce with storage tips and pesticide information, and Gojee will solve your “forgot to go to the grocery store” dilemma by finding a recipe for whatever ingredients you have in hand. Link: TREND 2: HYPER-CUSTOMIZABLE FARMS AND RISE OF AGRICULTURAL DISTRICTS People in general are demanding better food.The organically grown, farm fresh fruits and vegetables are expensive at present. But in the future, these will become the norm, considering everybody will want to eat healthy and be aware of the nutrient levels. The future will see a surge of new age start-ups that will help people grow their customizable farms at home. Based on the needs and requirements, these companies will make the home environment conducive for the growth of exotic vegetables, edible fishes, or mushrooms. Link: