UX STRAT 2013: Leah Buley, The Marriage of Corporate & UX Strategy


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Leah Buley's presentation at UX STRAT 2013

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UX STRAT 2013: Leah Buley, The Marriage of Corporate & UX Strategy

  1. 1. of Corporate LEAH BULEY · UXSTRAT 2013 Marriage The & UX Strategy
  2. 2. mission improve people s financial lives annual revenue $4.15 billion size 8500 employees
  3. 3. innovation at Intuit 10% time
  4. 4. innovation at Intuit horizon planning H1 H2 H3
  5. 5. innovation at Intuit d4d
  6. 6. innovation at Intuit IAT
  7. 7. IAT’s Mission Accelerate Intuit’s journey to be a premier innovative growth company through game changing design, technology and new ways to work.
  8. 8. Leah Buley Design Strategist & Author of The User Experience Team of One
  9. 9. How We Work Partner With Business Units Reimagine Our Core Products 1 2
  10. 10. Partner With Business Units e.g., QuickBooks for iPad1
  11. 11. ! !! Reimagine Our Core Products e.g., Small Business 20202
  12. 12. 2012 Reimagine Payments
  13. 13. Interesting things afoot in payments New ways to pay
  14. 14. New ways to get paid
  15. 15. New banking alternatives
  16. 16. New currencies
  17. 17. New economies
  18. 18. What are the implications for... people who do taxes people who track their finances people who own small businesses people who are accountants
  19. 19. strat·e·gy noun : an adaptation that serves an important function in achieving evolutionary success
  20. 20. +!
  21. 21. Who is our customer? Us Business Unit End User
  22. 22. It s corporate strategy Surprise! Us Business Unit End User Corp Strat
  23. 23. UX Strategy Corporate Strategy CEO SPONSORED BU INSPIRED
  24. 24. Our Approach
  25. 25. Their Approach
  26. 26. Our first attempt to unify wasn t very unified
  27. 27. You must work together Illustration courtesy of Piotrek Chuchla from the Noun Project
  28. 28. Combined Approach
  29. 29. Terms of Engagement • Run as separate teams • Appoint a liaison • Weekly team meetings • Share material back and forth • Involve each other in key sessions
  30. 30. Corp strat s strengths Competitive analysis
  31. 31. Corp strat s strengths ENTERPRISE MID- MARKET MAIN STREET MICRO- BUSINESSES 0 1K 10K 100K 1M 5M 20M Spotting market opportunities
  32. 32. YEAR 1 Competitor X Establishes Minimum Viable Product Corp strat s strengths Using case studies for predictive planning YEAR 4 Improves Penetration of Profitable Features YEAR 7 Improves Economics YEAR 10 Expands Customer Ecosystem YEAR 13 Builds Value Added Services YEAR 16 Enables New Workflows
  33. 33. UX strat’s strengths Seeing Into People’s Lives
  34. 34. UX strat s strengths Trendspotting
  35. 35. UX strat s strengths Envisioning experiences
  36. 36. CORPORATE STRATEGY IS GOOD AT UX STRATEGY IS GOOD AT Identifying market opportunities Gathering data on competitors Applying case studies from market analogs Understanding and developing pricing models Forecasting future penetration and revenue Influencing decision makers Identifying customer insights Taking inspiration from other domains Understanding current product trends and customer expectations Envisioning and validating new offerings Painting compelling pictures of the future Influencing product teams Illustrations courtesy of Jardson Araujo and Ilsur Aptukov from The Noun Project
  37. 37. Together, the two can animate the whole organism
  38. 38. It finally happened We got a seat
  39. 39. Research Probes
  40. 40. There are a lot of autopays. My only worry is out of sight, out of mind. If you switch, you could still pay for the old. Or, if it shuts off, and it doesn t notify you. That s scary that a business could need that. I wouldn t use that feature. The idea that you wouldn t already know that you are net positive is implausible. I took this to be Outlook. That's really important for us. Everyone in our office is able to track the time they spend and color code for different jobs, which we bill 15 minutes at a time. All of those numbers feed into our business software.
  41. 41. Unfocus Group
  42. 42. Field Research
  43. 43. Customer Insights
  44. 44. Experience Opportunities
  45. 45. Internal Science Fair
  46. 46. Concept Cookbook
  47. 47. An opportunity framework + 5 concepts
  48. 48. Notional Product Ideas
  49. 49. Flipbooks
  50. 50. Walkthrough Exhibit
  51. 51. Vision Videos
  52. 52. Roadmapping Session
  53. 53. You ve taken something prosaic and made it beautiful. “ ”!
  54. 54. Lessons when partnering with corporate strategy You stand for the customer Look to their data for focus Be a friendly gadfly Make it vivid and sensory Illustration courtesy of Parker Martin from the Noun Project
  55. 55. Thanks! leah_buley@intuit.com leahbuley.com @ugleah
  56. 56. uxteamofone.com discount code UXPABULEY for 20% off