Social ROI can Motivate Management to Support UX (Stephanie Rosenbaum)


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Stephanie Rosenbaum's talk from the UXPA 2014 Ignite session, "Does Measuring the ROI of UX Motivate Management to Get Behind User Experience?"

Our speakers ignite the conversation and attempt to resolve the controversy around one of the pressing issues in the User Experience (UX) field: the value of the Return on Investment (ROI) of UX. In this IGNITE session, speakers armed with case studies, as well as previous successful and failed experiences measuring the ROI of UX, present diverse viewpoints on this topic, including:

Understanding how companies lose market share and profitability by cutting out UX in the race to be first to market
Recognizing that a Return on Investment is important, but also recognizing that there is no standard and widely adopted method. So let’s develop one!
Conceding that the ROI of UX produces flawed metrics, and acknowledging that measuring ROI wastes the effort and value that UX professionals bring to an organization
Embracing the warm and fuzzy combination of art and science in our solution to the ROI problem
Does Measuring the ROI of UX Motivate Management to Get Behind User Experience?

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Social ROI can Motivate Management to Support UX (Stephanie Rosenbaum)

  1. 1. Stephanie Rosenbaum CEO UXPA 2014 London Social ROI Can Motivate Management to Support UX
  2. 2. Consider Both Perceived and Measured ROI Perceived ROI works when measured ROI fails
  3. 3. UX ROI Falls into Categories Internal, measured and perceived External, direct and indirect
  4. 4. Direct and Indirect ROI Direct: sales and revenue Indirect: customer satisfaction/brand awareness
  5. 5. Social UX ROI Perceived Internal ROI = Social ROI
  6. 6. UX ROI is Hard to Measure Before-and-after data is expensive to collect
  7. 7. UX Is Not Alone Engineering/Development QA
  8. 8. World Events Overshadow UX Contributions Political Seasonal Economic
  9. 9. So Can Industry Activities Sales Marketing Competition
  10. 10. Measuring Social ROI Formally Informally
  11. 11. Make Successful Connections with Stakeholders
  12. 12. Make Successful Connections with Stakeholders
  13. 13. Communicate with Product Teams Ask Show Get feedback
  14. 14. Respect Product Teams Praise, don’t blame
  15. 15. Include Good Examples Don’t show only extreme cases of user suffering
  16. 16. Support Other Teams Offer helpful tools
  17. 17. Establish UX Strategic Infrastructure Promote efficient UX practices
  18. 18. Examples to Follow Participant recruiting Research session management Template documents
  19. 19. Communicate Improved UX To customers To management