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UXPA 2014 Closing announcements


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Quick thank-yous from UXPA 2014, including the URL for the post-conference survey. Thanks again to all of our sponsors, exhibitors, committee, volunteers, and attendees!

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UXPA 2014 Closing announcements

  1. 1. M O T I V A T I O N Park Plaza
  2. 2. Thanks again to this year’s sponsors!!
  3. 3. And also to this year’s exhibitors!!
  4. 4. Thanks to my co-chairs.! Sara Mastro ! Stavros Garzonis!
  5. 5. Thanks to Amy Kidd and Rich Gunther!
  6. 6. Thanks to the conference committee! Kevin Richardson! Elisa del Galdo! Kath Straub! Mike Ryan! Giles Colborne ! Nigel Bevan! Dave Grayson! Filip Healy! Paul Coombs! Jason Mesut! Lynne Dyer! Alain Robillard-Bastien! Lisa Moore! Carol Smith! Monica Ferraro! Sharon Grubaugh! Jean Fox! Caleb Tang! Heather Gay! Rajesh Kalidindi! Rachael Clark! Karen Lin! Stephen Denning! Simone Stumpf! Caroline Moeckel! Lorie Whitaker! Simon Whatley! Sudha Bapu! Jen McGinn! Aline Baeck! Suzana Rakovic! Alberta Soranzo! Keith Instone! Mike Atherton! Chris Rourke! John Waterworth! Susan Mercer! Shannon McHarg! Sumi Tandon! Gregg Almquist! Kyle Soucy! Kaladhar Bapu! Pete Dixon! Thyra Rauch! Richard Bellaver! !
  7. 7. Thanks to the onsite volunteers!
  8. 8. Remember YOUR thank-you!!
  9. 9. Slides and Video!! UXPAInternational!
  10. 10.! We want your feedback! Win a one-year full-suite license:!
  11. 11. I hope you found ! some motivation.!