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Ux pa2015sandiegopanel


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Why is primary research is important when entering new markets? What kind of user research should we do, and how do we get the most out of what we learn to improve our products for different cultural contexts?

A panel of industry researchers from the online consumer product space will share their tips and strategies from their experience doing global research.

Published in: Design
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Ux pa2015sandiegopanel

  1. 1. Panel Global UX Research: How do we get the most out of conducting research in new markets? #UxPA2015 #Globalresearchpanel
  2. 2. Donna Tedesco |eBay dtedesco@ebay.con @modsurvivalux Anosha Shokrpour | Groupon @anoshas Sin Lee Loh | eBay @sinleeloh Chelsea Glasson | Google @chelseyglasson Eugenio Santiago |Key Lime Interactive @keylimeinteractive