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Stretching Online Research Tools to Meet Your Research Goals


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In this interactive session, you will try a range of online IA and UX research tools we used in Agile and not-so-Agile projects. In each project, the tool was stretched in an unconventional way to solve a thorny research objective.

We’ll try out these tools from your mobile devices and from the screen. Examples of what you will see include: how to add an invitation for live testing to a tree test, using an actor and an online tree-testing tool to prototype a voice response system, enriching your analysis with a remote eye-tracking service, and how you can use survey tools to prototype wizard-like application processes.

You will come away with new ideas about using online usability tools to help your team make great design decisions.

Published in: Technology
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Stretching Online Research Tools to Meet Your Research Goals

  1. 1. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Stretching online research tools to meet your research goals Lisa Fast All links via
  2. 2. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Lisa Fast GitHub and Twitter: @neoinsight or connect with me on Linked In, I post articles there…
  3. 3. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Favourite online research tools
  4. 4. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Treejack
  5. 5. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Loop11 Custom demonstration task instructions version demo is here: test/27853/introduction/
  6. 6. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: EyesDecide
  7. 7. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Survey Monkey
  8. 8. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Canada: FluidSurveys
  9. 9. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Prototyping with Surveyware
  10. 10. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Instructions: We are interested in whether you actually take the time to read the directions. So, in order to demonstrate that you have read the instructions, please ignore the question below. Instead, simply put your hand on your opposite shoulder. Do you have on online survey account? Yes – put your hand up No, not yet
  11. 11. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: People are almost twice as likely to miss key instructions on a screen versus paper test. Oppenheimer, Meyvis and Davidenko via
  12. 12. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey:
  13. 13. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Research Goal: 1 sprint to try different approach
  14. 14. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Solution: Prototype in Fluid Surveys
  15. 15. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Team prototyped together for each sprint – can add images, videos
  16. 16. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Lots of sophisticated logic is possible in Fluidsurvey, with no programming skills required.
  17. 17. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Research goal: iterate & test facet design alternatives
  18. 18. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey:
  19. 19. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Task is a text field Each group is a question
  20. 20. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Research Goal: Recruit & run across sprints
  21. 21. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey:
  22. 22. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey:
  23. 23. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% Live Sessions2nd Revised IA1st Revised IAExis ng Site Treejack Study 1 Treejack Study 2 Live Usability SessionsRecruits Tasksuccessrate
  24. 24. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Try It! Flow to recruiter
  25. 25. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Redirect on Messages tab
  26. 26. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Add a question to break flow
  27. 27. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Recruiter shows different questions for phones
  28. 28. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Recruit Motivated Participants
  29. 29. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Research Goal: Test Interactive Voice Designs
  30. 30. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Many people still call!
  31. 31. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Yikes! 2 scripts x 40 Pages Long
  32. 32. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Treejack! Collaborator click & read Treejack as if he is Live Phone System
  33. 33. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Some Coding Magic: Transform Script into Excel Tree for Treejack
  34. 34. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Participant Phones in to Session Meeting Facilitator reads tasks from Treejack Collaborator reads script, clicks in responses Participant listens, selects
  35. 35. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Bonus: Collaborator picked up on cues
  36. 36. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Results suggested scripted emphasis & 2 speeds
  37. 37. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Research goal: Display tasks for mobile usability sessions
  38. 38. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Solution: put script & tasks into Treejack for participant
  39. 39. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey:
  40. 40. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Facilitator Screen Task on participant laptop via View of device and fingers – mic picks up both voices Facilitator notes – can be cropped out of session videos
  41. 41. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Try it: Treejack script & tasks - designed for iPad or Laptop via
  42. 42. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Ziggi HD Document Camera, <$200 Hack a mobile UX camera - take out lead weights, flip it over - Built in microphone in swivel camera head
  43. 43. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Research Goal: run eye tracking to clarify results… without a lab
  44. 44. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Remote eye tracking – via built-in camera
  45. 45. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Video demo for UXPA: J4N8Co
  46. 46. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: People weren’t finding links in menu – client thought labels were the problem
  47. 47. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Need for Menu Surfaces Lack of Task-Orientation  Winterlude navigation is menu-oriented, not tasks on page  Confused people – expect to use links on page  People look at links on page first THEN at menus Gaze Intensity Map 4 Eye tracking participants, same task
  48. 48. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Tack it on to end of remote test session or build a panel
  49. 49. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Issues: only get 60 seconds Solution: run a Chalkmark too
  50. 50. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Try it yourself Need Chrome & camera: eyes decide via
  51. 51. #UXPA2016 @neoinsight Session Survey: Questions? Tweet me your stretch uses Survey please!