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Principles of-emotional-designpublic-150625175005-lva1-app6892

  1. 1. Principles of Emotional Design Garron Engstrom @GarronEngstrom Jake Maynard @MaynardJ20 Sr. Interaction Designers @Intuit
  2. 2. Mission: To improve our customers’ financial lives so profoundly…they can’t imagine going back to the old way
  3. 3. Brief history of design at Intuit1 2 3 Principles of emotional design Future of emotional design
  4. 4. 1993
  5. 5. HELLLLOOOOOOOOO! Source:
  6. 6. Source: Source:
  7. 7. TurboTax simplified tax prep 1993
  8. 8. A turning point 2007
  9. 9. “We realized that we were no longer as proud of the experiences we were creating — that in many cases we were no longer any better than our competitors.” Kaaren Hanson Former VP of Design @Intuit
  10. 10. “Intuit is the most well run, no growth company in the Valley.” Anonymous ???
  11. 11. “Design for Delight is our #1 weapon in attaining growth, and there is no #2.” Scott Cook Founder of Intuit
  12. 12. What problems we solve:
  13. 13. How we solve them:
  14. 14. How we go from usability to delight:
  15. 15. “Usable = Edible” Aarron Walter Director of Design @Mailchimp
  16. 16. XD Forum Internal Design Conference 2014
  17. 17. “Intuit is a design-driven company and we strive to get better every day.” Brad Smith Intuit CEO
  18. 18. Brief history of design at Intuit1 2 3 Principles of emotional design Future of emotional design
  19. 19. Identify “own-able moments” 1
  20. 20. Own-able Moment (noun): A moment in a product experience when the customer is experiencing a change or escalation of emotion.
  21. 21. Are “easter eggs” delightful? Maybe…but they’re not own-able moments.
  22. 22. Uber own-able moment: Payment (or lack of it)
  23. 23. Exercise 1: Identify own-able moments Dropbox Link:
  24. 24. Lean into the emotion 2
  25. 25. Emotional Design = Positive Emotion
  26. 26. Exercise 2: Identify the emotion Dropbox Link:
  27. 27. Convey emotion visually 3
  28. 28. Levels of Perception Visceral: appearance Behavioral: how it works, how it feels Reflective: interpretation and understanding 1 2 3
  29. 29. “Appearance can greatly influence perceptions, and we carry that mental model with us when sizing up a website” Aarron Walter Director of Design @Mailchimp
  30. 30. “…immediately boosting sales by 24% and driving Apple to its first profitable quarter in two years.” “…from geeky to pop…” “For the first time ever, the color of a computer became an outlet for self-expression” Visceral Design: iMac G3
  31. 31. “In ’67, the year of the Summer of Love…The unique and unconventional form of the Bug perfectly matched the new revolution.” “It has a certain personality to it, an endearing quality.” Source: Visceral Design: VW Beetle
  32. 32. TurboTax own-able moment: Transmitting your taxes From To
  33. 33. Social media response to this redesigned own-able moment
  34. 34. Source:
  35. 35. Humanize the technology 4
  36. 36. Source:
  37. 37. Eight Hundred smart, diverse and empathetic people
  38. 38. “I finally got around to doing taxes yesterday. After our information was transferred from last years return, it asked if either of us had passed away. I entered the information that [husband] died on June 15, and a screen came up that said “we’re sorry for your loss.” I sat there and stared at it, crying, for a few minutes. It was so cathartic! Please pass on to the team how much that one little sentence meant to me. Whoever thought that up must be a very caring person.” Yes No Yes NoYes No Yes No
  39. 39. Credible Emotional Conversational UnprofessionalTransactional Taxy TurboTax Voice & Tone
  40. 40. Exercise 3: What’s your voice? Dropbox Link:
  41. 41. Credible v. Unprofessional Emotional v. Transactional Friendly v. Cold Simple v. Complex Transparent v. Vague Warm v. Indifferent Serious v. Light-hearted Humble v. Extroverted Scientific v. Subjective Playful v. Apathetic Inspiring v. Modest Proactive v. Uneager Economical v. Irrational Reliable v. Unsteady … Voice & Tone Attributes
  42. 42. Brief history of design at Intuit1 2 3 Principles of emotional design Future of emotional design
  43. 43. Emotional design will become more about knowing, not assuming, the emotional state of the user.
  44. 44. Emotional design will become more about knowing, not assuming, the emotional state of the user. By using: Facial recognition Multi-sensor inputs Biometrics
  45. 45. Using facial recognition YouTube Video:
  46. 46. Using multi-sensor inputs Microsoft US Patent #: US 20100179759 A1 Source:
  47. 47. Using biometrics Source:
  48. 48. Identify own-able moments Lean into the emotion Convey emotion visually Humanize the technology 1 2 3 4 Principles of Emotional Design
  49. 49. Thank you. @GarronEngstrom @MaynardJ20 Collaborators and Shoutouts: Ivy Tsai Heather Daggett Meghan Cartlidge Thai Dang Ria Hagan John Caldwell Andy Roe & the rest of the TurboTax Team
  50. 50. The Harvard Business Review - Innovation Catalysts Bloomberg Businessweek - Interview with Brad Smith and Kaaren Hanson UX Magazine - Stop Sprinkling Emotion, Start Creating Magic and Meaning Khan Academy - Interview with Scott Cook Designing for Emotion - Aarron Walter Emotional Design - Don Norman Resources