Let’s be Friends: Achieving UX, IT, Creative & Business Harmony


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UXPA 2013 Conference - Friday, July 12, 2013 9:00am - 10:00am by Jennifer Knodler, Maggie Young, Cat Brunson, Claire Ruddy, Rima Campbell, Matt Garay

Companies like Citibank, Belk, Kroger and FedEx enable the success of their IT, creatives, business and user experience stakeholders by promoting frequent collaboration. Rather than seating them at a figurative table, each responsible for their own project piece, their User Experience leaders usher their peers into the lab to watch their masterpieces in action; helping to bring life to data. Through anecdotal short stories and conversation our panelists will depict how the day to day team harmony unfolds at their company and where they find success. Attendees will leave feeling inspired to audit their own internal collaboration.

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  • Welcome!I’m Jennifer Knodler, and I’m on the executive team of the user research consultancy Key Lime Interactive. Today, I’m moderating a discussion with some of our esteemed colleagues on stage titled “Let’s be Friends: Achieving UX, IT, Creative and Business Harmony”. In the past at the UXPA events we can all recall the discussions with titles like “How to sell UX” or “The benefits of listening to your customers” – the discussion has shifted as companies start to buy in and integrate this process.
  • I think it’s fair to say that the AVERAGE company has moved from point ZERO in the UX maturity model to a point of greater maturity. As a group who comes in for research needs, researches, synthesizes and delivers the results and recommendations for internal teams to digest and utilize is that despite the general maturity shift there are still internal politics to deal with. We can deliver results to a room that contains company partners, IT, Marketing, Design, UX and everyone consumes the information differently!
  • And that position – that delivery and recognition that beyond the recommendations we provide, there is still collaboration work to be done at the company to promote acceptance and utilization was a catalyst to have this discussion.
  • Our panelists today are seated in complex work environments
  • where each department has their own set of goals and they need to consider all of them.
  • So our goal today is to talk to them, learn what brings success and what causes adversity, so that we might feel inspired to improve our own internal collaboration at our workplace. Matt – Manages the User Experience team at KrogerClaire – Manager of Digital User Experience for FedEx ServicesMaggie – Recently joined the team at Usertesting.com as VP of Customer Success Rima – VP of User Experience at Citibank
  • Let’s paint a picture to our audienceWhere do you and your team fit into the greater organization? MATT – IT, CLAIRE & RIMA - MARKETINGMaggie – you’ve had a wealth of experience from agency to companies in various industries, consultation, etc. Does a particular structure stand out in your mind as being superior? Or is it an attitude?Can you share with me who are your collaborators/advocates, who are your enemies/detractors, within your organization? And ultimately, I want to know how you manage those relationships to be successful.
  • RIMA: Self-Proclaimed Goal:“Engaging and demonstrating the user research process in a powerful way” – RimaWhat do you do to ensure that you bring everyone into the discussion? SKITS – Maggie – I hear you’ve been known to write a screenplay or host a movie night? Tell me more. “Tell me the story about the facelift.: Gray buttonClaire - WUDIn your collaboration with other departments are you finding that UX is now ingrained in the culture or are you still working hard to promote awareness, understanding, adoption? Are you still fighting for your customers or have you reached a point where you’re telling their story. How do you get there? CLAIRE – It seems like FedEx has embraced your team – even in fast-moving departments like Mobile. How did this happen? Any lessons learned along the way that you can share?
  • Let’s explore a common scenario: You’ve convinced all parties that the project is a) necessary and b) should run using a specific approach. Now you’re ready to kick-off. I want to learn more about how you ensure success AT THIS POINT. “Everyone wants to be a designer”“Lock yourself in a room strategy”how early will you bring others into the conversation?  Are they part of your study design so that everyone is on the same page or do you share the study you designed?  b)      What content is shared and when?  Are other stakeholders hanging on until the end to devour your findings or do you share progress?c)       Usability testing sessions – real time observation? Why? Why not?d)      What do we find works best… why?We recognize that resources at an organization are scarce at times – and when YOU are the resource, as in some of the environments you describe – how does this work? How do you prioritize/deprioritize projects? Does it depend on who is asking? -- How much division of resources is too much?
  • I want to hear some stories. Can anyone tell me about a time when you literally saw the light bulb above the heads of the other players illuminate and it made you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?
  • RIMA: - embrace change - self-awareness is key - be open to feedbackCLAIRE: Patience
  • Let’s be Friends: Achieving UX, IT, Creative & Business Harmony

    1. 1. Let’s be Friends: Achieving UX, IT, Creative & Business Harmony Moderator: Jennifer Knodler, SVP Key Lime Interactive Panelists: Claire Ruddy, Manager of Digital User Experience Matt Garay, User Experience Manager, Kroger Maggie Young, VP Customer Success, Usertesting.com Rima Campbell, VP User Experience Citibank
    2. 2. Level 0: Unimportant Level 1: Receptive Level 2: Tactical Level 3: Strategic Level 4: Integrated UX MATURITY MODEL
    3. 3. Rima Maggie Young VP Customer Success Claire Ruddy Manager of Digital User Experience Rima Campbell VP User Experience Citibank Matt Garay User Experience Manager MaggieClaireMatt Online Conversation: @keylimeinteract #uxpa13, #harmony
    5. 5. Online Conversation: @keylimeinteract #uxpa13, #harmony TOPIC: ORGANIZATION RimaMaggieClaireMatt
    6. 6. TOPIC: YOU’RE STILL ONBOARDING RimaMaggieClaireMatt Online Conversation: @keylimeinteract #uxpa13, #harmony
    7. 7. RimaMaggieClaireMatt TOPIC: CONTINUED COLLABORATION - THE PROJECT IS UNDERWAY Online Conversation: @keylimeinteract #uxpa13, #harmony
    8. 8. RimaMaggieClaireMatt TOPIC: AHA MOMENTS! Online Conversation: @keylimeinteract #uxpa13, #harmony
    9. 9. RimaMaggieClaireMatt TOPIC: DEAR ABBY Online Conversation: @keylimeinteract #uxpa13, #harmony
    10. 10. More questions? Continue the conversation? Jennifer Knodler SVP, Key Lime Interactive jennifer@keylimeinteractive.com 305.809.0555 x11 @keylimeinteract THANK YOU!