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Should we kill personas? (Marine Barbaroux)

UXPA 2014 Unconference presentation from Marine Barbaroux.

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Should we kill personas? (Marine Barbaroux)

  1. 1. Should we kill personas? Marine Barbaroux - @miss_embe Head of UX, Red Gate 24th JUL 2014
  2. 2. image: hugh mcleod - @gapidvoid
  3. 3. image: Ben Melbourne - @benmel 1) the "cooper"
  4. 4. 2) the Lean UX ad-Hoc (or proto) personas image: Jeff Gothelf
  5. 5. images: @alanklement 3) No persona: Job stories instead of User stories
  6. 6. image: (c) 1993 Steve McConnell ... but fundamentally, are they so different?
  7. 7. image: @miss_embe product maturity ad-hoc persona persona JTBD timeline
  8. 8. • These tools are complementary • Always keep an eye on your users/customers • Keep an eye on their enviroment too: it might change their goals • It doesn't matter what persona artifacts look like • Understand the forces that drive your users/customers • Modify your views and product accordingly conclusion
  9. 9. Understanding the job by C.Christensen: references