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Empathy at Work: Explaining the Who, What, Why and How


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Empathy is a hot topic in business lately. Teams who go outside their organization to develop empathy for their customers are crafting winning products that deliver on the wants, needs, and desires of their audiences. But empathy not only plays a critical role with those we serve; it also has a vital role inside the team–collaboration is enhanced and individuals are empowered when their own needs and goals are understood.

This panel will explore the science of empathy and discuss how empathy fits inside our teams and outside with those our experiences are meant to serve. We’ll share our perspectives on the positive impact of an empathetic mindset, offer tips on how to cultivate empathy within your own organization, and answer questions you may have. Our moderator is a UX Strategist and our panelists include a Psychiatrist, a UX Research Consultant and Published Author, a Design Executive, and a UX Manager.

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Empathy at Work: Explaining the Who, What, Why and How

  1. 1. EMPATHY AT WORK Explaining the Who, What, Why & How @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy Andrea Gallagher, Bernadette Irizarry, Dawn Nidy, Indi Young and Dr. Joseph Lee June 1, 2016
  2. 2. Q1 – Everyone is talking about empathy these days – Why? @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  3. 3. hotos:JohnWesleyRamsey,LauraRamsey,MindelLerner Scale. Expertise. Experience. @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  4. 4. @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  5. 5. Q2 – How might we think about empathy when creating products or services? @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  6. 6. emotional empathy @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  7. 7. in your work … emotional empathy supporting another person through an emotional process (real-time) @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  8. 8. cognitive empathy inner voice as a person aims at an intent or purpose @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  9. 9. in your work … cognitive empathy supporting another person in achieving their purpose (over time) @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  10. 10. Make THE SOLUTION @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  11. 11. Design THE SOLUTION V VV validateV @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  12. 12. Design THE SOLUTION V VV ideas have surfaced design has taken form design is forming validateV @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  13. 13. Design THE SOLUTION V VV ideas have surfaced design has taken form design is forming Simmer PEOPLE Creative Inspiration prior to ideas: develop empathy about the larger purpose/intent validateV @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  14. 14. Post-DESIGN Why are our customers behaving the way our quantitative data depicts? Post-IDEA Did we look at this from all angles? Pre-IDEA Are we leaving brilliant ideas undiscovered? @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  15. 15. Design Simmer THE SOLUTION PEOPLE Creative Inspiration V VV validateV @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  16. 16. evaluative generative @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  17. 17. evaluative generative problem space pre-ideas, exploring person’s larger purpose/intent solution space ideas have surfaced &/or design has some form @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  18. 18. Q3 – UX and Research teams have “owned” empathy. Does it have to be that way? @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  19. 19. The biggest single source of innovation is typically the engineers. They know what’s possible better than anyone. The magic happens when developers get and see customer pain… –MARTY CAGAN “ ” @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  20. 20. Q4 – How do we get others to pick up the work of empathy effectively? @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  21. 21. Accountant pain in collecting & sorting data @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  23. 23. ACCOUNTANT ACTIVITY @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  24. 24. I could feel the urgency in getting the activity completed which reflects the reality of tax deadlines. Accountants are more flexible than I thought – I had a stigma that they are stuck in their ways, but I had to pivot a lot during the exercise depending on the clients, and it made me realize that Accountants have to adjust to accommodate their clients. How did this make you feel? Stressful. Rushed. Time Pressed. Frustrated. Mary made me mad. “ ” ACTIVITY REACTIONS @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  26. 26. SKILLS WORKSHOPS @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  27. 27. CUSTOMER OFFICE HOURS “My team learned a lot today. Thanks for the opportunity to connect with other developers.” “Thanks for setting it up. We move at a million miles an hour over there so it's rare we get an opportunity to stop and get an objective viewpoint on anything.” @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  28. 28. Q5 – How do we know we’re being empathetic? Is there a wrong way to do it? @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  29. 29. many applications of empathy: • persuade (change beliefs, behavior) • encourage growth, maturity • support intents & purposes of others • communicate clearly; tone, vocab • act like someone else @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  30. 30. Q6 – Audience Questions @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  31. 31. Extra Slides Follow from here on
  32. 32. A model of people’s behavior, beliefs, & emotions in a certain scoped situation Capabilities, competition, business goals, technical foundations, slotted where appropriate to support that behavior @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  33. 33. problem idea! idea! idea! idea! @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  34. 34. problem idea! idea! idea! idea!problem @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  35. 35. problem idea! idea! idea! idea!problem how other people reason toward a purpose @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  36. 36. problem idea! idea! idea! idea! idea! idea!idea! idea! idea! idea! idea! idea! idea! idea! idea! how other people reason toward a purpose problem @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  37. 37. keep stuffing your brain how other people reason toward a purpose @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  38. 38. emotional empathy @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  39. 39. cognitive empathy understand what went through a person’s mind @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  40. 40. emotional empathy From Pixar’s characters Sadness and Bing Bong, Inside Out Sadness: “I’m sorry that they took your rocket. They took something that you loved.” Joy: “How did you do that?” Sadness: “Oh, I don’t know. He was sad, so I listened.” @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  41. 41. Photos:JohnWesleyRamsey,LauraRamsey,MindelLerner larger, human intent or purpose @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  42. 42. develop empathy listen apply empathy walk in shoes @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  43. 43. Photo:WilliamMurphy,flickrinfomatique/7599598276 a listening session is like going on a tour don’t ask the guide about something that is down the street or outside their topics @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  44. 44. many applications of empathy: • persuade (change beliefs, behavior) • encourage growth, maturity • support intents & purposes of others • communicate clearly; tone, vocab • act like someone else @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  45. 45. tasks goals intents & purposes @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  46. 46. “book a flight” “take a trip” “hike the Grand Canyon” @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  47. 47. @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  48. 48. @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  49. 49. @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  50. 50. @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  51. 51. average per day 0 50000 100000 150000 200000 250000 300000 350000 travel purpose age gender checked bags passengers 332,982 209,548 71,567137,981 25-34 35-44 45-65 65-75 business personal combo @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  52. 52. Examples: Spurious Correlations @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  53. 53. check things I can’t get through security (beer) check bulky gifts, poster, scuba gear worry I will lose my checked bag assume my checked bag will be thrashed again wonder what the white powder was on my bag keep my expensive medical device with me make sure my guitar is not damaged in baggage carry on computer, camera so it’s not stolen avoid rolling bag through connecting airport realize picking up checked bag only adds 5 min. @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy
  54. 54. Not Again “There were those two times where my checked suitcase came back with white powder all over it; what was that?! And the time my suitcase was totally thrashed, so much so that I had to buy a new one. It was a pain to file a claim. Or worse, there was that time they lost my luggage and I had to take time out to go shop for replacements during my trip. Those were awful experiences.” Won't Go Onboard “I usually bring my stuff on board with me, but there will always be an exception. That time I brought beer back from Belgium to share with my friends--no way I was getting that through security. Or when I was presenting a big poster at a conference, I had to check it. Snorkeling gear and stuff for vacation didn't all fit in my roll-aboard. So there are times when I have to check stuff.” Protect Stuff “I was bringing a very expensive piece of equipment to colleagues, and no way was I going to let the gorillas toss it around. I was sure they would break it. It would be an annoying setback to lose my laptop, and have to take time to recover the data and set up a new one. My guitar has sentimental value, so it needs to be in its case, protected in the overhead bin.” Terminal Experience: “It only adds five minutes to my transit time to go down to the carousel to pick up my bag. Once I realized that, I decided to make it easier on myself inside the terminal. No maneuvering bags in the restrooms. No hefting the roll-aboard up to the bin, or dragging it up steep jetways. No juggling my stuff when I pay for and pick up food at the counter. It's easier on me this way.”
  55. 55. unfamiliar with this road & didn’t expect peds never been here; searching for sign, address distracted by a commotion, surprising image I did not see the peds at all the car in the other lane blocked my view the sun was in my eyes, so I didn’t see ped as a driver, I have the right of way on the road there’s a law that says I have to stop?!? the law is that peds must wait for an opening I didn’t want to slow down the cars behind me I didn’t want to wait, and I’m faster than a ped I was going somewhere more important than peds @UXPA2016 #UXPAempathy