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Architecting a Sustainable Experience Design Team for Long Term Growth (Tim Caynes)


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Tim Caynes's Ignite talk from the UXPA 2014 session "Growth by Design: Managing Change in Experience Design Teams."

The demand for experience design services is getting higher every day. As we try to manage the rapid growth of our specialist teams, we're reaching the point at which our evolved team structures can no longer cope with that demand. How do we structure our design teams to focus on quality and sustainability while ensuring our employees are kept highly motivated and have clear career development opportunities? How do we facilitate change and re-define roles to alleviate points of stress and encourage ownership and accountability at all levels? This Ignite session will bring experienced managers and practitioners together to share their insights on how they have achieved this in their own companies, to give attendees specific, actionable advice to help them manage growth in their own experience design teams.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Architecting a Sustainable Experience Design Team for Long Term Growth (Tim Caynes)

  2. 2. Structure Flat
  3. 3. Structure Tall
  4. 4. Structure (Single extensible model)
  5. 5. Structure (Single extensible model with a number 3 on it) 33
  6. 6. Structure (growing team diagram)
  7. 7. Structure Pathways
  8. 8. (diagram of structure with roles)
  9. 9. (diagram of structure with accountability by roles)
  10. 10. massive thing about delivery delivery
  11. 11. massive thing about delivery change
  12. 12. Change flexibilitysustainability growth
  13. 13. I Done Some: interaction dEsign Arhcitecture Visual designering InnoVationating DREEMWEEVER frameWAnkinG IKEALIziNG “I WAs involved in a project designing a chair of nuns where I haD the role of nun direCtor”
  14. 14. Dude, your Face is weird
  15. 15. values & culture
  16. 16. clarity
  17. 17. Small things
  18. 18. people,not process
  19. 19. architect the team find the people provide vision, strategy & direction love the people let them do it @timcaynes!