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Future Trends of Digital Banking: UX Concept of Financial Dashboard From UX Design Agency


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Read detailed case study that reveal digital banking concept UX design process:

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UXDA is a leading UX design agency for finance that helping online banks and Fintech startups engage their customers with a delightful user experience through user-centered design. UXDA is included in the TOP3 Innovative Banking providers in Europe according to European Fintech Awards 2016 and in the TOP15 user experience agencies worldwide according to Clutch Research. 

We combine design with scientific approach based on cognitive psychology to ensure solutions that delight customers and solve their problems.
Our team would be happy to make your online service design simple and clear. We are experienced in digital banking, fintech, payments, forex, CFD, fast loans and charity. Our service includes usability/business/customers research, information architecting, ux strategy, ux consulting, ux architecting, user journey mapping, web ui design, mobile ui app design, tablet ui design, wearable ui design, ui prototyping, testing.

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UX Design Case Study: Reinventing Online Banking User Interface For Millennials

In fact, banks are acting too slowly in digital. On the one hand, they can commit to fintech a lot of money, on the other — conservatism and bureaucracy seriously hamper. It seems like some of them still can’t believe that majority use mobile apps and even “worse” — want to use a tablet or wearable for banking. Maybe that’s why not every bank has mobile banking or gives you full functionality through it.
Of cause, there are some innovative banks, and they have omni-channel digital banking, but another problem occurs — lack of usability. We ask people about their most pleasant digital experience, and no one remembered banking dashboards, while 18 % usе it every day. Only several finance services like Mint and Moven appears. Why is it so?
Banks have their huge budgets and are able to get best UX experts from market to fit their dashboards, but we don’t see encouraging results. Perhaps we looked at the wrong bank. Anyway, we decide to offer you our team vision of digital banking as it should be for touch screens. Such, that we would be happy to use by ourselves.

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Future Trends of Digital Banking: UX Concept of Financial Dashboard From UX Design Agency

  1. 1. What could be the future of online banking? Inspiring UX design concept by Reinventing the banking experience for millennials
  2. 2. Are you happy with your digital banking?
  3. 3. We are familiar with key drivers of digital banking revolution Personalization Transparency Self-service Mobile first Simplicity Aesthetic Holistic
  4. 4. But is that the whole point?
  5. 5. No. It’s about people!
  6. 6. But not only their pains
  7. 7. And not only their needs
  8. 8. It’s about users passion.
  9. 9. What is an ideal digital banking for you?
  10. 10. Make it USEFUL allows making the most necessary things fast and easy Let it be CLEAR attractive appearance and easy to use It must take CARE supports and advises the user in his language
  11. 11. Let’s deliver delightful experience
  12. 12. Helps without authorization
  13. 13. Helps without authorization 1. Sign in 2. Contacts 3. New user form 4. Branches & ATMs locator 5. Bank products promotion 6. Currency converter 7. News feed
  14. 14. Instant search of nearby objects If a user can’t login, he knows where to call Call in case of a card loss or A call to become a customer A simple way to contact the bank Currency rates’ dynamics and current rates with an integrated calculator The nearest ATM or branch is indicated on the map We can distribute traffic between branches using markers: “time until closing” and “waiting in line Promotion of bank services Latest news and messages from bank
  15. 15. Financial status on a first page
  16. 16. Financial status on a first page 1. Balance statement 2. Monthly income 3. Monthly expenses 4. Monthly and daily available 5. Category budgets 6. Latest transaction history 7. Quick Access menu for every transaction
  17. 17. Convenient filter simplifies a search of necessary transaction The menu is clear to understand because of small amount of elements and simple icons Actual information on last transactions upon the login Switch to accounts and cards mode to see balance of all connected accounts Use autocomplete search to find an exact transaction You can send transaction history to print or save it in pdf or csv format Easily sort transactions list to see only incoming or outgoing transactions Main information on each transaction Fast slider-menu for each transaction allow to find similar transactions or make back payment in one-click Access to a more detailed information on transaction Instant information on expenses, income and budget for a choosen period Clear and visible balance statement All expenses at a glance with clear understanding of safe-to- spend sum The amount that could be spent this month (bill payments already subtracted) The average amount that could be spent any day this month (bill payments already subtracted). If you saved previous days budget daily available will increase Slightly slide side-bar to the right to see transaction list in advanced mode
  18. 18. Several accounts & cards
  19. 19. Several accounts and cards 1. Multi-account and Multi-cards support 2. Quick payment menu for every account 3. Sorting throw category 4. Easy new account ordering 5. Access to saving goals 6. Advanced budget management 7. DoD and MoM expenses statistics
  20. 20. Quick access and switch between accounts and cards (including accounts and cards for legal persons) Wonder your overall accounts statement? Simply choose All Accounts to see overall balance, budget and transaction history You don’t need to spend time in branch, because you are able to open new account from your online bank System will automatically choose a selected account when creating a payment Send your payment data to friends or service providers Rename your account, set notifications, transfers and ATM cash out limits Selecting a certain category, only the transactions of that category are shown in a main window Push to see accounts list and a fast menu Access to a detailed DoD and MoM expenses statement, budget restrictions and savings goals setting
  21. 21. Payments in three clicks
  22. 22. Payments in three clicks 1. Instant access to popular payments 2. Popular payments automatically defined 3. Predefined default bills 4. Private advises from bank assistant 5. Access to video advisory 6. Regular payment reminder 7. Transfer fee’s
  23. 23. You can add any transaction to the favorite list manually or it will be added automatically if the payment was repeated several times Instant access to popular payments allows making most common payments in 3 clicks
  24. 24. Autocomplete makes a maximum quick search Information about fee for different payments and transfers The system remembers regular payments and reminds, if user forgot to make a payment Customer-centric personal touch from private advisory will provide personalized assistance in payments making or setting financial plans and goals through chatting and face-to-face remote video Private advisory also includes notification and promotion systems to inform and engage user A clear to a user structure and names of the categories
  25. 25. Money transfer in 30 seconds
  26. 26. Money transfer in 30 seconds 1. Card-to-card transfers 2. Domestics and international transfers 3. Transfers to Mail, Facebook, Twitter contacts 4. Top up from another bank card 5. Clear transfer fee
  27. 27. Instruction minimizes the possible difficulties of transfer You will see instantly what the transfer fee will be Appearance and layout of elements makes a card- to-card transfer maximum simple and clear On the same page a user can top up his card from his another card of another bank Card-to-card transfers is much easier way to send small money amounts to your friends or colleagues Brief form allow to make transfers to domestic or international accounts Most advanced transfer feature allow to connect your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, iCloud contacts and choose any recipient right from the contact list even not knowing their payment data
  28. 28. All bank products at a glance
  29. 29. All bank products at a glance 1. Online marketplace instead of list 2. Autocomplete search 3. Offers separation by category and purpose 4. Image based Offer Cards 5. Tailored and TOP used services 6. Social sharing 7. Community
  30. 30. Featured offers divided by categories Every offer card designed to attract user’s attention and promote exact bank service Rethinking banking products promotion, as a modern online market which is friendly and familiar for millennials. Self-service instead of branches and consultants, improve knowledge of financial products, encourages exploration and saves time to consumers Primary page with specially promoted and user profile fitted banking offers. Can be added automatically an picked manually by advisor. Allow drastically increase user engagement. The list may vary depending on the account Quick view of recently browsed services Way to browse the interesting services that are popular among other users All bank offered services in one place Let’s make bank more social. Ask for help from people like you, share your experience about bank services, explore actual topics and feedbacks from social networks Users can add comments to the service delivering feedbacks to the bank and creating community support for bank products. Shows bank transparency and generates social proof of service quality. Allowed only for public offers You can spread the word about this product to your friends in social networks. Along with comments this will enrich user experience with integration into the social context. Allowed only for public offers Easy to find needed service through category (investment, loan, card, stocks, etc.) or purpose (family, retirement, home, car, etc.) Bank featured products banners. Great way to promote services Direct search using autocomplete
  31. 31. UX Design Agency background UXDesignAgency aim is to reinvent finance industry by delivering thoughtful user interface solutions. In past 3 years UXDA have successfully helped 30+ online banks, fintech services and tech startups engage their customers with delightful user experience through user-centered design. UXDA team combine design with scientific approach based on cognitive psychology to ensure solutions that delight customers and solve their problems. To achieve that we execute researches, architecting, wireframing, UI designing and testing. Our team would be happy to make your online service interface design simple and clear. Check out our portfolio:
  32. 32. Simplify Finance create user experience with E-mail: Skype: uxdesignagency Web: