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UAT Validation in Production


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UAT is challenging because you need a production-like server with production-like data. With the challenges of data protection as well as maintaining server consistency, wouldn't it be easier to use production?

How do you ensure that users don't see bad code? What about database changes? Find out the answers to these questions and more

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UAT Validation in Production

  1. 1. UAT Validation in Production Sarah Davies, UAT Lead
  2. 2. C2 General 2 User Acceptance Testing Testing is... Sarah Davies, UAT Lead, Vodafone
  3. 3. C2 General 3 User Acceptance Testing testing! Sarah Davies, UAT Lead, Vodafone
  4. 4. 4 14 October 2019 Introduction
  5. 5. C2 General My Route to Testing 5 • My background –Early introduction to excellent customer service – village shop –Customer-facing roles –UAT Lead in Vodafone
  6. 6. C2 General 6 “If this is a Scrum Master, what on earth do people think a tester does?”
  7. 7. C2 General 7 “If this is a Scrum Master, what on earth do people think a tester does?”
  8. 8. 8 Business Change
  9. 9. C2 General What is Business Change? 9 What we do • Increase end-user engagement • Increase the likelihood of adoption How we do it • Build relationships with key stakeholders • Collaboration What we deliver • Realise benefits • Improved stakeholder appetite for future transformation
  10. 10. C2 General UAT = Gatekeeper 10 • User acceptance testing is very important • We’re the gatekeepers before the code is released into the live environment
  11. 11. 11 UX in UAT
  12. 12. C2 General User/Customer Experience 12 • Excellent customer experience is baked into everything we do at Vodafone • Testing is no exception; we use representatives from the operations areas in the business to perform UAT • Formal and exploratory testing
  13. 13. C2 General C1 Public 13 Quality I’ll never compromise the quality of testing Sarah Davies, UAT Lead, Vodafone
  14. 14. C2 General Test Timelines 14 • Project timelines are often restricted • Test window, particularly when it gets to UAT is often squeezed into a teeny, tiny timeline • What should we do?
  15. 15. C2 General C1 Public 15 Testing Let’s not test, we’ll just put it into Production! Sarah Davies, UAT Lead, Vodafone
  16. 16. C2 General 16 …what could possibly go wrong?
  17. 17. C2 General The Code doesn’t work as expected Data Security Breach Damaged Reputations Costly Clean-up 17 C1 Public
  18. 18. C2 General Risks 18 Once the code is promoted to Production, it’s available to our customers/consumers. • Isn’t there a risk that someone could inadvertently use the code before the testers, test it? • How is this different to deploying without testing?
  19. 19. 19 Example #1 Production Data
  20. 20. C2 General Example 1 Using Production Data - How difficult could it be? 20 • Within the Financial Services sector, it can be very difficult • Context: –Risk-adverse company –Highly regulated (externally by the regulators and internally) –Legacy pensions system; closed- book of business –Constraints: Inability to create test data
  21. 21. C2 General Example 1 Using Production Data - How difficult could it be? 21 Step 1 – Agreement to use production data • Data Security process required completion of two data security/compliance forms • Attain agreement from the Project Sponsor • Start testing …Not yet
  22. 22. C2 General Step 2 – Data Security Plan • Next, prepare the Data Security Plan • Attain sign off from the Information Security Team –The security forum meet once a month! • Now start testing …No Example 1 Using Production Data - How difficult could it be? 22
  23. 23. C2 General Example 1 Using Production Data - How difficult could it be? 23 Step 3 - Approval • Arrange face-to-face meeting with the Information Security Manager and Business Risk Manager • Present the pack and request approval • Leave the session feeling “tied up in knots” (remember the quote “Testing is testing”?) • Start testing now? …Too exhausted!
  24. 24. 24 Example #2 Production Environment
  25. 25. C2 General Example 2 The Production Environment 25 Testing reports • Context: –Internal customers (operations team within the business) –Analytical solution –Run as a Pilot with ‘early adopters’ –Excellent stakeholder engagement
  26. 26. 26 Regulation
  27. 27. C2 General General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR ) C1 Public 27 • GDPR complicates the test data challenge by placing constraints on using production data for testing purposes • Use de-personalised / anonymised data with the help of data scrambling tools – Obviously not all data. That would make it no better than using handcrafted data
  28. 28. 28 3 Points to Consider
  29. 29. C2 General 1. Your Data 29 • Personal data • Sensitive • Restricted 2. What is your motivation? • Time saving • Cost saving • To achieve conditions that drive your outcomes • Capacity of Production vs test environment • No restrictions on customer journeys 3. Your Data Consumers • Internal customers • External customers
  30. 30. Thank you