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Supporting the Product through Continuous Delivery


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In this session Frederic will look at how to manage feature-flipping and A/B Testing when shipping on multiple platforms. How to manage synchronization and coordination with product marketing and as part of it, explain how Dashlane are organized with a dual track approach to support feature team delivery and platform/production maintenance in parallel.

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Supporting the Product through Continuous Delivery

  1. 1. Supporting the Product through Continuous Delivery The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Continuous Delivery
  2. 2. July 26 2018 Launching Dashlane 6
  3. 3. A refresher on Continuous Delivery • The ability to deliver to production, fast, reliably and on-demand, through an industrialized automated Release Pipeline.
  4. 4. High-Performing code practices • Centralized Code Repository • Strong orchestration through Continuous Integration • Code Quality through tooling and systematic mandatory code review
  5. 5. Continuous QA Automated Testing framework everywhere UNIT TESTS INTEGRATION TESTS FUNCTIONAL TESTS MANUAL TESTS AUTOMATED TESTS Full-Stack Testing: • Unit Tests • Integration Tests • Functional Regression Tests
  6. 6. Continuous Operations • Monitor everything • Morning Gymnastic practice • Alert System for notifications
  7. 7. The complexity of the many pipelines of delivery MySQL RedShift Mongo DB SQL Server iOSAndroid WindowsMac OS Web AppExtensions JS Semantic Engine (As a Service) Dashlane API (Web Services) Dashlane Web Site Native Clients Web Clients Server Hosting on Amazon Web Services User Data Computed Usage Logs AnalyticsRaw Usage Logs 3rd Party Providers Stripe PayPal Braze SendGrid AppStore PlayStore 3rd Party Partners Team Admin Console
  8. 8. Progressive Roll out Ship new code progressively • 1%, 5%, 20%… 100% • Monitor and increase
  9. 9. Feature-Flipping Activate features from the Back-Office for a segment of users
  10. 10. A/B Testing • Experimentation in production • Work in conjunction with Progressive Rollout and Feature Flip
  11. 11. Communication Failure • As you accelerate, communication and synchronization become critical • All teams should be aware of the release life cycle.
  12. 12. Output vs Outcome • Continuous Delivery is just an enabler • Drive to maximize outcome Maximize Value Not Output
  13. 13. Take-Aways 1. Continuous Delivery to accelerate your business. 2. Engineering Prerequisites • High-performance Code, full QA, continuous operations • Tooling: progressive rollout, feature flipping and A/B Test Engine. 3. Double down on communication and synchronization between teams. 4. Continuous Delivery is just about the plumbing. Make sure you have liquid gold flowing through it.
  14. 14. Questions Try Dashlane and get 6 months premium with the code UXDX2019