Run Better in Weeks to Address Current and Future Business Needs


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Run Better in Weeks to Address Current and Future Business Needs

  1. 1. SAP Solution BriefSAP Rapid Deployment SolutionsRun Better in Weeks toAddress Current andFuture Business NeedsBenefitsSolutionObjectives Quick Facts
  2. 2. 2ObjectivesShorten your time to greaterefficiency and profitabilityMeeting core business objectives and keeping IT projects on time and withinbudget are especially important in today’s challenging economy.Achievingthese goals requires predictable costs and results and a short time tobusiness value. New software should integrate with current functionalityand provide a foundation that you can extend easily to address futurebusiness needs.SAP, together with a broad ecosystem of part-ners, offers a wide range of modular – andfully integrated – solutions for core businessprocesses that are designed specifically forrapid deployment in companies of all sizes.The solutions also support industry-specificprocesses, in-memory computing, and­enterprise mobility.SAP® Rapid Deployment solutions and therapid-deployment solutions of SAP partnerscombine standard SAP software with imple-mentation services from the SAP Consultingorganization or SAP partners. The solutionsincorporate best practices, preconfiguredcontent, and end-user materials to speedtime to value for your investment.With a fixed scope and cost, rapid-deploymentsolutions from SAP and its partners helpyou meet your project deadlines, stay withinbudget, and quickly achieve the business andIT results you want. You also have a compre-hensive array of choices for hardware, hostingand cloud options, and financing to addressyour specific needs.Shorten your time to greaterefficiency and profitabilityQuick FactsSolution Benefits
  3. 3. Solutions for your most urgentbusiness needsFinding solutions that support a specific lineof business or business process and integratewith a centralized information system has be-come important. Standard software availablein the preconfigured SAP Rapid Deploymentsolutions offers a wide range of functionalityto suit your specific industry, business process,or line-of-business requirements. In ­additionto processes for specific industries (such asbanking or retail), the solutions ­support suchcore process areas as:•• Sales, service, and marketing•• Supply chain management and procurement•• Product development and manufacturing•• Human resources•• Financials•• Operations and IT•• Mobile, in-memory, and cloud computingYou can use SAP Rapid Deployment solutionswith leading-edge analytics functionalityavailable in standard SAP software.In addition to laying the foundation for a coreenterprise resource planning (ERP) solution,SAP Rapid Deployment solutions can broadenan existing ERP footprint to address newbusiness needs or extend your current system.The solutions can also serve as integrated­replacements for non-SAP software.3Solutions for your most urgentbusiness needsLeverage best practices andtools for fast time to valueSolutionObjectives Quick FactsBenefits
  4. 4. Leverage best practices andtools for fast time to valueWhen implementing SAP Rapid Deploymentsolutions, SAP Consulting and SAP servicespartners use content and expertise derivedfrom actual customer implementations.Thesebest practices help you quickly enhanceyour business processes and meet industrystandards – often within weeks.With best practices for implementations,SAP delivers proven, preconfigured contentbased on industry best practices for specificbusiness processes. The software solutionsthat SAP builds are deemed to incorporatethe best way to handle those processes andhave been adapted constantly by successfulSAP customers. As a company’s businessprocesses evolve, so do our implementationbest practices.In addition, specific tools make it simple andeasy to manage rapid-deployment projects.These include a project schedule, kick-off pre-sentations, test scripts, and a list of preimple-mentation requirements. SAP also providestools that facilitate the adoption of a solutionby your business – such as key-user trainingmaterials, business process documents forend-user training, and a going-live checklist.This combination of best practices, tools, andcontent gives you a proven solution that canbe installed easily and quickly.4SolutionObjectives Quick FactsSolutions for your most urgentbusiness needsLeverage best practices andtools for fast time to valueBenefits
  5. 5. Minimize cost and risk witha predetermined scope and timeSAP Rapid Deployment solutions are avail-able at a predetermined price and scope byleveraging the implementation accelerators,tools, and best practices that SAP Consultingand SAP partners have gathered during manyyears of installations.Standardized statements of work outlinethe specific services that are included in thequoted price. SAP services partners and value-added resellers provide capabilities and exper-tise for your specific industry and lines of busi-ness. SAP-certified providers of cloud servicesand SAP hosting partners offer deploymentoptions to match your specific business needs.Most solutions are delivered remotely, whichhelps to minimize deployment costs. In addi-tion to services for functional and industryimplementation, deployment and assessmentservices are available for analytics and cross-functional solutions. These services help youupgrade and test your software and optimizeyour system landscape.5Minimize cost and risk witha predetermined scope and timeChoose deployment, pricing,and financing to suit your needsQuickly add new functionalityas neededBenefitsSolutionObjectives Quick FactsKnow exactly what functionality you’re getting,when you’ll get it, and how much it will cost.
  6. 6. Choose deployment, pricing,and financing to suit your needs6Minimize cost and risk witha predetermined scope and timeChoose deployment, pricing,and financing to suit your needsQuickly add new functionalityas neededSolutionObjectives Quick FactsA large ecosystem of SAP partners maximizesthe availability of and choice within the port-folio of rapid-deployment solutions.System integrators and value-added resellersprovide capabilities and expertise for specificindustries and lines of business. SAP-certifiedproviders of cloud services offer deploymentoptions to match your business needs. Flexiblepricing and financing from partners help youmeet your specific budget requirements.You can find the right partner to meet yourspecific needs and get you up and runningquickly by visiting the rapid-deployment solu-tions store on the SAP EcoHub solution market-place at your implementation to fit your timeline andbudget and know, up front, what your budget will buy.Benefits
  7. 7. Quickly add new functionalityas neededSAP Rapid Deployment solutions future-proofyour technology investment by helping youquickly and precisely address new businessneeds with your choice of software, deploy-ment, and licensing options. Implementationscan often be completed within days or weeks.The integrated and modular enhancementapproach helps to align your business andIT goals. The fixed, highly transparent scope­allows a faster time to market while helpingyou meet your project deadlines and achievethe specific business results you expect. The­solutions can also lower the ratio of servicecosts to license costs and reduce total cost ofimplementation and total cost of ownership.7Minimize cost and risk witha predetermined scope and timeChoose deployment, pricing,and financing to suit your needsQuickly add new functionalityas neededSolutionObjectives Quick FactsTurn to SAP Rapid Deployment solutions forunprecedented time to value, predictability,flexible deployment options, and integratedsupport for growth.Benefits
  8. 8. SummarySAP® Rapid Deployment solutions providequick and predictable value in organizationsof all sizes and industries. The modular­solutions include SAP software, content,­materials for user enablement, and imple-mentation services. They are delivered bythe SAP Consulting organization – or SAPpartners – with predetermined scope, time,and cost. You can choose from multiple­options for software, deployment, pricing,and financing to address your specific needs.Objectives•• Minimize implementation risk by keepingprojects on track•• Accelerate time to value with a fast­implementation•• Increase project transparency with fixedscope and cost•• Build on existing technology•• Maximize flexibility for future businessneedsSolution•• Preconfigured software to suit specificindustry, process, or line-of-business needs•• Proven best practices, templates, andtools to streamline implementation•• Guides and educational materials tospeed user adoption•• Fixed scope implementation services andsimple, upfront pricing maximizes predict-ability and reduces risk•• Integration with existing and future ­SAPlandscapesBenefits•• Increase project success rate•• Align business and IT goals•• Future-proof IT investments•• Reduce total cost of ownership•• Shorten time to market•• Drive innovation with mobility, in-memorycomputing, and cloud computingLearn moreTo learn how SAP Rapid Deployment­solutions can help your organization, goto (12/04)©2012 SAP AG. All rights | Privacy | ImpressumQuick FactsSolutionObjectives Benefits