Making Cloud Work for you


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Making Cloud Work for you by Jesmond Psaila

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Making Cloud Work for you

  1. 1. MAKING CLOUD WORK FOR YOU Jesmond Psaila
  2. 2. AGENDA 1 2 3 4 Cloud, consumerisation & consumption economics What cloud means to you Get ready for cloud Make the cloud work for you
  3. 3. CLOUD, CONSUMERISATION & CONSUMPTION ECONOMICS Why? Industry is at an inflection point? More features than we can consume?
  4. 4. KEY DRIVERS - MOVING TO CLOUD Medium importance High importance Lower operational costs of ICT 36.1 35.5 Lower capital expenditure on ICT 28.8 32.7 Self service 33.3 34.0 More control over operational costs of ICT Source: IQ Insights Research: Connection Research 37.8 20.5 Biggest advantage 7.1 14.1 1.9 6.4
  5. 5. CLOUD PROMISE 1 Less Complexity 2 Lower Prices 3 Easier to use 4 Flexibility
  6. 6. CLOUD MEANS MANY THINGS TO MANY PEOPLE Pay-as-you-go Standardisation On demand Automation Workload portability Contestability
  7. 7. TRANSFORMATION TO CLOUD Self service user portal Automated provisioning Service catalogue Cloud readiness Virtualise Standardise Automate Private Cloud
  8. 8. UXC PRIVATE CLOUD ENABLEMENT Self service user portal Service catalogue Service governance & policy SLAs User access/ authorisation Operations management Chargeback Resource pool Computer Service Service delivery definition Workload placement Workload lifecycle management Network & security policy Change & configuration management Network Service assurance Storage
  9. 9. UXC CLOUD ENABLEMENT SERVICES Business Alignment Application Discovery Compliance & Governance Workload Placement Risks & ROI Cloud Simulation Cloud Capacity Management Service Definition Cloud Performance Management Process Automation Service Catalogue
  10. 10. MAKING CLOUD WORK FOR YOU Jesmond Psaila