Universal Design, Accessibility, and the Typing Experience


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The term "universal design" describe the concept of designing products to be aesthetic and usable to the greatest extent possible by everyone, regardless of their age, ability, or status in life.

The typing experience, particularly on mobile and tablet devices, is a poor experience, but it's even worse for users with only one hand! If we were going to re-design cross-device typing systems, how would we go about it?

Through the lens of typists who only have the use of one hand or arm, this presentation outlines the difference between universal design and accessible design, and how universal design could be a step in the right direction toward creating a better typing experience for not only disabled typists, but for us all!

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Universal Design, Accessibility, and the Typing Experience

  1. 1. WHAT IS Universal Design
  2. 2. Rachel Barton
  3. 3. January 16, 1995
  4. 4. 111 Meters
  5. 5. “All along, I knew that in the end I would still be able to perform… So that was what I was holding on to. I still am.” Rachel Barton
  6. 6. BUTwhat if…
  7. 7. THE SOUND of one hand TYPING
  8. 8. What is universal design and what is accessibility? Why does one-handed typing matter? How might Chinese web design and natural user interfaces change the way we think about typing? 1 2 3
  9. 9. WHAT IS Universal Design
  10. 10. “The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.” Tim Berners-Lee the creator of the World Wide Web
  11. 11. leveling the playing field
  12. 12. INACCESSIBLE it’s not the wheelchair IT’S THE STAIRS. that makes a building
  13. 13. INACCESSIBLE it’s not the user IT’S THE DESIGNER. that makes the web
  14. 14. examples of UNIVERSAL DESIGN
  15. 15. examples of UNIVERSAL DESIGN
  16. 16. examples of UNIVERSAL DESIGN
  17. 17. ONEeyeball finger
  18. 18. examples of UNIVERSAL DESIGN
  19. 19. IS A PLAN UNIVERSAL DESIGN IS ACCESSIBILITY the way we measure that plan
  20. 20. it is not necessarily universal if a design is accessible it is necessarily accessible if a design is universal
  21. 21. sight touchsound cognition
  22. 22. it began with a tentacle “Prosthetic Tentacle” by Kaylene Kau
  23. 23. HOW would YOU USE…
  24. 24. IF YOU only had ONE HAND…
  25. 25. andAlex Tasha
  26. 26. what are people with ONE HAND actually USING
  27. 27. the QWERTY keyboard was created for EFFICIENCY
  28. 28. WHY DOES one-handed typing MATTER
  31. 31. in solving the the typing experience FOR EVERYONE! WE WILL IMPROVE one handed / armed typing issue
  32. 32. so how do this problem WE SOLVE
  33. 33. portable inexpensive easy to use ambidextrous design aesthetic quickly learned available ergonomic we need something that is… cross-devicecross-platform multilingual beyond word processing
  34. 34. VOICE recognition
  35. 35. SWYPE
  37. 37. THE CHINESE MODEL Hanwang handwriting recognition mouse
  38. 38. Chinese YAHOO
  39. 39. American YAHOO
  40. 40. BAIDU. Chinese Google Equivalent
  41. 41. BAIDU. Search for the elderly
  42. 42. TAOBAO.COM. Above the fold
  43. 43. EBAY.COM. Above the fold
  44. 44. TAOBAO.COM. Below the fold
  45. 45. EBAY.COM. Below the fold
  46. 46. so what’s THE FUTURE
  47. 47. OUR NUI best friend CLI codified strict GUI metaphor exploratory NUI direct intuitive
  48. 48. ONE eyeball finger nipple???
  49. 49. “The only “intuitive” interface is a nipple. After that, it’s all learned.” Bruce Ediger
  50. 50. WHAT IS NUI?
  51. 51. “As far as the customer is, the interface is the product.” Jeff Raskin
  52. 52. BACK TO OUR original list • portable • inexpensive • easy to use • ambidextrous design • cross-device • cross-platform • multilingual • aesthetic • fast learning curve • available • ergonomic • beyond word processing
  53. 53. TAKEAWAY
  54. 54. LUCK
  55. 55. THANK YOU!