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Youth United Way Brochure


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Published in: Education
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Youth United Way Brochure

  1. 1. Youth United Way DISCOVER YOURSELF
  2. 2. FIND YOUR VOICE. LIVE UNITED. The YOUTH UNITED WAY mission The Youth United Way mission is to expand the leadership qualities of students while contributing to marion County by volunteering, fundraising, and making a positive impact within already existing United Way initiatives and funded programs. Youth United Way provides a forum for local youth to develop leadership skills and demonstrate the importance of youth civic involvement as a key component to change. Activities include electing their own officers, participating in meetings, coordinating fundraisers and being a part of the allocation process. YUW students not only serve as a volunteer group for United Way by helping with the campaign cabinet and both Day of Caring and Day of Action, but they also serve as a volunteer group for the local community by partnering with other nonprofits on their volunteer projects. “Youth United Way motivates me to look for opportunities to help improve someone else’s life.” GIVE. JOIN HANDS. OPEN YOUR HEART. The give is the easiest and most powerful way to invest in our community. - shelly mittal (below far right), Vanguard High School ADVOCATE. FIND YOUR VOICE. You can make change happen with your voice by getting informed, educating your friends and showing your passion about local issues. VOLUNTEER. GIVE AN HOUR. GIVE A SATURDAY. As a volunteer, you make a direct, hands-on contribution to your community. “Voicing a change in our community helps others have a chance to realize their lifelong dreams.” Jordan Weaver, Forest High School
  3. 3. “Youth United Way allows me to be more involved in the community, and help others in need.” Casey Parker, Westport High School YOUTH UNITED WAY oBJeCTiVes » Develop and nurture skills of potential community leaders » increase understanding of their community and community issues » Create a strong and diverse base of future community leaders for marion County » instill the value of philanthropy and giving back to the community » increase awareness of the positive results of engaging youth as leaders and decision makers » improve the community through youth-led service projects » encourage youth to develop a sense of ownership in the community ReqUiRemenTs: Applicants must be entering into their junior year of high school. students applying should be responsible, caring and motivated by experience and learning. A peer-to-peer interview, recommendation letter and 2.5 min grade point average is required. in fact, we are interested in students who have great potential, but have not yet had the opportunity to lead. For more information about YUW, contact your guidance counselor or the United Way of marion County at 352-732-9696. Want to make a difference? Find out how at WWW.UWMC.ORG. 1401 NE 2nd Street Ocala, FL 34470 Phone: 352-732-9696 United Way Fax: 352-732-9608 of Marion County