Johanna Duckworth - The Art of Networking


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Johanna Duckworth - The Art of Networking

  1. 1. Networking Across Generations Facilitated By: Johonna Duckworth Lead Image Consultant Creative Images
  2. 2. What Is Networking? A supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest. An association of individuals having a common interest, formed to provide mutual assistance, helpful information to one another.
  3. 3. Let’s Meet The Panelist
  4. 4. Maureen Hurd Maureen takes a genuine interest in others and prides herself on developing strong relationships. She is known as a great “connector” and resource by her friends, colleagues and clients. She is tenacious and trustworthy; key attributes that helped her build a successful and well respected Search Firm in Southeastern WI. Maureen became an Independent Recruiter in August 2001. She leaped into the world of entrepreneurship creating Core Business Solutions LLC in March 2002.
  5. 5. Dionne Grayson Dionne has spent her career purposefully planning opportunities for others to be successful. Dedicated to strengthening the organizational capacity of nonprofit organizations, empowering youth, and helping individuals and communities gain access to resources, Dionne has consulted with many organizations in the greater Milwaukee community. Dionne received her undergraduate degree in Clinical Psychology from Alverno College and her graduate degree in Social Work Administration from UW-Milwaukee. Additionally, Dionne is a Career Development Coach.
  6. 6. Ivette Alvarado Ivette is a Licensed Professional Counselor with advanced clinical training in Marriage & Family Therapy & Sexual Addiction. She earned her MS degree from UW- Whitewater and now works with Trillium Care group as a psychotherapist and as an adjunct instructor with Concordia University Wisconsin.
  7. 7. Dr. Eve Hall Dr. Hall, a leader and advocate, experienced in education, non-profit, and government sectors, has established her imprint locally and nationally. She has earned a reputation as a “builder” and one who inspires and demonstrates the power of strong programs and partnerships to create change and opportunities that positively impact the lives of others. She presently serves as the President/CEO of the African American Chamber of Commerce in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she is leading the renewal of the organization. Dr. Hall received a B.S. degree in educational psychology from Florida A&M University, a M.S. in administrative leadership from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and a doctorate in educational leadership from Cardinal Stritch University.
  8. 8. Alexis Rose Criscimagna Alexis of Alexis Rose Style was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As of late, her focus has been on the restoration and revival of this great city, particularly in the realm of style. Within the last year and a half, Alexis Rose has evolved from her first blog, Mad Elephant–which she used as a forum for emotion, music, and expression–into Alexis Rose Style and now, Alexis Rose Now…a complete platform in which she shares all sides of her, as well as the pieces which make her whole, including creative expression, spirituality, and collaboration.
  9. 9. Social Media – Start Networking Online • Remain professional – professional photo, self edit and status updates • Limit content - Don’t put anything up you don’t want a prospective employer or contact to see • Employers often use social media to research potential employees • The content you put on your social networking sites can never be deleted!
  10. 10. Common networking event mistakes Things to Avoid Making food the focus Drinking to excess – 1 Only… Uncomfortable topics Lengthy conversations Gossip Complaining about the event Flirting Being rude/disrespectful to staff
  11. 11. Things To Remember Be strategic when building your network Networking is just as much about helping others as it is receiving help Become an active listener Networking never gets old
  12. 12. Creative Images Services Customized Workshops Wardrobe Audits Personal Shopping Image Coaching Dress Code Development Professional Dress Events Email us at: Visit online at: Call us at: 414-687-5999