Lori zimmer speed coaching


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2012 Women Leaders Conference

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Lori zimmer speed coaching

  1. 1. Speed Coaching Lori Zimmer Ginny Kannenberg Momentum LLC
  2. 2. Agenda• What is Coaching?• How can it help you?• Can coaching help a company?• Are you ready for coaching?• Let’s try it! Speed coaching!
  3. 3. What is Coaching?• Coaching is a process that facilitates movement.• Coaching is about growth, achievement, proactive effort, and accountability to results.• Coaching is focused and responsive, forward thinking and supportive.• Coaching allows you to bring out your best abilities and use them to make positive changes in your world of work or personal life.
  4. 4. What is Coaching?Standing on this foundation, the coachsresponsibility is to:• Discover, clarify, and align with the client’s desired goals• Encourage client self-discovery• Elicit client-generated solutions and strategies• Hold the client responsible and accountable.• Provide support to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that the client already has
  5. 5. Confidentiality Coaching is a confidential processbetween the coaching client and thecoach. All conversations within the coaching environment are handled confidentially except in the case of client safety.
  6. 6. Coaching VS. Other Helping Approaches• Therapy: diagnosing and emotional healing focused on the past• Teaching: disseminating information and knowledge• Consulting: directive, expert problem solving• Mentoring: role modeling and advising in a specific arena to assist with individual growth and development• Coaching: facilitating excellence in others
  7. 7. You are trying to learn to ride a bike:• A Therapist would: try to diagnose the issue that is preventing you from wanting to ride the bike• A Teacher would: teach you the history of the bike and how to use it• A Consultant would: tell you what bike to buy, how the bike should work and what you could use it for• A Mentor would: show you how to ride the bike• A Coach would: run along beside you, help you find confidence and hold you up as you learn to ride!
  8. 8. A Professional Coach Is:• Your Partner in achieving business and personal growth• Your Champion during a turnaround• Your Trainer in communication and life skills• Your Sounding Board when making choices• Your Motivation when strong actions are called for• Your Unconditional Support when you take a hit• Your Mentor in personal development• Your Co-designer when creating an extraordinary project• Your Beacon during stormy times• Your Wake-up Call if you don’t hear your own voice• Your Partner in helping you have all of what matters most to you
  9. 9. A Great Coach Will:• Listen openly with no judgment• Build trust and respect• Ask probing questions to dig for root causes and real issues• Challenge your thinking• Hold you accountable• Be honest and frank• Provide a different perspective• Acknowledge and support• Celebrate your successes• Strategize and set goals• Share ideas and approaches when needed• Empower and energize• Allow time for reflection• Explore the possibilities• Drive action• Remain objective and unattached to the outcomes• Maintain confidentiality
  10. 10. Coaching’s Impact to Personal Life • Attainment of goals and objectives • A more balanced work and personal life • A chance to pursue your unique strengths • Foster personal growth and development • Improvement in interpersonal relationships • Significant positive changes
  11. 11. Coaching’s Impact to Professional Life• Goal achievement• Increased success with current responsibilities• Focus on forward movement within your company• Growth in understanding unique strengths and how best to utilize them• Defined plan of action for continual growth
  12. 12. Are you ready for coaching?• Are you willing to learn?• Are you wanting to grow?• Will you allow yourself to change?
  13. 13. Could your team/organization benefit from coaching?“Organizational health: the ability of your organization toalign, execute, and renew itself faster than your competitors can.” McKinsey Quarterly
  14. 14. Could your team/organization benefit from coaching?The key to strong organizationalhealth is engaged employees.• Employees with skills, ability and know-how to carry the organization forward.• Employees who are ready, willing and able to make the changes necessary to keep their organization on top of it’s game.
  15. 15. Could your team/organization benefit from coaching?• Engaged employees drive better products/services, continuous improvement and innovation = higher customer satisfaction = healthy growth and a sound future.
  16. 16. Could your team/organization benefit from coaching?• A coaching style leads to employee engagement. – Manager listens and uses employee ideas. – Empowers employees to create and innovate for improvement. – Enhances opportunity for employees to achieve success in the workplace.
  17. 17. Coaching’s Impact to Organizations• Keeping employees aligned and engaged in work• Improving work quality and productivity• Opening up communications for a more informed and knowledgeable workforce• Tapping into employee creativity and innovation• Improving performance and supporting employee growth and development• Creating more collaboration and teamwork• Developing a more energized and fun work environment
  18. 18. Preparing your mind for coaching: • What is the pebble in your shoe that is keeping you from achieving your highest potential? • What habits, activities or limiting thoughts do you need to eliminate or modify in order to move toward your goals? • What is one thing you would like to add to your life?
  19. 19. Preparing your mind for coaching: • What are you spending time on that is not adding value to your life? • What areas of your life are out of balance? • What unique gifts of yours are not being developed?
  20. 20. Coaching Offer• For anyone unable to receive coaching today due to our time constraints, we would like to offer you a free ½ hour coaching call.• If interested, fill out your question form and leave us your contact information. We will contact you within the week.