Dress to Smash the Glass Ceiling- Jordan Dechambre


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2013 Women Leaders Conference

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Dress to Smash the Glass Ceiling- Jordan Dechambre

  1. 1. DRESSING TO SMASH THE GLASS CEILINGYour guide to the perfect at-work wardrobe
  3. 3. DRESS CODE DRAMACompany dress codes are a never-ending battle in the working world. Battle #1: Employees misinterpret the dress code or they don’t abide by it.
  4. 4. DRESS CODE DRAMA Battle #2:Companies have a code in place but don’t enforce it.
  5. 5. DRESS CODE DRAMA Battle #3:Companies don’t have a dress code but they still reprimand employees for wearing certain attire.
  6. 6. DRESS CODE DRAMA Battle #4:There’s constant objection from certain industries along the lines of, “Why do I have to look nice at work if I don’t see anybody?”
  7. 7. DRESS CODE DRAMA If you’re a sales employee who meets with clients every day, it makes sense to dress professionally.But for the writer who sits in her cube all day and rarely sees the sun, let alone another person, does it really matter what she’s wearing? If you want to be promoted, it does.
  8. 8. DRESS CODE DRAMA In a new CareerBuilder.com survey, 41%of employers said individuals who dress better or more professionally tend to be promoted more often than others in their organization.
  9. 9. DRESS CODE DRAMA The best way to banish dress code drama? • Dress to impress — no matter what your position. • Follow any written company dress code — even if others do not or the code is not enforced.• Integrate your personal style into your work wardrobe.
  11. 11. INTEGRATING YOUR PERSONAL STYLEYou never get a second chance to make a first impression — and that holds true for your fashion choices, as well. The clothing and accessories you choose to wear on a daily basis not only express your style, but your personality and artistic point of view.How do you make sure your style conveys your personality in a fashionable — and respectable — way?
  12. 12. INTEGRATING YOUR PERSONAL STYLE Here are 5 Do’s and Don’tsto ensure you are not only rocking your personal style to the max but also keeping it appropriate for your career.
  13. 13. INTEGRATING YOUR PERSONAL STYLEDO: Realize — and embrace — your multiple personalities. It’s OK to be a little erratic when it comes to your personal style.Some days you’re a powerful Angelina, while others a down-to-earth Jen — no matter what your mood, your style self-expression should follow suit. There’s also no shame in combining a few different personalities into one look. Pairing a business appropriate sheath dress with a statement necklace and colorful heels is a great way to look the part — and feel like yourself.
  14. 14. INTEGRATING YOUR PERSONAL STYLE DON’T: Be afraid to evolve. Your personal style isn’t stagnant; it’s in constant motion. DO: Style pieces in unique ways Constantly reinvent yourself DON’T: Buy hero pieces Hero pieces = a waste of time + moneyA well-heeled closet is also one where pieces work together to form a fabulous wardrobe. It should be a collection.
  15. 15. INTEGRATING YOUR PERSONAL STYLE DO: Highlight your point of view.Maybe the latest and greatest trend is a little bit country … but you’re a little bit rock ’n roll. It’s OK to be different. Embrace your point of view. Remember: Fashion is fleeting, but style is eternal. DO: Pay attention to trendsDON’T: Be a slave to them — no one wants to end up as fashion road kill!DO: Find your perfect look, and embrace it, no matter what hits the runway.
  16. 16. INTEGRATING YOUR PERSONAL STYLE DO: Dress for the body you have, not the body you wish you had. Although it’s incredibly important to be healthy and fit, not all of us will or can be a size 0. And — spoiler alert — that’s OK! DO: Live the life you have instead of longing for something else.DO: Celebrate your body, your curves — all the things that make you unique. Live for the now.
  17. 17. INTEGRATING YOUR PERSONAL STYLE Do: Remember confidence is key. Whether you are rocking a $1,500 Chanel handbag or a $20 Target dress, the success of your look always depends on one major factor: Confidence.The ultimate accessory isn’t a Cartier bracelet, Christian Louboutin stilettos oran Alexander McQueen scarf, but rather a knowing smile and confident stride.At the end of the day, the most perfectly curated wardrobe will not punctuate your style if you are unhappy with yourself.
  19. 19. YOUR ULTIMATE WORK WARDROBE Stock your closet! Start with the versatile basics, such as a pair of tailored black pants, a well-cut suit, a classic white shirt and sophisticated pumps.Once you have the staples, you can continue to build your wardrobe to give you plenty of professional options. Here’s a look at a well-heeled work wardrobe:
  21. 21. YOUR ULTIMATE WORK WARDROBE The Essentials: A black blazer Trousers (black, gray and tan) A black pencil skirt Black pumps Commuter flatsSweaters (a crewneck and a cardigan) A trench coat A classic work tote A patterned blouse A white button-down shirt An oversized watch A day dress
  25. 25. THE 10 COMMANDMENTS 10 Rules for a Chic Workplace WardrobeWhether your place of work is strict or relaxed, there is a certain level of refinement that should always be maintained — and things you should simply never do. Now, learn the 10 rules for building a chic workplace wardrobe.
  26. 26. THE 10 COMMANDMENTS 1. Obey the rules … whether you like them or not.Dressing against office dictates won’t impress the boss — or your colleagues.
  27. 27. THE 10 COMMANDMENTS 2. Never show your midriff. Wear shirts of a proper length, and shun pants that ride too low.
  28. 28. THE 10 COMMANDMENTS3. Avoid revealing too much cleavage. Work is definitely not the place for it.
  29. 29. THE 10 COMMANDMENTS 4. Keep your straps under wraps.Never let your bra show, and make sure your shirt is buttoned up properly.
  30. 30. THE 10 COMMANDMENTS5. And don’t wear anything see-through without proper underpinnings.
  31. 31. THE 10 COMMANDMENTS 6. Keep your hemlines in check.Even if you have great gams, super-short skirtsshould be saved for evenings out or weekends. A few inches above the knee is the shortest you should go.
  32. 32. THE 10 COMMANDMENTS 7. Save your flip-flops for the beach. And your sneakers for the gym.Wear a pair of simple flats for your commute instead.
  33. 33. THE 10 COMMANDMENTS 8. Use your best judgment.Save slinkier styles, like lacy camisoles and strapless dresses for the evening.
  34. 34. THE 10 COMMANDMENTS 9. Try not to go too tight.The office isn’t the right place to hug every curve.
  35. 35. THE 10 COMMANDMENTS 10. Don’t get too wacky.It’s fine to express your personal style, but keep it refined. Crazy hats, over- the-top makeup and raucous patterns will make you see too eccentric.
  36. 36. A FINAL THOUGHT “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” -Coco Chanel QUESTIONS? E jordandechambre@gmail.com W www.jordandechambre.comFB www.facebook.com/jordandechambrestyle TW @jordandechambre