Success by 6 turn six - United way of greater new haven


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Success by 6 turn six - United way of greater new haven

  1. 1. Turns Six! A Look Back & a Look Ahead
  2. 2. Success By 6 isabout getting kidson the right pathat the right time.
  3. 3. So, when isthe right time?
  4. 4. Three weeks afterconception the brainbegins to form.Three weeks laterearly neuralconnections permitthe first movements.
  5. 5. After birth, a baby’sbrain producestrillions of theseconnections.
  6. 6. These connectionsare called dendrites.They grow whenstimulated and diewhen ignored.
  7. 7. Experience is thechief architect of thebrain’s dendrites.
  8. 8. Success By 6was designedto support thisarchitecture.
  9. 9. Creating the rightexperiences toshape theseincredible brainsat the right time.
  10. 10. Empoweringparents with theknowledge that willhelp them shapetheir childrensfuture.
  11. 11. Making sure thatearly childhoodprograms arehigh quality.
  12. 12. Helping vulnerablechildren and familieshave access to earlycare and educationprograms.
  13. 13. And the goodnews is… we’vebeen doing it forSIX years
  14. 14. With the help of many partnersACES, Accreditation Facilitation Project, All Our Kin, ALSO-Cornerstone, Catholic Charities, Community Mediation,Connecticut Children’s Museum, Coordinating Council for Children in Crisis, The Diaper Bank, East Haven Early ChildhoodCollaborative, East Haven Family Resource Center, Fair Haven Community Health Center, Fair Haven Stroll For Babies,Great Dwight Development Corporation, Hamden/North Haven YMCA, Hamden’s Partnership for Young Children, Leila DayNursery, Life Haven, New Haven Early Childhood Council, New Haven Public Schools, New Haven Reads Community BookBank, Read to Grow, St. Francis and St. Rose of Lima School, Student Parenting & Family Resources, United CommunityNursery School, West Haven Community House, West Haven Childhood Development Center.
  15. 15. We’ve invested$2.1 Million
  16. 16. We’ve leveraged more than $2 Million in other funds
  17. 17. Investments in quality early childhoodexperiences provide a 16% rate of return.
  18. 18. What does thiswork look like?
  19. 19. What differencehas it made?
  20. 20. 2,620 parents gainedskills to help their childenter school success-ready.
  21. 21. 215 programsimproved thequality of educationexperiences
  22. 22. 2,445 childrenreceived improvedquality care
  23. 23. 435 children fromlow-income familiesattended high-qualityearly care andeducation programs
  24. 24. Over 400,000households in CTreceived informationabout why earlychildhood matters.
  25. 25. Over 400,000 diapersand almost 8,000children’s bookscollected for familiesin need.
  26. 26. Happy Birthday, Success By 6! And many more . . .
  27. 27. Turns Six! A Look Back & a Look Ahead
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