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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. Welcome to the English Language Corner Here you will find… Advice on how to improve English language skills   Information on what’s available to help at UWA  Links to some great online resources Guidelines on what’s expected 
  2. 2. Advice on how to improve your skills The English language corner advocates An active learning approach Where you LEARN BY DOING Skills pages tell you How you can use this approach What to focus on & Where to start
  3. 3. Information on what’s available The English language corner tells you What you can do at UWA All you have to do is get involved So get started & help yourself To better English language skills!
  4. 4. Links to online resources The English language corner links you to resources for University Speaking Listening Reading & Writing skills
  5. 5. Guidelines on what’s expected Everyone at UWA has rights & responsibilities For English language development Find out what yours are On this English language corner!